.Fast & Furious 4.

I watched Fast & Furious 4 yesterday with Jules, Juliana, Aen, Abbas and Abbas' friend (forgot your name.. sorry).

It was great. Great action, great race, nice muscles (I mean the rides.They weren't showcasing much ricer rides. These are real cars), lovely ladies (or should I say ass shakin) and most of all... I ALMOST forgot how HOT Jordana Brewster is.

That is until I saw Mia Toretto.

If you're a fan of Mustangs & Corvettes versus GTRs or Scoobies, this is definitely an eye candy movie.

Updates: Some of the cool rides in the film are... a Lamborghini LM002 from the '80s (SUV), a R34 Skyline (Street race with Dom T, Conner's Blue ride), a Subaru Impreza WRX STi(that hatchback Conner used to extradite Braga from Mexico), a Buick GNX (oil heist driven by Dom T), an S15 Silvia (Street race with Conner and Dom T by one of the idiots), a Honda NSX (driven by my favourite girl Mia Toretto during the rescue Dom T heist), the black blown souped up TC 1970 Charger (Dom T's signature ride) and a pretty cool 1970 SS Chevelle (the ride Dom T used for the Street race).


Project 365 Update.

I didn't have time to go out for a shooting session... plus the lack of ideas made me come up with this lousy shot at 1 AM.

Image created in conjunction with Earth Day yesterday.

#23 Earth Day - original image
April 23, 2009


Samantha said…
I jz watched it too. The guys hot! The ride...ahh orgasmic especially that lil noise they make when they stop.
Jimmy Ang said…
din know u reach orgasm that easy. lucky Denny! :)


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