Monday, May 30, 2005

.days without spectacles.

a few days ago... i lost my spectacles into the toilet bowl. i know, i know... you must be going wtf right?

well, to expose myself to further embarassment, let me explain in full details. i went to bathe.. usually, i would put my spectacles into the pail. after bathing.. like the millions and millions of people in this world. i shit and pee. then the flush fucked up. i mean of all the days, come one... don't fuck up now. i figured what the heck. i bent down... took the whole pail and poured it fucking down the toilet bowl. then i thought i managed to catch a glimpse of it as it went down. then kaboosh, the flush suddenly works.. and i see this screaming water running down the toilet bowl along with my fucking spectacles. i mean not that i am gonna get it even after it is stuck down in the depths of the toilet bowl but... at least i get to say my last goodbye. (as if...)

so... i told my mom about it and she gave me one long walloping of verocious words. then i went out to make spectacles... this time.. i decided wtf, let's get contacts. even though my eyes are as small as the slit where the fish breath... but hey, who cares right? i love my eyes and i can see clearly with them. beats having big eyes but blind right?

i went out to get contacts but i decided to get glasses too. you know those dark glasses that you can find in vincci or any other stupid stall beside the mall for 19.90. I managed to grab two of those but they are kinda dark. so... nowadays i go out during the night with dark glasses. imagine people looking at me and saying wtf is wrong with the generation nowadays. wearing freaking dark glasses in the night. but hey.. i thought i was happy with my eyes but my eyes are still fucking small. so fuck you people who always ask me if small eyed people can see as much as big eyes.....

the answer is yes, we can see as much.. believe me, i've dedicated a whole day experimenting with that. so stop asking me those dumb shits and making me inferior than i already am. you know, sometimes you people can be as insensitive as me.

anyway.... today my life is still full of shit... like my spectacles now. it must be feeling quite shitty.

Friday, May 27, 2005

.malaysian idol season 2.

yes, it began today but that's not the reason i am posting this. i've seen some pretty crappy songs and all in all, people there were really brave. a little dumb and stupid plus deaf tone but definitely brave. at least braver than me. however, i would like to address the rest of deaf-tone malaysians that you do not need to humuliate yourself like that to go into television. just go to klcc or times square and run around naked. believe me, you'd be even more famous than any contestant in malaysian idol. of course you'd be deemed crazy but it doesn't make you any different from the contestants in MI.

i mean come on lar. who in their fxcking right mind would put some dirt on their lips and call themselves marilyn manson. he sings like shit and paul was good to call his bluff. he wasn't interested in becoming a malaysian idol. he was just in it to get into tv. i mean, look at his attire. his mcdee shoes and half long pants plus his stupid fxcking idiotic makeup. marilyn manson could be cool and deadly and weird but he... he was just an embarassment, embarassment to me too because he originates from malaysia. to think that malaysians come out with such a disgrace. come on lar, my mom can shout better than that. the speed and ferocity that she gathers and portrays when i lose her stuff or when i dirty the hall... whew.... even the sith can't scare her.

ok, enough about malaysian idol.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

.back in the foxhole.

life's back in penang. yes, penang rocks. i know, maybe that's too much of a definition but i love where i am and i am where i love. the food here is fantastic. wow!

okay, so before i came back, i wanted to buy some stuffs for my friends so i asked them what they would like. my students said something about "beh teh soh"?? i was like wtf? nvm. anyone know what this is, please leave me a msg. oh, and another student said "lau hau pueh"?? again, wtf? if you can't understand it , it's in hokkien. if you still can't understand it... i know, it's not your fault. haha!

so i've been here for like three days to four days. every night i've been going out to mamaks and catching up on lost times. i mean i will be here for only like two and a half weeks or so. this means i gotta make the most of where i am and what i am doing. pretty sucky but i think its better than staying here and doing nothing for a whole month. :)

anyway, so far i've met quite some friends and get to know more interesting facts. that bugger Tony has a gf ady... last time i remembered him boasting that he'd tell me when he has one. but it seems that he's been hiding it from all of us for 3 months already! i wouldn't know if it wasn't for her gf anyway. that damn bugger. anyway, his gf... is...... i can't tell. it'd be too much of an issue. she'd kill me! lol!

tonight, me and julie... i mean julian is planning to go meet bee charn. it's really been such a long long time since i last saw her. :) so far i've met yee hui, alvin, bee lay, nicky, aun, lam, marvin... yee wen is coming back tuesday. urm.. that's all i think. the others are having the time of their life back where ever they call home now. some in kl, some in other parts of stupid malaysia but i'm glad we're all heading towards different directions.

it seems like yesterday where i had no worries, i was just a small kid in a big class and a big school. now, the class seems so small and the school seems so distant. my friends seem even distant.
i remember when all we were worried about was results... now, i'm worried about money, future and results. there are so many complications as one gets older. and yet, we seem to yearn for adulthood so much when we were younger. now i know what it means when people say, you won't know what you have until it's gone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

.are you all fxcking dumb.

well, today is the epitome of disaster. i got 2 messages from my friends about the friendster closing thingy.

so, for all those posting those annoying messages online. please stop yourself. like i said, friendster will fxcking know whether you are online or not without you people posting a dumb bulletin with some moronic eye catching title.

peace :)

Saturday, May 21, 2005

.revenge of maggi mee.

yaya, revenge of the sith. you see, i was caught up with the fxcking hype thus i had to go in line with hundreds of other dumb idiots like me to catch a glimpse of it in the middle of friday night. nothing better to do right? but i thought what the heck, since it is the last installment of star wars.

first of all, if you're a fan of star warts, i mean star wars, go get it. watch it and enjoy it... cause it's the last you'll ever get. if you're not.. save your money for another day. maybe get some burgers.

the whole movie was pretty nice but mediocre acting on natalie portman and ewan mcgregor made it so hard to live with. anakin was good in the last few minutes but that's about it. the worse part like my friend said is the delivery scene. i was like wtf? go watch it if you don't understand what i mean. i'm sure you would have the same exact words going through your head. but maybe in bm if you're malay lar. like .. apa ke bendenyer.. haha.

anyway, the only part i liked was the part where anakin lost his leg and was crying "i hate you" to his master. classic i tell you! that, for me was the most emotional part of the whole entire long fxcking show. goes to show how exciting it was eh? haha.

Sotw14anyway, i made an image to show my support of darth vader and his fat underlings. oh, yeah... another thing i don't understand is YOUNGLINGS? wtf? don't destroy our kids!

.the end and bye bye.

well, today was a sad sad day. not exactly but hey, let's just pretend for a while. i mean i had to leave that school now. maybe leave the teaching profession forever if i graduate and decided never to become a teacher.

however, as time passes by, I kinda like being a teacher. i mean it's not fun teaching them but when they show due respect and due gratitude, it really is good. kinda like being a movie star but without the glares of paparazzi and the adulation of millions. it's just a movie star to the minute 40 or 30 students in your class. I received some presents today. haha, i never gave them any. kinda sucky teacher right, but what to do, poor.

it seems that i have fallen into traps, my students have gotten a hold of my handphone number through my practical mate. and since a few got it. i figured, what the heck, might as well give all. not all lar. but only those who ask. hope i don't regret this action. i mean, how long can they bother me right? right?...

anyway, tomorrow night, saturday. i'll be going back. after that, lepak sial in penang. everyday mamak. no starbucks or coffee bean cause this teacher is broke. i will be back until june 12th or 13th then i will come back to jb to resume my class. classes suck but money is important. :P


Monday, May 16, 2005

.teacher's day.

what can i say, today was teacher's day. i mean it still 'IS'! lol. not by the time you read this though.... XD

anyway, i took some pictures with students' got some presents and went for some games. after that we went to have our jamuan. i dunt even want to begin about the jamuan. the atrocity of it. We had mee soto sponsored by our canteen operator. come on, MEE SOTO! what a bunch of crap. i mean no offense but it tasted like... ewwww. nah, just kidding. haha, it was ok!

the games were ok, but they had to do it in the middle of the hot hot blazing hot sun! i mean come on, who in their dumb right mind would do that to us teachers. i can understand students (yes, i am insensitive) but why teachers?

argh.. whatever lar. but my group managed to win one competition and we won a hamper. yay! took and divided the hamper to our students' muahahaha, we rock the stage.

so... how was ur day?

.ramblings of a dumb guy.

well, over the days i have gotten lazier and lazier to update my blog. seems like a lifetime ago. however, if the response is good for me to go on writing... i might try to keep up with the updates. currently i think i am lucky if i can post like once a few days. but over the days, expecially after school is over, life will be boring again. but i think i will find other topics to talk about like life, personal views, polititcs (haha), funny stuffs and what so ever lar.

however, who would want to listen to me ramble on about dumb idiotic politician or stuffs that no one got to see when i made a fool of myself... or even my thoughts on dinosaur or adam and eve!

haha. bye.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

.free as a bird.

muahahaha, the new song by Akon entitled Lonely is awesome. if you don't know what song it is, let me give you a clue. it has one of those chipmunk sounds at front. it goes "lonely, i am so lonely ..."

i've been listening to it for quite some time now and i admit the blend between the chipmunk voice and his voice is superb. so...? go get it? in whatever way you can... pirated kar, download kar... whatever lar. just don't tell me!

oh, yeah i bought this wonderful flashing light thingie for my handphone. it's jack from nightmare b4 christmas in a coffin.

anyway, today i made amends for my past week. remember my movie rampage? i missed one last week so i went and got Constantine. i know it's an outdated shit but hey, i haven't watched it yet, so stitch it.

anyway, Constantine was cool! it was the epitome and i can say for a fact that i enjoyed it more than those dumb effecs that matrix brought. i don't want to spoil it for those who haven watched it so, go get it yourself. for those who have... lucifer looks cool.... mammon looks butt ugly and dumb and stupid. gabriel was a pain in the arse.

anyway, you gotta give it to keanu reeves. he's been handed all these high profile cool characters and he seems to get along well. wonder if he's as cool in real life?

so, today there was no after recess assembly cause it was raining. that means i don't have to do dick. screw them.

i finished nailing those god damn golden words on those fxcking school walls and what so ever thus i was a bit tired today. can't even manage to finish a show. man, my favourite past time must be two things, designing and watching movies. maybe eating too. haha, i eat a lot but i'm skinny as skinny as skinny as hell. but my stomach is not waiting though.. it's showing it's wrath. lol. maybe i should get a tattoo on it that says "This is your shit and your fault!"

dah, not much i can say about school nowadays, the students are over... tomorrow i'm probably gonna say bye bye. maybe take some pictures huh.. dunno lar but not teaching lar. just saying byes and talking crap.

oh yeah, i got to know that us practical trainees need to perform for teacher's day. bwahahaha, i was thinking of a rendition of 'revenge of the dark teacher' where this teacher who gets bullied all the time finally says enough and sports an ak-47 with an Osama look-alike beard to shoot every fxcking student in the fxcking god damn school. sounds cool huh?

.the end of the beginning.

phew. that's all i can say. the days are finally over. today is my independence day.

basically, my observations are over. it was a fulfilling task completing my observation. i had a blast. the teaching was ok cause the class was damn quiet. haha. can't suppress my laughter at how those suckers can act. boy, they can get academy fxcking warts i mean awards.

anyway, can't talk much now. tell you all more later next time. gtg and sleep.

Monday, May 9, 2005

.the supervision IV.

well, that's it. my supervisor's gone from my practical teaching. just like that with a snap of a finger and the supervising days are kabish....

i'm the stupid mother fxcking guru bertugas for this week. wanna know what it is? basically, it's a job created by the nonsensical school administration to make us teachers fxck up so they can find more work and blame all of the fxck ups that we do... again.. on us. yeah, whatever. anyway, got loads of project work man.

oh, regarding the supervision, i still have one. my teacher advisor. she says she's coming in on wednesday. this means 4k1.. which also means i'm fxcked up. talk about sorry asses. anyway, my life's been pretty bummed. what about yours? sure hope it's as lousy as mine! what? i do that all the time. you do that all the time... you know, wishing that no one were better off than you are. admit it suckers.

so... i'm pretty darn sleepy now. talk to ya all later.

Sunday, May 8, 2005

.the absolute survival.

it has been a couple of days wasted. i miss going back to my hometown. mother's day without mom sucks. truthfully.

well, whatever... i just wish she'd give me more money cause i'm totally god damn broke. yeah, maybe fifty bucks left in that big bank full of millions. imagine millions and millions of dollars in a building and only a measly fifty ringgit is mine. god damn it.

anyway, tomorrow i will hopefully be prepared. teaching advertisment shits and maybe informal letter. all and all, what can you do with advertisements? nah.. i don't really care. this could be my last observation and i want to make it count. remember, the graphs go up, not static. damn it. hope she'd come tomorrow or i'll be out of ideas tuesday.

kingdom of heavens... i'm gonna catch ya at the end of this week. don't run away mate!

Friday, May 6, 2005

.i hate f*cking friendster.

yeah, no updates for today. i just lost my fxcking updates cause the dumb f*ck log in shit. this way, when i press the back button on my f*cking browser... i lost the fxck everything. who said typing was easy? shit heads...

rawr... anyway... wtf lar. i will just try to summafxckerize it in the easiest fxcking way possible. see what happens when you get me fxcking pissed off? yes, more profafxckanity.

anyway, hopefully my next fxcking observation will be monday or tuesday. yeah, the coming one lar. fxcking idiots. wednesday and friday i am hoping to do some stupid test discussion which is just a reason to get out of my teaching.

today the teachers asked for my help... yes, fxcking again. these dumb fxck requests just keep coming. like i said, the *slap* method will come in fxcking handy. whatever.
so, i was asked to give a fxcking 3 words a day fxck in front of the assembly. so, i just fxcking blurted the 3 words out. "slut, bitch and shit". the teachers looked at me in a way and said that's inappropriate. wtf? they're in form 5 aren't they? they're young young premature adults. i think they can handle slut, bitch or shit!

dumb fxcks... anyway, that was a lie.. i gave them some scientific shit.

ecot and i was supposed to nail some stupid golden words on the walls in the school strategically. i mean wtf is strategically? and appropriately? now, tell me people... where the fuck is the most appropriate place to hang a golden word on "charity begins at home" or "still water runs deep"? yeah i was thinking toilet for the latter one too. hahaa.

so, i was supposed to get a movie for my weekly routine but my wife might be going back to her hometown saturday so she needs to finish her work and all shit. man, i figured i'll get cranky tonight. come on, it was my only salvation. i was planning to go catch kingdom of heavens. now, i'm stuck with tv3 or singapore's blur channel 8 or 5.

well, don't want to write anymore lar. afterwards kena log in again. better select and copy first :)
anyway, i'm off to watch smallville season 4 episode 20. i think after long last, clark's gonna get together with lana again... i know they will break up sooner or later but i hope both of them go to a remote beach and ........ you know the rest. i don't need to be so descriptive. :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

.the supervision III.

tuesday, 4 science. yes, that was the supervised class. both lecturer and teacher came in today. the comments were ok but that was primarily because i was teaching the good class. the bad class damn hell sucks. i remembered the last supervision in 4k1. damn lousy. enough about that.

anyway, before i go ranting about today, let me give a special review on the movies i've watched during these practicals. i might go to watch starwars next. i heard it's coming out this may. wonder when? hope it will fxck off the previous ones. the previous ones suck.

anyway, here's some rantings on SAHARA. sahara was basically a movie about treasure hunting. the movie evolves with two plots, one is a guy (matthew mcconaughey) looking for a long lost ship in the middle of a fxcking desert. yeah, wtf right? stupid dumb ass... but hey, guess what, at last he finds it in the middle of a fxcking desert. again, dumb fxck! the second plot is about a who representative (penelope cruz) who can't speak a word of clear english but managed to converse and make his lines utterly comprehensible throughtout the mother fxcking africa.
and yes, in the end... they get together in a remote beach and will eventually fxck each other's brains off..... maybe that was a bit descriptive.

second movie i watched was the pacifier starring vin diesel. this was kinda a feel good movie with nothing much. if you're looking for a good humour and some action.. look for this. the puzzles were intriguing and if you're a vin diesel fan, just the scene with his baby antiques is enough to make you crack up. i mean all this while he was an action star and this might make a slow transition but it's worth a sht. come on, remember 'the chronicles of riddick'? 'triple x'? he's the action star....
oh, and btw... in the end, he gets the girl too.

the third movie was xx2-the next level. this movie was plain action packed from the beginning till the end. it was cool and all but nothing the racing genre can't give you. the movie starts off with a hijacking of a secret nsa building (national security act). this was headed by samuel l. jackson. no, not the hijacking but the nsa department. it seems that some smart ass in the government doesn't want the president to get all mushy and softy so he decided to kill everyone who has a rank higher than him. this way, the last highest ranking person will be president (he himself) i think the actor was william dafoe.. the one from spiderman playing as the green goblin. anyway, with all the stunts the black guy is pulling off like jumping a 200km/h car onto a train track and at the same time blowing off his tyre and using his metal wheel to follow the track.... i wonder why the fxck is he not fxcking dead yet. he even jumped a speed hover boat onto a bridge and managed to escape from the police at the same time.
come on, think of it. if i was to travel at 150km/h in a highway, i would've died anyway. first, because my car might blew up from the heat. you know lar proton saga only. somemore 1989 wan.
or... i might die from the constant nagging either by my gf or my mom.... imagine ... !@#$%!@#$%

anyway, enough about the movies. let's move on to the day. basically, my teacher supervisor asked me to create an exam paper. yeah, sucks ass but i managed to borrow paper 2 from Rachel. she's doing for form 4 also in kota tinggi. i just feel like slapping whenever the teachers ask me to do something.

Teacher 1 : er.. Mr. Ang, can you *slap*
Me : Shut up bitch!
Teacher 190 : Woi, Mr Ang, how can you *slap*
Me : What did I say?

don't laugh, one day... if i blow my brains off and dislodge a fuse.. i might act weird. so always protect your face.

tomorrow got spelling bee competition for peralihan classes. teacher ask me to *slap* invigilate and conduct. again, should've used the slap you method.

till next time. see ya all around. oh, and for all those reading.. leave some comments lar. make me happy a bit mar. i dun wan to talk to myself all the time woi!

dumb ass.....

oh, not you....

you're a dumb fxck

Monday, May 2, 2005

.damn the weeks almost over.

well, it has certainly been a long long week. holidays and all shit. i mean... wow, the holidays were fantastic. of course like usual i procrastinated all i want. talk about damn lazy. however, it's 11.30 am on a monday morning now. tomorrow i have an observation by my teacher and maybe my lecturer but guess what, i'm still fxcking lazy.

wow, the amount of damn sitting i can do around here. anyway, my life's been busy with my website but i think everyhting's almost complete now. just some things left.

lol, did i mention there was a fight between my students after school. and it was right after my period too. damn it. apparently it was because of a girl. the indian guy were sitting beside and talking to the girl and apparently the bf, a chinese guy got jealous. wow, the amount of stupidity that these students have. maybe it's all shit in their brains

anyway, my teacher supervisor was not that lenient with her marks... i know, i saw some 3's here and there. damn it! talk about damned!

so, so far i've done nothing with my life and i don't know where i'm going to be.
congrats to my ass!

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...