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15 seconds away from kickboxing this hate mail out of the way. Hope it doesn't bounce back with a vengeance.

This weekend I think I should go get some premium Wagyu beef at "Kannichikan". It looks sooo yummy my eyes just licked the monitor.

Dreams are like shits. 90% of them will ask us to flush it down the hole. The rest might ask us to eat it.

Build your love on a solid foundation. It will be the base for a relationship years in the making.

Life is not measured by the moments you gloat about but by the people who love you.

Diary of a photographer: As I grow, I will find my art. As I perfect my art, I will find my niche.

Kisses are like tears. They're wet and sloppy. The special ones are the ones you can't hold back and the worst ones are the ones you pretend.

Ice creams & pancakes make me smile. A bit girlish and gay but who cares... loving the simplest things in life make me happy.

Problems are meant to be conquered. But this is one big pile of bullshit.

Terminator. RT @Joanne_kay: @jimmyang so what do u call a dildo that vibrates??

Today is a bad fucking day. I wish hosting & servers can come to life so that I can karate kick their arses.
June 24, 2010


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