.damn the weeks almost over.

well, it has certainly been a long long week. holidays and all shit. i mean... wow, the holidays were fantastic. of course like usual i procrastinated all i want. talk about damn lazy. however, it's 11.30 am on a monday morning now. tomorrow i have an observation by my teacher and maybe my lecturer but guess what, i'm still fxcking lazy.

wow, the amount of damn sitting i can do around here. anyway, my life's been busy with my website but i think everyhting's almost complete now. just some things left.

lol, did i mention there was a fight between my students after school. and it was right after my period too. damn it. apparently it was because of a girl. the indian guy were sitting beside and talking to the girl and apparently the bf, a chinese guy got jealous. wow, the amount of stupidity that these students have. maybe it's all shit in their brains

anyway, my teacher supervisor was not that lenient with her marks... i know, i saw some 3's here and there. damn it! talk about damned!

so, so far i've done nothing with my life and i don't know where i'm going to be.
congrats to my ass!
May 2, 2005


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