Friday, April 24, 2009

.lazy to blog.

I'm lazy to blog today so here's an update of my Project 365.

#24 Journey into the unknown - original image

I seem to be obsessed with ASIMO. LOL.

I really need to go out and take more pictures. However weekdays are limiting my time. I'm home tired all the time. No matter, tomorrow is Friday and I'll be heading out to shoot more.

Strobist info can be found when viewing original image.




~ticky wicky~ said...

wat the fuck is twitter? yes, im getting old.

zeemi said...

twitter is basically like a shoutout network. where we link each other and get their updates.

Go register. I will follow you. If you're too lazy for a blog, its easier to tweet in 10-20 words about what you did/doing/will be doing.

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