Thursday, April 30, 2009

.Impak Maksima.

Gua kembali merayau jalan raya Pulau Pinang dan Malaysia. Jangan khuatir, gua tak bawa bohjan. Tapi, gua masih tak insaf. Meter gua masih bermula dari 80KM/J.

Bak kata pepatah, "Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata".


Project 365 Update

"With these, you can never go back." - jimmy.ang

p/s: The black vignetting is actually caused by my jeans getting in the way. Took this lying down in Fort Cornwallis.

#30 "RAWR" - original image

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

.lame day.

Yesterday was shitty. 'nuff said.

The parking attendant knew now I am an illegal parker. the normal charges now apply. this means I have to spend an extra RM60-70 a month just for parking. FML.

Also, yesterday I came back to see on my table... a 2007 parking summon. I mean, 2007? WTF?

I'm stoked.



Project 365 Update.


#29 Sunset - original image

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

.Monday blues trip to KL.

I woke up at 4.00 AM yesterday and took my car out to KL. It was a long and tiring journey for the ride that has just came out from the workshop. I'm excited at the same time apprehensive of its performance. If it freaking dies on me halfway... I'd kill someone, anyone.

But the trip was awesome. There were some sleepy moments, some "almost died" moments and crazy stunts... but it turned out ok.

Anyway, the pharmacist dispensing medicine which I've previously met was there. I waited impatiently for my turn to be called. Only to know that I got dispensed by another lady... damn spoil.

Anyway, Friday is Labour's Day! Damn excited. What are your plans? Let's celebrate.


Project 365 Update

Yesterday we iz go to Kuala Lumpur and back.

#28 Long journey - view in black

Monday, April 27, 2009

Vaisakhi Festival: continued...

I arrived @ Vaisakhi Festival just to see what the fuss was all about and the first thing I noticed was all the colourful traditional costumes. It was a delight!

There were like thousands of people with DSLR including me and I guess DSLR is getting overrated. Its like maybe a fad before ppl get bored lugging around an extra heavy camera... Every tom , dick and harry seems to have one. I must be dick. I hope the hype will soon be over.

Nvm about that...the people @ the festival were friendly and numerous people I've talked to were more than generous when asked to be photographed. The performances were colourful and lively.

These dolls are made by a couple for their own personal collection. They are not for sale, just for display. To purchase these dolls or to learn more about them, you can contact Mr & Mrs Malikat Singh Lopo @ 04-3906387 or 0134207440. Believe me, they're awesome and make a great personal collection when travelling to Malaysia.

Then, I got chapati tutorials!

After the tutorial and great lessons while walking around, I said "Thanks!" and headed over to watch the performances being displayed!

The Vaisakhi Festival had throngs of people and they offered FREE food. Which unfortunately means long quees and I absolutely hate long quees. Thus we ended up having dinner @ Nasi Kandar Masjid Kapitan Keling.

p/s: I dun take hours to post process my photos. Lightroom enables us to keep our PP details in sets SAVED. Thus usually I save some of my fav ones and by now... I just click the one I want, adjust some saturation or brightness and voila! Done! Takes me seconds to tops, a minute or two.

Get Lightroom now @ convenience stores near you. Batteries and accessories not included.


Project 365 Update.

During Vaisakhi Festival, I saw a bond that reminded of the innocence in young children...
He looked back, smiled and I snapped. Worth a look in black, large.

#27 Bond - view in black

Sunday, April 26, 2009

.Vaisakhi Festival @ Fort Cornwallis.

Yesterday was crazy hectic. I had to work early in the morning and updated my Project 365 with a car portraiture shoot. Then, I had to run around mending some minor stuffs to my ride.

After that, I headed down to Fort Cornwallis to shoot the Vaisakhi Festival followed by Alphanatics TT @ Starbucks E-Gate.

Me and Tanny had a crazy time shooting shitless crap. But it turned out great. I had fun meeting new people.


Vaisakhi (ਵਸਾਖੀ, ', also known as Baisakhi') is an ancient harvest festival in Punjab, which also marks beginning of a new solar year, and new harvest season. Me is there to witness it!

coming soon...


Project 365 Update

#26 Playing it cool - view in black

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Simple Touch DSLR with Ruddiee

Yesterday I attended a workshop by Ruddiee @ Kompleks Masyarakat Penyanyang. It was more towards a sharing session than a workshop.

After that, we wanted to have a shoot @ Armenian Street but we were all tired and lazy. So I guess I needed to take a shot this morning for my Project 365.


Project 365 Update.

I don't smoke. But...

#25 Lighting up - View On Black

Friday, April 24, 2009

.lazy to blog.

I'm lazy to blog today so here's an update of my Project 365.

#24 Journey into the unknown - original image

I seem to be obsessed with ASIMO. LOL.

I really need to go out and take more pictures. However weekdays are limiting my time. I'm home tired all the time. No matter, tomorrow is Friday and I'll be heading out to shoot more.

Strobist info can be found when viewing original image.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

.Fast & Furious 4.

I watched Fast & Furious 4 yesterday with Jules, Juliana, Aen, Abbas and Abbas' friend (forgot your name.. sorry).

It was great. Great action, great race, nice muscles (I mean the rides.They weren't showcasing much ricer rides. These are real cars), lovely ladies (or should I say ass shakin) and most of all... I ALMOST forgot how HOT Jordana Brewster is.

That is until I saw Mia Toretto.

If you're a fan of Mustangs & Corvettes versus GTRs or Scoobies, this is definitely an eye candy movie.

Updates: Some of the cool rides in the film are... a Lamborghini LM002 from the '80s (SUV), a R34 Skyline (Street race with Dom T, Conner's Blue ride), a Subaru Impreza WRX STi(that hatchback Conner used to extradite Braga from Mexico), a Buick GNX (oil heist driven by Dom T), an S15 Silvia (Street race with Conner and Dom T by one of the idiots), a Honda NSX (driven by my favourite girl Mia Toretto during the rescue Dom T heist), the black blown souped up TC 1970 Charger (Dom T's signature ride) and a pretty cool 1970 SS Chevelle (the ride Dom T used for the Street race).


Project 365 Update.

I didn't have time to go out for a shooting session... plus the lack of ideas made me come up with this lousy shot at 1 AM.

Image created in conjunction with Earth Day yesterday.

#23 Earth Day - original image

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

.awek kiut bangunan opis gua.

Ada satu awek kiut kerja dalam satu bangunan dengan gua. Memang kiut melekiut tapi gua tak kenal dia. Tiap tiap hari dia akan datang pukul 8 tepat dan balik pukul 6 tepat.

Kadang kala gua terserempak dengan dia semasa naik parking atau semasa hendak balik rumah. Sudah satu setengah tahun gua kerja di bangunan ini. Gua terserempak dengan awek ini hanya lima enam kali sahaja. Susah jodoh kami. Memang tak ngam.

Tetapi satu minggu lepas, gua tidak nampak kereta awek kiut itu lagi. Gua gabra. Sebab awek kiut itu memang salah satu sebab gua bangun awal pagi ke kerja. Dalam masa satu minggu ini, gua asyik memberi alasan dan sebab kenapa awek ini tidak datang ke kerja lagi. Gua enggan percaya yang awek ini sudah kena VSS ataupun sudah berhenti. Gua hypnosis diri yang awek ini memang ambil cuti sahaja. Ataupun tukar kereta baru.

Tapi semakin hari semakin tipis peluang gua. Gua bertekad bahawa kalau gua terserempak dengan awek ini lagi, gua akan ambil nombor dia. Gua akan tegur dia. Sudah saban hari kita berdua senyum-lenyum sahaja tanpa bercakap. Gua bertekad nak mengambil langkah pertama lain kali. Walaupun terserempak luar opis. Tiap tiap hari dalam perjalanan ke kerja ataupun lima minit sebelum balik kerja, gua berlatih dialog gua.

"Eh, lama tak nampak?" akan menjadi pangkal awal percakapan gua. Yang seterusnya gua akan terpulang kepada skill. Memang tak boleh hafal. Nanti tak menjadi ikut topik gua akan ternganga, malu.

Pagi lepas secara ajaib bin mustahil, gua nampak awek kiut lagi. Dia sudah parking dan sedang berjalan ke arah lif.. Gua pun guna tahap kesepuluh kungfu parking gua dan parking dalam 5 saat. Kemudian gua berlari dengan senyap ke arah lif, mengharapkan lif lambat sampai hari ini. Atau rosak.

Tuhan menyebelahi gua. Dia belum masuk lif lagi. gua tercungap-cungap menuggu lif bersama awek kiut itu. Kita senyum lagi. Kemudian lif terbuka.

Kami masuk ke dalam lif. Saya tekan tingkat 13, dia tekan tingkat 15. Pintu tutup dan kami berdiri diam sejenak.

Gua dapat rasa hati dan perut gua semakin graba. Gua tidak boleh membuka mulut. Peluh mengalir.

Gua berdoa lif cepat sampai tingkat 13.

"TING" lif berbunyi. Gua dengan cepat meluru keluar tanpa menoleh atau mengucap "Selamat Tinggal" kepada awek kiut itu.

Sebaik sahaja lif tutup. Gua kembali bernafas dan melepaskan 'bom kentut'. Punggung gua tidak kemut lagi.

Kemudian gua senyum dan masuk ke dalam opis.
Dalam hati gua berfikir "Esok ada lagi!".


Today is Earth day. Let's celebrate it for our children. I googled Earth day just now and found out the founder of Earth day is a fella named ... GAYLORD Nelson. No wonder its not heavily advertised.

In conjunction with Earth day, me think me is gonna go out shoot something suitable for Earth day in my Project 365. Any suggestions?


WOOOOO! My car is almost out of the workshop. I know I've been talking like its about to be out since... I don't know a couple of weeks back. But this time, its different. I went there yesterday to take a peek and it is officially completely assembled. All that's left is to fill in some insurance forms. I'm so god damn excited can?


Project 365 Update

I used to wish I could play like Elvis. Now I only wish I didn't suck so bad at it.

#22 Simply a dream - original image

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PPK at a whole new level

I went to Goche yesterday for a Coffee Session with Ndru only to be PPK-ed. I never knew you could get PPK-ed when you've made arrangements and everybody has arrived (in this case, only him and me). I think Ndru just brought the word PPK to a whole new level. He owes me dinner for the next 8 months to 80 years depending on my mood.

BTW, I've decided to register for LouisPang's workshop in Penang this coming May.


Project 365 Update

It is an awesome feeling standing there on the stage without a care in the world. Just you and the way you roll. - jimmy.ang

#21 Rollers - original image

Monday, April 20, 2009

.Apex Coffee TT.

There was a big turnout @ Apex Coffee last Saturday. This picture is not including the few who did not want to be in the photoshoot. Alas, we had a blast talking shit and meeting new people.

The turnout was phenomenal and it scared some of the newbies. We were rowdy, noisy and crazy.

After the TT, I headed back and changed my attire for the trip to Baling Kolam Air Panas. We reached at around 2AM and soaked up till 4AM. One thing about the place is... it is freaking crowded with people. Some slept on the roadwalk. Some built tents at the side of the SWIMMING POOL. Some just laid there with their eyes closed.

Edz was supposed to be there with us but he booked tickets for "Jangan Tegur" prior. He watches every freaking movie in the cinema. Amen.



I learnt a few things during this photoshoot.

One of them is the suppression of in-camera noise. It is always better to fire up your Strobe power than to increase your ISO. A darker background is better than high noise.

Also, I learnt that the in-built Sony Alpha 300 wireless functions only works up to 3-4 feet. Adequate for 28-50mm portraits but lacking for group photos when we want a more creative lighting technique.

Another thing is the lack of sharpness in the provided 18-70 DT kitlens. During a normal photoshoot in the afternoon or evening with adequate lighting, it is good but at night, it leaves tons to wish for. Especially when cropped at 100%.

edited: My previous skateboard series (alotta vertical shit) plus a good offer from the shop has made me longing for a Vertical Grip. It will be one of those purchases which will not improve IQ and only adds weight to the camera. Oh, has it been that long since I spent money? The lack of a Blackberry Bold to fill up my gadget fantasy is creating godlike purchase impulses.

Recession? What recession?


Project 365 Update.

I used to wish I was able to skateboard. Now I just wish I had the time to enjoy a slow walk down the beach. How time has changed me...

#20 I wish - original image

Sunday, April 19, 2009

.Skateboarders in action.

Was at Penang yesterday to grab an F42AM for HunnyBunny and ended up with Ndru @ Penang Youth Park after that. We had an arrangement at 5.30 but I reached the place at 5 cause I had to go straight after my purchase. Had a crazy time photographing the skateboarders till my camera cramped on me unable to detect my beercan.

Managed to rectify it and continued shooting. Later me and Ndru sat down and we discussed about the 50MM as well as the 28MM Minoltas. Ndru also tested out my SAL50F14.

Here are some of the shots taken with the exception of two I've kept for my Project 365.

All pictures out of camera direct and changed to Black and white @ Lightroom.
Watermark and borders @ Creative Suite 4.

During the night, we had an SCM gathering @ Apex Coffee, Bay Avenue. Pictures and more stories tomorrow k?

p/s: Will be meeting Alvin later for a well due coffee session. :) BTW, left my handset with crazy Edz. Arrrgh, the agony of not having a HP on hand is just... excruciating.


Project 365 Update.

Shades are good. But they'll only cover so much for so short.
Many people go for Oakley. I go for Aviator types. What's your type?

#19 Blinded by lies - original image

Saturday, April 18, 2009

.my rather small updates.

Slept @ 5 yesterday messing around with my FB and Tweets. Can't stress how sleepy I am now. Didn't manage to take any pictures but yesterday FUEL was having a Mystery night. Girls get free eyemasks. Kinda cool, except noone was wearing it cause it messes up their hair.

Tonight I'll be lepak-ing @ Apex Coffee for some SCM shit. It will be crowded and I'll most probably be going over with my bro's cute huge jumbo Avanza.

I'll take pictures tonight k?

BTW, if you have flickr, check out GreaseMonkey's Flickr Icon reply.
Also now I'm using Twitterific for Mac. Works great.

p/s: Just won a few bids from e-Bay. Wonder how long it'll take US International Shipping to post it down? 2 weeks or 2 months? Hopefully I can get my Minolta 28-135 G like lens. Its a heavy monster but sharpness is superb and wonderful Minolta colours. I'm planning this to replace my kit lens. And a 24mm F2.8 for a cheap man's wide angle.


Project 365 Update.

What do you have in your car? This is not in my car. My car has a fishing bear doodoll but I think the ASIMO doll is awesome.

#18 Ornamental Robot - original image

Friday, April 17, 2009

.my threadless'es'.

My threadless was here last week but I was appalled at the quality. Maybe it's the beige colour and black would've been better but I've never liked thin cloths and these threadlesses are thin. If you wish to know roughly how the quality is, take a look at Topman's cartoon t-shirts. They're almost similar. If you're into those, get these Threadless.

If you notice the first pic on top, the first W in 'w' is falling. A print error.


Project 365 Update

Adorable cliche SUPER VILLAINS. Whose your villain?

#17 Super Villains - original image


Edited note (4:42PM)
p/s: As I grow and my love for photography grows. I no longer want to limit them to bokeh shots. Thus, my Project 365 will project my growth from day 1 till day 365. If it feels like a bokeh day, then it will be a bokeh shot. However, I am not limiting this project to just one genre. Like I said in my previous few posts. "I will be dividing my project into a few divisions. Bokeh, lighting and portraiture", or a combination.

Also, I will be taking photos each passing day instead of a few pictures a day. Maybe on those rare occasions that I want to share more than one image but I'll try to make it a priority that I go out everyday on the streets and get a shot for this project. It's part and parcel of making sure that I test my limit each passing day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

.keeping lunch at bay.

It's Thursday and I woke up to a cloudy morning.

I've been ritually having breakfast every morning and I find it lasting. I mean, its able to last me the whole day till dinner without lunch. Usually if I don't have breakfast, I'll hang on till 12 or 1 and I'll start to feel hungry, but eating early in the day can last for so long. It's like I found a new philosophy secret. A breakfast a day keeps lunch at bay. LOL.

Oh crap, I need to take an image or a few today for the next few day's Project 365. I'm out of images. FML.


Project 365 Update

I'm just in love with bokeh coloured lights.

#16 Bright bokeh - original image

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pinch Bokeh

p/s: I will be redesigning my header and tweaking some parts. Pls be patient while I solve the kinks out.

edited note: 9.30 PM
it's crazy. My ride is still in the workshop. I swear to god that these freaking workshops have a secret organization all ready to delay our ride while at the same time giving us earlier promises. They do this so that we can all feel fucked up. I've never had a ride come out of the fucking workshop on time. It's gilar how much shit they ask me to put up with.

Also, the header is partially done. I will be adding some stuffs on it but I haven't got the time to go create my own white screen. I was thinking a mini me on the left. I'll get to it soon. Maybe one of these weeks. Oh, I'm eagerly awaiting Fast & Furious with Abbas, his mate and Aen. Also, hoping that this Sat's SCM shit will turn out great.


Project 365 Update.

I was boarding the ferry and took a bokeh shot of the port terminal in Butterworth.

#15 Pinch bokeh - original image.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

.Songkran Water festival @ Penang.

The most obvious celebration of Songkran is the throwing of water. People roam the streets with containers of water or water guns, or post themselves at the side of roads with a garden hose and drench each other and passersby.

This is where we headed to...

Even babies are celebrating this joyous occasion!

Everyone was dancing and jumping and spraying...

Mars and Yoki posed and played.

They pose again.

Bottles, cups, waterguns, semo jadi arsenal hebat.

Happy New YEAR!

Havin fun, getting wet... what more could we ask for?

On any other day... they'd be enemies.

Yoki finding victims.

Powders and water!

After Songkran, I found Tanny and we posed. Tanny with his COOL pose.

Thanks to Tanny who took this picture. I posed GEEK style.


Project 365 update.

I will be dividing my project into a few divisions. Bokeh, lighting and portraiture.

For now, let's enjoy some nice bokeh.

#14 Compact - original image

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...