.the end and bye bye.

well, today was a sad sad day. not exactly but hey, let's just pretend for a while. i mean i had to leave that school now. maybe leave the teaching profession forever if i graduate and decided never to become a teacher.

however, as time passes by, I kinda like being a teacher. i mean it's not fun teaching them but when they show due respect and due gratitude, it really is good. kinda like being a movie star but without the glares of paparazzi and the adulation of millions. it's just a movie star to the minute 40 or 30 students in your class. I received some presents today. haha, i never gave them any. kinda sucky teacher right, but what to do, poor.

it seems that i have fallen into traps, my students have gotten a hold of my handphone number through my practical mate. and since a few got it. i figured, what the heck, might as well give all. not all lar. but only those who ask. hope i don't regret this action. i mean, how long can they bother me right? right?...

anyway, tomorrow night, saturday. i'll be going back. after that, lepak sial in penang. everyday mamak. no starbucks or coffee bean cause this teacher is broke. i will be back until june 12th or 13th then i will come back to jb to resume my class. classes suck but money is important. :P


May 20, 2005


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