.malaysian idol season 2.

yes, it began today but that's not the reason i am posting this. i've seen some pretty crappy songs and all in all, people there were really brave. a little dumb and stupid plus deaf tone but definitely brave. at least braver than me. however, i would like to address the rest of deaf-tone malaysians that you do not need to humuliate yourself like that to go into television. just go to klcc or times square and run around naked. believe me, you'd be even more famous than any contestant in malaysian idol. of course you'd be deemed crazy but it doesn't make you any different from the contestants in MI.

i mean come on lar. who in their fxcking right mind would put some dirt on their lips and call themselves marilyn manson. he sings like shit and paul was good to call his bluff. he wasn't interested in becoming a malaysian idol. he was just in it to get into tv. i mean, look at his attire. his mcdee shoes and half long pants plus his stupid fxcking idiotic makeup. marilyn manson could be cool and deadly and weird but he... he was just an embarassment, embarassment to me too because he originates from malaysia. to think that malaysians come out with such a disgrace. come on lar, my mom can shout better than that. the speed and ferocity that she gathers and portrays when i lose her stuff or when i dirty the hall... whew.... even the sith can't scare her.

ok, enough about malaysian idol.
May 27, 2005


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