.days without spectacles.

a few days ago... i lost my spectacles into the toilet bowl. i know, i know... you must be going wtf right?

well, to expose myself to further embarassment, let me explain in full details. i went to bathe.. usually, i would put my spectacles into the pail. after bathing.. like the millions and millions of people in this world. i shit and pee. then the flush fucked up. i mean of all the days, come one... don't fuck up now. i figured what the heck. i bent down... took the whole pail and poured it fucking down the toilet bowl. then i thought i managed to catch a glimpse of it as it went down. then kaboosh, the flush suddenly works.. and i see this screaming water running down the toilet bowl along with my fucking spectacles. i mean not that i am gonna get it even after it is stuck down in the depths of the toilet bowl but... at least i get to say my last goodbye. (as if...)

so... i told my mom about it and she gave me one long walloping of verocious words. then i went out to make spectacles... this time.. i decided wtf, let's get contacts. even though my eyes are as small as the slit where the fish breath... but hey, who cares right? i love my eyes and i can see clearly with them. beats having big eyes but blind right?

i went out to get contacts but i decided to get glasses too. you know those dark glasses that you can find in vincci or any other stupid stall beside the mall for 19.90. I managed to grab two of those but they are kinda dark. so... nowadays i go out during the night with dark glasses. imagine people looking at me and saying wtf is wrong with the generation nowadays. wearing freaking dark glasses in the night. but hey.. i thought i was happy with my eyes but my eyes are still fucking small. so fuck you people who always ask me if small eyed people can see as much as big eyes.....

the answer is yes, we can see as much.. believe me, i've dedicated a whole day experimenting with that. so stop asking me those dumb shits and making me inferior than i already am. you know, sometimes you people can be as insensitive as me.

anyway.... today my life is still full of shit... like my spectacles now. it must be feeling quite shitty.
May 29, 2005


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