.back in the foxhole.

life's back in penang. yes, penang rocks. i know, maybe that's too much of a definition but i love where i am and i am where i love. the food here is fantastic. wow!

okay, so before i came back, i wanted to buy some stuffs for my friends so i asked them what they would like. my students said something about "beh teh soh"?? i was like wtf? nvm. anyone know what this is, please leave me a msg. oh, and another student said "lau hau pueh"?? again, wtf? if you can't understand it , it's in hokkien. if you still can't understand it... i know, it's not your fault. haha!

so i've been here for like three days to four days. every night i've been going out to mamaks and catching up on lost times. i mean i will be here for only like two and a half weeks or so. this means i gotta make the most of where i am and what i am doing. pretty sucky but i think its better than staying here and doing nothing for a whole month. :)

anyway, so far i've met quite some friends and get to know more interesting facts. that bugger Tony has a gf ady... last time i remembered him boasting that he'd tell me when he has one. but it seems that he's been hiding it from all of us for 3 months already! i wouldn't know if it wasn't for her gf anyway. that damn bugger. anyway, his gf... is...... i can't tell. it'd be too much of an issue. she'd kill me! lol!

tonight, me and julie... i mean julian is planning to go meet bee charn. it's really been such a long long time since i last saw her. :) so far i've met yee hui, alvin, bee lay, nicky, aun, lam, marvin... yee wen is coming back tuesday. urm.. that's all i think. the others are having the time of their life back where ever they call home now. some in kl, some in other parts of stupid malaysia but i'm glad we're all heading towards different directions.

it seems like yesterday where i had no worries, i was just a small kid in a big class and a big school. now, the class seems so small and the school seems so distant. my friends seem even distant.
i remember when all we were worried about was results... now, i'm worried about money, future and results. there are so many complications as one gets older. and yet, we seem to yearn for adulthood so much when we were younger. now i know what it means when people say, you won't know what you have until it's gone.
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May 26, 2005


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