.the absolute survival.

it has been a couple of days wasted. i miss going back to my hometown. mother's day without mom sucks. truthfully.

well, whatever... i just wish she'd give me more money cause i'm totally god damn broke. yeah, maybe fifty bucks left in that big bank full of millions. imagine millions and millions of dollars in a building and only a measly fifty ringgit is mine. god damn it.

anyway, tomorrow i will hopefully be prepared. teaching advertisment shits and maybe informal letter. all and all, what can you do with advertisements? nah.. i don't really care. this could be my last observation and i want to make it count. remember, the graphs go up, not static. damn it. hope she'd come tomorrow or i'll be out of ideas tuesday.

kingdom of heavens... i'm gonna catch ya at the end of this week. don't run away mate!
daily dose
May 8, 2005


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