.teacher's day.

what can i say, today was teacher's day. i mean it still 'IS'! lol. not by the time you read this though.... XD

anyway, i took some pictures with students' got some presents and went for some games. after that we went to have our jamuan. i dunt even want to begin about the jamuan. the atrocity of it. We had mee soto sponsored by our canteen operator. come on, MEE SOTO! what a bunch of crap. i mean no offense but it tasted like... ewwww. nah, just kidding. haha, it was ok!

the games were ok, but they had to do it in the middle of the hot hot blazing hot sun! i mean come on, who in their dumb right mind would do that to us teachers. i can understand students (yes, i am insensitive) but why teachers?

argh.. whatever lar. but my group managed to win one competition and we won a hamper. yay! took and divided the hamper to our students' muahahaha, we rock the stage.

so... how was ur day?
May 16, 2005


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