Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PPK at a whole new level

I went to Goche yesterday for a Coffee Session with Ndru only to be PPK-ed. I never knew you could get PPK-ed when you've made arrangements and everybody has arrived (in this case, only him and me). I think Ndru just brought the word PPK to a whole new level. He owes me dinner for the next 8 months to 80 years depending on my mood.

BTW, I've decided to register for LouisPang's workshop in Penang this coming May.


Project 365 Update

It is an awesome feeling standing there on the stage without a care in the world. Just you and the way you roll. - jimmy.ang

#21 Rollers - original image


ndru said...


zeemi said...

Live a long and happy life Ndru. I'm gonna be having dinner in Penang for a very very long time.

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