.Apex Coffee TT.

There was a big turnout @ Apex Coffee last Saturday. This picture is not including the few who did not want to be in the photoshoot. Alas, we had a blast talking shit and meeting new people.

The turnout was phenomenal and it scared some of the newbies. We were rowdy, noisy and crazy.

After the TT, I headed back and changed my attire for the trip to Baling Kolam Air Panas. We reached at around 2AM and soaked up till 4AM. One thing about the place is... it is freaking crowded with people. Some slept on the roadwalk. Some built tents at the side of the SWIMMING POOL. Some just laid there with their eyes closed.

Edz was supposed to be there with us but he booked tickets for "Jangan Tegur" prior. He watches every freaking movie in the cinema. Amen.



I learnt a few things during this photoshoot.

One of them is the suppression of in-camera noise. It is always better to fire up your Strobe power than to increase your ISO. A darker background is better than high noise.

Also, I learnt that the in-built Sony Alpha 300 wireless functions only works up to 3-4 feet. Adequate for 28-50mm portraits but lacking for group photos when we want a more creative lighting technique.

Another thing is the lack of sharpness in the provided 18-70 DT kitlens. During a normal photoshoot in the afternoon or evening with adequate lighting, it is good but at night, it leaves tons to wish for. Especially when cropped at 100%.

edited: My previous skateboard series (alotta vertical shit) plus a good offer from the shop has made me longing for a Vertical Grip. It will be one of those purchases which will not improve IQ and only adds weight to the camera. Oh, has it been that long since I spent money? The lack of a Blackberry Bold to fill up my gadget fantasy is creating godlike purchase impulses.

Recession? What recession?


Project 365 Update.

I used to wish I was able to skateboard. Now I just wish I had the time to enjoy a slow walk down the beach. How time has changed me...

#20 I wish - original image
daily dose
April 20, 2009


Ayako said…
sudah tua lah ni
Jimmy Ang said…
Ayako, ini bukan pasal umur. Ini pasal style. Style aku sekarang lebih laidback... macam pakcik.
Princess Leen said…
bukan macam pakcik, MEMANG pakcik.


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