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Dear sir / Madam,

Good day to you and your family, I decide to unfold our investment plan to you after going through your profile from your country trade journal of which I was convince as to solicit for your assistance and help, before I proceed may I humbly introduce myself for your reference, I am Ms Shatha Uqaili the Wife of late Dr Saleh Uqaili from Basra in Southern city of Iraq, My late husband was the former Spokesman and Chairman of Sadr parliament members after the United State invasion of Iraq, He was captured and assasinated by militants due to his strong opposition to United State invasion of Iraq, Before his death he was able to confirm to us of an existence Deposit of USD$7.5m ( Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars ) which he secretly Deposited Cash in Oversea Finance Security Bank in Bangkok -Thailand for safekeeping.

After much threat from the militants to attack my family after the death of my husband me and my son relocated to Bangkok-Thailand where we were granted asylum and therefore temporary living under the protection of the United Nation High Commission on Refugee ( UNHCR ) for our safety due to the continue daily killings and problem with the Iraq government, My reason of contacting you today is because me and my son have decided to invest this fund in a profitable business outside Iraq for security reasons, because any investment made in Iraq is not secured due to daily secret killing and bombing from militants.

Due to our being a novice in business circle before this time and my only son Mr Mohamed Uqaili who is too young to handle such project on our own I am kindly seeking for your help / assistance as our foreign partner in transfering and investing this fund under your management on a long term investment partnership in your country for the benefit of both families..

For further information and procedure I will be expecting your immediate reply as soon as possible as this will give us the opportunity to conclude all further arrangement, seal every partnership agreement to protect each others interest and immediate transfer of the fund to your country for investment purposes. Thanks for your co-operation and hoping to see a good family relationship with you.

Please kindly regard my contact to you through email as my only alternative for the security of this transaction. Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Shatha Uqaili

My reply.

Dear Ms Shatha.

I am glad your husband is dead. I couldn't imagine living under the same roof with you much less having sex continously and creating an offspring. If it was me, after reading your long ramble... I would've wanted to die too.

I can only invest the money if you are a HOT SEXY mom looking for free sex. I will gladly be your pimp daddy. Obviously, your service will be paid but I will invest the income you get. Do not worry, I will invest in some sort of blue chip company. I can think of Lony, a sister company of Sony. It is new and unheard of but it is relatively known in the world of piracy, China.

I hope to hear from you soon. Please enclose a full body picture of yourself and a closeup of your vagina & boobies. We wouldn't want any sagging boobies or less than tight vagies. It scares the customers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to contact me. I trust we won't be in contact.

September 15, 2010


speedrider said…
kehkeh keh... nampak sangat lu tengah bengang


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