Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pinch Bokeh

p/s: I will be redesigning my header and tweaking some parts. Pls be patient while I solve the kinks out.

edited note: 9.30 PM
it's crazy. My ride is still in the workshop. I swear to god that these freaking workshops have a secret organization all ready to delay our ride while at the same time giving us earlier promises. They do this so that we can all feel fucked up. I've never had a ride come out of the fucking workshop on time. It's gilar how much shit they ask me to put up with.

Also, the header is partially done. I will be adding some stuffs on it but I haven't got the time to go create my own white screen. I was thinking a mini me on the left. I'll get to it soon. Maybe one of these weeks. Oh, I'm eagerly awaiting Fast & Furious with Abbas, his mate and Aen. Also, hoping that this Sat's SCM shit will turn out great.


Project 365 Update.

I was boarding the ferry and took a bokeh shot of the port terminal in Butterworth.

#15 Pinch bokeh - original image.

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