Thursday, December 23, 2010


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We put so much effort to create some semblance of control in our life. Rules, structures & order. We think we control our lives. We put so many things & rules into the society so that it makes sense. Life makes sense.

What if we're mere spectators, and the things we control are just trivial things that doesn't even matter. It's like being an ant in a glass enclosure colony. They spend their lives thinking their world is that big, they make sense of their world, they make rules and then they try to maintain order. But we see that the trivial things that they do doesn't change a thing. They make rules for a world that we control. At our whim, we can destroy the whole colony. But the ants keep on going. They do what they need to do. We do what we need to do...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Athena F. Puglia

One of my more personal projects with Athena. She's such a beautiful little thing I almost choked with tears when I finished the pictures.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Will be bringing the shiznit!

Our production shots. Working with Jimmy Ang Studio & Art is a bundle of laughs and a total mess. Love them two lovely babes. Coming soon... Athena F. Puglia. The camera just loves her.

Friday, December 3, 2010


After our shoot, we decided to put a shoutout to a great cause about the awareness towards AIDS codenamed the Aids Aware. We had a blast, you should get out a pen, paper and start spreading the message too! See... photographers, models & makeup artists can come together and make the world a better place. Just have the heart and the LOVE. RAWR!

More info can be found here:

I don't know what is it that prompt me to be more social conscious but I've been garnering a lot more reasons to upheld my part of social responsibility. From being partially vegetarian (the imperative word here is partially cause truthfully, a day a week is more than enough to kill my senses especially when there's such great food all around Penang) to creating awareness for AIDS and maybe soon Organ Donation. Organ donation could be a bit personally driven but I swear to god I don't have AIDS... yet.

I'm also being more attentive to the family and friends. I'm watching more movies and immersing myself into roles because sometimes you can't experience everything in a lifetime. The only way is to experience them through imagination. Movies give me that ability, the ability to submerge myself into a different life. I'm trying to make better projects, create better art and maybe in the process getting myself into an industry I'm loving more and more each day.

I'm currently looking for more talent. Leave me a comment if you're interested or DM me. You can be a model, graffiti artist, skater, extreme biker, DJ, band rocker, racer... anyone into pop culture influences.

Or maybe I just need a vacation... ?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Facebook *LOIKE*

img by observando

I like facebook. I think its revolutionary. It's like a mini drunk party on the net. You can meet just about anyone and you can tell anyone just about anything.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


it's almost Thanksgiving and I weep for those turkeys in the states. It's gonna be a massacre.

Anyway, today I've decided to list down the things I'm grateful for. The things we usually take for granted because we don't realize the importance of it till its gone.

First of all, I'm thankful for a loving mom. A mom who devotes her entire life and would at a heartbeat give up everything she's doing to care for her sick family. Although she nags a lot... :)

I'm thankful for a great family. A brother and a sister that is such a dear and whom I love so much but I would hardly say it... so if they're reading this. Good.

I'm thankful for the ability to walk, move, think and do all those basic things. I was stripped of all those privileges when I was bedridden for a couple of days and couldn't even get up of bed.

I'm thankful for doctors who care about their patients and who value life. They are a beaming beacon in dark and rough times.

I'm thankful for a bed, food and a roof on top of my head. We might not realize it but there are a lot of people suffering out there. Hardly able to cope with life. We are lucky and we take it for granted sometimes.

I'm thankful for friends who care.

I'm thankful for the opportunities in life.

Most of all, I'm thankful God made humans the ability to be happy.

Take care, till next time.

image by observando

Saturday, November 13, 2010

.life is all this...

image by Tina

This is what life is all about. i might not be all of that but its nice to know i practice some of that.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

.losing your way.

image by observando

Sometimes the road we choose might lead us astray. I've made many wrong choices in my life and I'm still paying for them. But the right ones I made are worth the mistakes. There are over 6 billion people in this world and it amazes me how persistent they are to believe in themselves. Sometimes believing in yourself means having the courage to turn back, even if it's a long way back.

i slept early last night. right after i found out my feet were swollen. it's a symptom caused by liver failure and the lack of protein to retain water. i hope its temporary but still, this time something feels wrong. for a long time i never wanted to discuss about my condition, i was seven weeks old when it all happened. and 27 years of a story is a bit too long to summarize in a few paragraphs don't you think so?

i've made a few promises to god. mom made a few promises to god. we both did. and i have a feeling it'll be a hard time trying to keep up with these promises but it's easier than not living. i've always wanted to write a book and maybe in these times of complacency, i can manage the time to start off with one. how it all started, what it was like living life the way i did, dad, mom, family, friends, my vices and the wrong roads that lead me astray. also, the courage to finally stand back up each and every time an infection strikes.

now it's finally time I guess. to put me on the liver transplant list and pray for a suitable donor. all these years leading to this moment. all these years i knew about it. i knew it would come. but you are never really prepared for it. but i will fight my way back up. that i promise. i have so much more to live for. so much more people to love. so much more life left in me. and if i don't make it, i fought for it.

i guess in a way, i'm trying to say that if someone like me is willing to fight for a life that will be full of medication and immune suppressants, what's keeping you from changing your life? lead it the way you want and if you find out that the path you thought was correct is wrong... just have the courage to stand back up and find another path.

this is Jimmy signing out. take care.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I think pancakes are god's way of sending love & telling us he cares. yeah, it's that fucking good.

pic by grayskymorning.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


In life, when all those that matters stop mattering... what else do we have?
Money can buy so much. True, those who say money doesn't buy happiness obviously have not lived in poverty. Families quarrel, couples squibble, siblings fight and friendships can end for money.

But the last couple of weeks have taught me that life matters much more. Money is just an object to reach a means of satisfaction. I've been striving so hard to make ends meet that I live everyday like it was a party cause I think I deserve it. I mean, what's work without fun and vice versa?

As I was sitting in the ward room, praying to whichever god that'll listen I realize that the people who stand beside me through thick and thin are brought by love. I don't think family will abandon you for money. At least not in my family, we were raised in a more traditional way. We're all hard on the outside, but inside, I know love is there. We don't hug, send love messages, heck we even hardly talk about anything except making jokes and throwing stuffs around. Basically we mind our own business. But when it matters, we are there. We support each other in ways we know how. We care but we don't know how to show it. Of course I'm talking about my siblings. My mom is an abundance of nagging hardcore love. She's like this nagging queen who's not afraid to cry, shout at the nurse/doctor or fight for an inkling of anything that's good for her children. I guess she fights with her heart for everything 'family'.

Friendship. So much meaning yet so little to so many. I don't need you to come visit me when I'm under the grave. I don't need you to travel to great lengths to make me happy. I need you to just be there when times are bad. When things matter. I'm glad for so much of friendship. In life, I value friendship a lot. I will go to great lengths to make things matter for a friend but wrong me once and it's over. If there's anything I can't tolerate, it's friends who pretend, who connive and who are just plain irritating.

So much has been on hold ever since I'm sick. So much ideas in my head and so much more I want to realize. Time is running out, I want a normal laid back life but at the same time I sooo want to strive and make a difference in this world. I'm confused. Once I'm better, there'll be more of me around foodies tasting different varieties in life and less of me partying around. I better get my weight in control before I spiral into a balloon. Next destination? Yakiniku & Rasa Sayang buffet. Next month hopefully...

till then tk, will post more about work once I'm ready.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

.hingus dan haid.

Aku duduk ternganga depan komputer. Mata gua yang kecil tidak terbeliak melihat monitor. Tepi gua ada 3 'roll' tisu yang separuh diguna. Gua tahu, gua memang membazir. Satu roll belum habis tangan gua dah gatal ambil lagi satu.

Tapi gua terpaksa. Hingus gua tak dengar kata. Separuh jalan ke tandas pun dia meleleh keluar, jadi apa lagi... gua angkut saja tisu di mana pun.

Sekarang gua terpikir. Kalau perempuan datang haid, rasanya ada sikit macam datang hingus. Meleleh, melekit, kadang kala tebal, kadang kala air. Cuma bezanya satu merah, satu hijau.

Sekarang gua sudah sumbat 'tampon' dalam hidung.

Apa, boleh serap air kan? Berkesan kan?
Gelak kat gua? Ada aku kesah?!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Digi vs Maxis iPhone 4 plan comparison.

Maxis iPhone4 iData rate & plans.

Maxis iPhone4 iValue rate & plans.

Digi iPhone4 rate & plans.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

.how i deal with spam.

Dear sir / Madam,

Good day to you and your family, I decide to unfold our investment plan to you after going through your profile from your country trade journal of which I was convince as to solicit for your assistance and help, before I proceed may I humbly introduce myself for your reference, I am Ms Shatha Uqaili the Wife of late Dr Saleh Uqaili from Basra in Southern city of Iraq, My late husband was the former Spokesman and Chairman of Sadr parliament members after the United State invasion of Iraq, He was captured and assasinated by militants due to his strong opposition to United State invasion of Iraq, Before his death he was able to confirm to us of an existence Deposit of USD$7.5m ( Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars ) which he secretly Deposited Cash in Oversea Finance Security Bank in Bangkok -Thailand for safekeeping.

After much threat from the militants to attack my family after the death of my husband me and my son relocated to Bangkok-Thailand where we were granted asylum and therefore temporary living under the protection of the United Nation High Commission on Refugee ( UNHCR ) for our safety due to the continue daily killings and problem with the Iraq government, My reason of contacting you today is because me and my son have decided to invest this fund in a profitable business outside Iraq for security reasons, because any investment made in Iraq is not secured due to daily secret killing and bombing from militants.

Due to our being a novice in business circle before this time and my only son Mr Mohamed Uqaili who is too young to handle such project on our own I am kindly seeking for your help / assistance as our foreign partner in transfering and investing this fund under your management on a long term investment partnership in your country for the benefit of both families..

For further information and procedure I will be expecting your immediate reply as soon as possible as this will give us the opportunity to conclude all further arrangement, seal every partnership agreement to protect each others interest and immediate transfer of the fund to your country for investment purposes. Thanks for your co-operation and hoping to see a good family relationship with you.

Please kindly regard my contact to you through email as my only alternative for the security of this transaction. Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Shatha Uqaili

My reply.

Dear Ms Shatha.

I am glad your husband is dead. I couldn't imagine living under the same roof with you much less having sex continously and creating an offspring. If it was me, after reading your long ramble... I would've wanted to die too.

I can only invest the money if you are a HOT SEXY mom looking for free sex. I will gladly be your pimp daddy. Obviously, your service will be paid but I will invest the income you get. Do not worry, I will invest in some sort of blue chip company. I can think of Lony, a sister company of Sony. It is new and unheard of but it is relatively known in the world of piracy, China.

I hope to hear from you soon. Please enclose a full body picture of yourself and a closeup of your vagina & boobies. We wouldn't want any sagging boobies or less than tight vagies. It scares the customers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to contact me. I trust we won't be in contact.


Monday, August 23, 2010

. the Camerons & the doctors.

Sometimes I wish I could just write YES everytime someone gives me a form with the "Sex" question. It's called gender u freaking moronic bastards. //end of rant//

Anyway, I'm finally back from a long hiatus. A lot has happened in the past few days. Met up with a friend of mine in SP, Village Mall to catch the Expendables and we spent some buka puasa time together as well as had some crazy boardgame fun like cards and stack 'em' up. It has really been a while kan since I played this game. I mean, as we grow right we forgot the simple things and always look at the more complex picture. Sometimes I wish I could just let go and lay back. Enjoy everything that comes. Not go chasing for something all the time. It gets tiring after a while.

Anyway, the Expendables was OHfreakingSEM. Except during the climax I had to close both my ears as it was getting too loud. I don't know, maybe I could've tolerated this if my ears were full of ear wax. -_-"

A big hug to Sarah, Faris, Ana & Nadira for the great time playing BLUFF and JENGA.

The next day I was in a car heading south to the mountains for a photoshoot. It was all crazy and we had tons of fun. I could've met my future wife there. Except I was working and my eyes just need to focus. It wasn't until after the shoot and we were in our car heading to the next destination that my friends said "She had a tattoo on her thigh".


She would've been my wife. Then to make it up, they started frantically recommending me friends on their FB and telling me whose boobs were big. We were having a ball of laughter all the time. I thank god for wonderful friends.

Anyway, here are some pics from that day. Enjoy. More pics will be up in my photography blog soon. Check out Jimmy Ang Studio & Art.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Always In Wonderland by PAN Productions

I never really liked musicals. It reminds me of some Chicago overly ostentatious performance with singings that are thrown forcefully every once in a while.

I remember some of my younger days watching "The Sound of Music". That wasn't so bad. But every other musical crap that came out after that was awful. Imitations don't usually succeed well. I've always known that. Especially when my efforts to imitate my friends' homework don't turn out that well.

Then Grease came out. With John Travolta leading the pack alongside Olivia Newton John, we had another hell bending fun raising film. The next musical I watched was Hairspray. I tell you that lot was a mix. I liked it, my friend hated it. I guess musicals are not for everyone.

Then it wasn't until the hugely successful Glee that people started thinking, "hey, maybe singing in a sitcom cum series isn't that bad...". I thought Glee's concept was refreshing. There were too much of NCIS, CSI thingamajig on TV these days.

When Chelsia Ng told me she will be in a play, I never thought "not in a million years" that it was a musical. I know she can sing. She belted out well in Realiti and her OST for Ghost with Douglas Lim titled "Masih Jua" was sincerely good.

Then a couple of days before the play. I just had to get tics for "MTV World Stage". Of all the damn dates, it had to coincide with the tics for Always In Wonderland. Alas, with a heavy heart, I declined the tics from Nasz and sobbed for Katy Perry, WonderGirls and Tokio Hotel. I guess that's a few international names who won't be getting some lovin' from my camera lense. LOL.

Now that I've been to Always in Wonderland watching the play directed by Nell Ng and played by a wonderful cast of acclaimed singers cum actresses cum dancers cum newcasters cum radio Djs like Chelsia Ng, Alexander A.J., Elvira Arul, Zalina Lee, Atilia H, Alizakri Z., Peter Ong, Rina Omar, Tria Aziz, Kenneth S. Menon, Sabrina Hassan, Harick Ng, Arephyzz O., Janet Lee, Ann Tan, Callista C., Darius Lim, Marcus Lim & Pui Yi Chan. I can say for sure, not a single ounce of regret is in my bone for skipping that tic to MTV World Stage Asia.

As most of you might know, I support a lot of Malaysian productions such as KAMI, Papadom till the likes of Sepet, Gubra and even Adnan Sempit. I don't support them because they need us. I support them because I believe in them. We as Malaysians are as good if not better than foreign productions. We do not lack talent, maybe trust and budget. We may not have the right contacts for a Hollywood budget production but what amazes me more is that with limited budget, we can still create magic. Just a different magic. And that is where Always In Wonderland shines. They found 'Berjaya'. They made 'Berjaya Group' a believer in local production. They made everything work.

And now I'm inspired for my own project. I don't know whether it'll be able to work out the way I envision it to be. Yet, I have to start somewhere.

p/s: visit my whole album for this musical here.
p/s/s: Get Atilia Haron's latest album Indah 'di pasaran sekarang'.
p/s/s/s: Thanks to Chelsia Ng for the wonderful invite. See you soon dear. RAWR! Stay OHSEM.

Friday, July 9, 2010

.life & work.

I think it's about time I update this blog with what's been happening in my life for the past few months. There will be no jokes, not much pictures and a hell lotta talking here. If you feel bored, feel free to skip.

OK, the past few months have been really hectic. I feel like I'm living on borrowed time. It's never enough and I'm pushing it so far that I'm typing this with a sick nose.

Work in the office has been fulfilling. I've been doing some IT upgrading and making sure some of these PCs run fast. Productivity is sometimes as good as the people you have and the equipments you maintain. I work a 9 to 6 environment and although linear they do provide a sense of security and I've been working this system for the past 3 years everything seems to be at my fingertips. The familiarity that these tasks offer me make me work with skill and ease. Taking less time to complete each task. Also, maintaining and managing an office is not easy, there are a lot of small details to take into account. Admin, HR, finance, marketing... all bundled into one albeit in a smaller scale than you envisioned it to be.

Monday & Tuesday nights are teaching. I've been teaching English as a foreign language to a manager in a prestige company for the past few months. Its not easy and the pressure to make sure he gets what he pays for is large. Teaching kids are all about making learning fun, teaching adults are all about making learning exciting and fulfilling at the same time. It has been good so far but I can only hope it gets better.

Photography, my passion. I've been doing some freelance for the past year and work has been good. Keeping the work good is what makes it exciting. One thing that gets me more than the photography part is the branding and business part. I'm building a brand and the bigger excitement is, that particular brand involves my name. I am the brand. See how exciting this is? How I bring about myself reflects personally on my brand and business. I've got a few more ongoing projects and being a freelance photographer actually works for both my client and me.

Think about it, being a freelance enables me to charge less not because the products I offer is of less quality but because there's not much of those rental, managing accounts, taxes, staff, overhead, etc... to account for. I deduct these minor expenses that entails when running a business and they all go to the client. Don't get me wrong, I intend to get out of freelance but for now, you're all having the best of both worlds. Value for product.

My charging strategy is to charge my minimum payment with minimum accessories. That way, the clients can think about what they want to add personally and not be forced to accept them all as a package. I shoot and they have the choice to get their album done or make a large canvas print or even selectively frame some of their favourite shots. That way, they don't have to pay for things they don't want and most probably don't need.

However, I always advocate a HQ wedding album for my clients. Its a once in a lifetime experience and you want them to be perfectly bound with leather and presented with a leather box. I once tried to go cheap with a hardcover and seriously, I was less than happy with what I am giving. I always always want only the best possible out of the things I produce. If you want something of lower quality, don't get the album from me.

For family or couple portraits and pre-wedding/engagement shoots, an album could maybe be overkill but I always suggest my clients to get them enlarged and framed or canvassed. I know some of these people just want to put them into their FB or websites but believe me, all that beauty that is you should be enlarged in full detail.


Enough about work or business, my personal life has also taken a battle round. Been traveling a lot, catching movies with my few close friends, engaging footie sessions with my mates & basically having parties at obscure places.

If you want to know more about my life, I guess most of them are updated on a daily basis at my FB. I'm a very public person actually. I don't really mind telling the world what I do. A bit narcissistic but I guess I've always been that way. You can unfriend me if you find my updates annoying or too frequent, I don't mind. It's nothing personal, we're still OHSEM friends.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

.Kannichikan Teppanyaki.

I finally went to Kannichikan on Friday. It is an obscure location located beside the row of shoplots at Island Plaza, Tanjung Bungah. The place from outside doesn't look much. Even the signboard is just a normal piece of writing.

We went in and the interior looks nice, cozy. But the places are limited, maybe to around 20-30 persons per seating. I guess the secluded place makes this place quiet and not in much need of places. But then I'm here for dinner on a Friday night and it doesn't look that packed.

I can tell you for sure the 'buta' or pork and their wagyu beefs are top notch. A plate of buta with roughly around 8 slices of pork will cost around RM20 and the wagyu beef varies according to quality. The one I have in the pic here is second grade and costs RM58 per plate. The highest grade costs RM97 I think.

One word, OHSEM. Try it for yourself. I'm definitely going back just for the pork and beef.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

.some of my updates & tweets syndicated.

15 seconds away from kickboxing this hate mail out of the way. Hope it doesn't bounce back with a vengeance.

This weekend I think I should go get some premium Wagyu beef at "Kannichikan". It looks sooo yummy my eyes just licked the monitor.

Dreams are like shits. 90% of them will ask us to flush it down the hole. The rest might ask us to eat it.

Build your love on a solid foundation. It will be the base for a relationship years in the making.

Life is not measured by the moments you gloat about but by the people who love you.

Diary of a photographer: As I grow, I will find my art. As I perfect my art, I will find my niche.

Kisses are like tears. They're wet and sloppy. The special ones are the ones you can't hold back and the worst ones are the ones you pretend.

Ice creams & pancakes make me smile. A bit girlish and gay but who cares... loving the simplest things in life make me happy.

Problems are meant to be conquered. But this is one big pile of bullshit.

Terminator. RT @Joanne_kay: @jimmyang so what do u call a dildo that vibrates??

Today is a bad fucking day. I wish hosting & servers can come to life so that I can karate kick their arses.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trying out some portfolio shoots.

This is Sarah, great girl with a fusing personality. Had a fun time shooting with her by the beach although the sun was already down by the time we reached the venue. Took out all my lights, got everything going and we rocked the beach. Available light is overrated.

We turned the beach into a party house with our poses and strobing lights.

In the end, I lost my WL flash transmitter to some fishes down the sea. But we still rocked the beach with our OHSEMness. Unfortunately, I didn't get the shot I was looking for yet. That shot where the picture tells a story, not shows a chick and how well lighted she is. I need to be better faster.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.vid functions on a DSLR.

tried out some vid functions and checking whether I'm able to edit. iMovie is not as powerful as Final Cut or some other pro editing software but I'm just checking the vid out. Should plan this a bit better next time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

.jaga jaga karma.

Gua pergi LowYat ngan NottyNit. Dia nak beli kipas USB murahan utk kawan dia. Entah siapa yang malang sangat dapat hadiah itu. At least dia tak cheapskate, dia tambah RM1 untuk beli yang paling power punya kipas. Gua suka orang yang tak kedekut.

Gua juga sekali intip-intip tetikus untuk laptop aku. Nak harapkan yang wireless ni tak boleh jugak, asyik serap bateri aje. Respon pun lambat sikit. Gua tak suka.

Sedang I ngan NottyNit bicara kipas mana yang paling power, datang auntie entah dari mana dengan tak salam pun tiba tiba "cup" kami.

"I want to buy a fan but not the USB type but my modem is hot..." kata auntie tu. (powederful gak England dia)

Mind gua blank. NottyNit pun blank jugak.

Gua dengan tak berfikir panjang berkata apa-apa saja yang terlintas atas fikiran gua.

"Maybe u can find those kind of fans in an... electrical shop?" gua berbisik.

*bunyi cengkerik selama 5 saat*

NottyNit terkaku. Auntie terkaku.

Tiba tiba auntie dgn rimas kata "Eh, not that kind of fan lar". Sambil auntie berjalan meninggalkan kami.

Gua rasa puas hati jadi jahat.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A concoction I brewed up.

I'll be presenting this on Saturday for the lovely couple. Pardon the quality, I had to downsize the quality for faster streaming. But I love the wedding mainly because of the people, they're all fun and crazy ohsem. Its people like this that make my day a surprise.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Sneaks... I'm awfully busy this month. This Saturday I'll be in KL. YES! Hoping to meet the ever so awesome FRIENDS. I smell a MEETUP! Sunday I'll have to head over to Sitiawan, Perak for an event shoot also.

I have a feeling this weekend's gonna be tiring.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...