Monday, April 27, 2009

Vaisakhi Festival: continued...

I arrived @ Vaisakhi Festival just to see what the fuss was all about and the first thing I noticed was all the colourful traditional costumes. It was a delight!

There were like thousands of people with DSLR including me and I guess DSLR is getting overrated. Its like maybe a fad before ppl get bored lugging around an extra heavy camera... Every tom , dick and harry seems to have one. I must be dick. I hope the hype will soon be over.

Nvm about that...the people @ the festival were friendly and numerous people I've talked to were more than generous when asked to be photographed. The performances were colourful and lively.

These dolls are made by a couple for their own personal collection. They are not for sale, just for display. To purchase these dolls or to learn more about them, you can contact Mr & Mrs Malikat Singh Lopo @ 04-3906387 or 0134207440. Believe me, they're awesome and make a great personal collection when travelling to Malaysia.

Then, I got chapati tutorials!

After the tutorial and great lessons while walking around, I said "Thanks!" and headed over to watch the performances being displayed!

The Vaisakhi Festival had throngs of people and they offered FREE food. Which unfortunately means long quees and I absolutely hate long quees. Thus we ended up having dinner @ Nasi Kandar Masjid Kapitan Keling.

p/s: I dun take hours to post process my photos. Lightroom enables us to keep our PP details in sets SAVED. Thus usually I save some of my fav ones and by now... I just click the one I want, adjust some saturation or brightness and voila! Done! Takes me seconds to tops, a minute or two.

Get Lightroom now @ convenience stores near you. Batteries and accessories not included.


Project 365 Update.

During Vaisakhi Festival, I saw a bond that reminded of the innocence in young children...
He looked back, smiled and I snapped. Worth a look in black, large.

#27 Bond - view in black


Samantha said...

love the colourful shots, especially the last one wt the boy&girl on the swing.

currently drooling for the Nikon D90 huhuhuhu...

zeemi said...

Nikon D90. You gadget girl sia. But the Nikon D90 is indeed a good one.

I think I'll stick with Sony till the cows come home.

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