.the supervision III.

tuesday, 4 science. yes, that was the supervised class. both lecturer and teacher came in today. the comments were ok but that was primarily because i was teaching the good class. the bad class damn hell sucks. i remembered the last supervision in 4k1. damn lousy. enough about that.

anyway, before i go ranting about today, let me give a special review on the movies i've watched during these practicals. i might go to watch starwars next. i heard it's coming out this may. wonder when? hope it will fxck off the previous ones. the previous ones suck.

anyway, here's some rantings on SAHARA. sahara was basically a movie about treasure hunting. the movie evolves with two plots, one is a guy (matthew mcconaughey) looking for a long lost ship in the middle of a fxcking desert. yeah, wtf right? stupid dumb ass... but hey, guess what, at last he finds it in the middle of a fxcking desert. again, dumb fxck! the second plot is about a who representative (penelope cruz) who can't speak a word of clear english but managed to converse and make his lines utterly comprehensible throughtout the mother fxcking africa.
and yes, in the end... they get together in a remote beach and will eventually fxck each other's brains off..... maybe that was a bit descriptive.

second movie i watched was the pacifier starring vin diesel. this was kinda a feel good movie with nothing much. if you're looking for a good humour and some action.. look for this. the puzzles were intriguing and if you're a vin diesel fan, just the scene with his baby antiques is enough to make you crack up. i mean all this while he was an action star and this might make a slow transition but it's worth a sht. come on, remember 'the chronicles of riddick'? 'triple x'? he's the action star....
oh, and btw... in the end, he gets the girl too.

the third movie was xx2-the next level. this movie was plain action packed from the beginning till the end. it was cool and all but nothing the racing genre can't give you. the movie starts off with a hijacking of a secret nsa building (national security act). this was headed by samuel l. jackson. no, not the hijacking but the nsa department. it seems that some smart ass in the government doesn't want the president to get all mushy and softy so he decided to kill everyone who has a rank higher than him. this way, the last highest ranking person will be president (he himself) i think the actor was william dafoe.. the one from spiderman playing as the green goblin. anyway, with all the stunts the black guy is pulling off like jumping a 200km/h car onto a train track and at the same time blowing off his tyre and using his metal wheel to follow the track.... i wonder why the fxck is he not fxcking dead yet. he even jumped a speed hover boat onto a bridge and managed to escape from the police at the same time.
come on, think of it. if i was to travel at 150km/h in a highway, i would've died anyway. first, because my car might blew up from the heat. you know lar proton saga only. somemore 1989 wan.
or... i might die from the constant nagging either by my gf or my mom.... imagine ... !@#$%!@#$%

anyway, enough about the movies. let's move on to the day. basically, my teacher supervisor asked me to create an exam paper. yeah, sucks ass but i managed to borrow paper 2 from Rachel. she's doing for form 4 also in kota tinggi. i just feel like slapping whenever the teachers ask me to do something.

Teacher 1 : er.. Mr. Ang, can you *slap*
Me : Shut up bitch!
Teacher 190 : Woi, Mr Ang, how can you *slap*
Me : What did I say?

don't laugh, one day... if i blow my brains off and dislodge a fuse.. i might act weird. so always protect your face.

tomorrow got spelling bee competition for peralihan classes. teacher ask me to *slap* invigilate and conduct. again, should've used the slap you method.

till next time. see ya all around. oh, and for all those reading.. leave some comments lar. make me happy a bit mar. i dun wan to talk to myself all the time woi!

dumb ass.....

oh, not you....

you're a dumb fxck
daily dose
May 3, 2005


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