Saturday, March 29, 2008

.Malaysian Dreamgirl Ep7.

Malaysian Dreamgirl Episode 7 has only one agenda.

If you've watched it then you would've known what I'm talking about.

In every reality TV, there are a few main ingredients:

1. Drama
Drama is mainly created to entice audience. Emotionally, we are more attached to dramatic events occurring in the realm of life whether fictional or non-fictional.
2. Suffering and humiliation
As we can see from many reality shows, we have the pre-interview part where suffering and humiliation of many contestants are brought out for improvements in rating and generating interest. While this plays true for all reality TV, the concept in itself plays around individuals who are more than confident in their ability. That's why we keep pinning it on the contestants for their lack of intellectual decision.
3. Actual Representation of real life events.
The main attraction of Reality TV is the actual chronological events occurring during the whole play. This keeps the editing simple and the story straightforward. However, we must note that producers and editors have in some way distorted the chronological time line to create drama, generate intensity and procure suspense.

Episode 7 revolves around 1 and 2. The bashing of Cindy. Almost 4 out of 6 cuts in the show all involve Cindy's bashing. Except for the critical events like competitions and promo events, all the other film time is given to what I would call as "Cindy's bashing". I have no qualms with such like events but girls tend to be more sensitive than others. Or in this case, for one girl... insensitive.

However, with prominent film time given to the anti-Cindy group, there leaves less space for other contestant's personal growth.

For one thing, the lack of focus on Valerie and Eyna really pisses me off since one of them is no longer in. I don't believe I saw Eyna's personal appearance in the whole show. What are their thoughts on Cindy? And what about Cindy's thoughts on other contestants? All that she points out is "I can't get along with all of them". Is she pissed off at one person more than the other? Or is she just generally pissed. Also the other girls comment on her on-screen accent shows us how much this show lacks the reality feel.

The show is lacking focus. What we need is to find a reason for one of them to be the Malaysian Dreamgirl. Not a thousand reasons for one of them not to become a Malaysian Dreamgirl. We need to know more about their growth, their changes, how they respond to pressure, communication skills and their ability to cope with people of different backgrounds.

Throw them into an impromptu interview, put them in a volunteering situation with old folks, ditch them in the middle of the road back. See how they respond, how they react, what they do. These are definitely more interesting than the "bashing Cindy" agenda.

The title is also confusing. Are we looking for a Malaysian Dreamgirl or a Malaysian Model? The show focuses mainly on prepping them up to become the next top model. Photoshoots, Model Walk, more photoshoots, more model walk.. bla bla bla.


p/s: all things said. these are my 2 cents only. I respect the people who produced and created this show. They were innovative but I'm pointing out improvements, everyone has spaces for them.

p/s/s: all things said again... I still love Fiqa.

Edited [31st March 2008]: Episode 8 rocks! Nothing I can say at all about this episode except, catch it!

My previous views on this show.

Friday, March 28, 2008

.bangkok pictures.

sorry, overdue photographs from my trip to bangkok. haven found the time to edit them. just did some shining and color balancing as well as cropping. this is just a pinch of the salt. if i had it all up, it'd take ages.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

.a date with mammoths.

I slept early yesterday. I don't know what got into me but I'm guessing the lack of TVB dramas sparked my sudden need for sleeping early.

anyway, i'm not writing to talk about my sleeping habits.


I wanted to invite my friend to watch a movie with me so I sent her a text msg.

"CutieAz, I need you at the cinema to watch 10,000BC this sat. I've rigged explosives in all the toilets in the mall. If you don't come, they'll explode."

"Of all things, y u chose toilets? Hmmm.."

"Toilets sound much cooler. Increases charisma."

"Yeah rite, Juz imagine when da toilets explode. Wat wil happen. think bout wat we keep thr. Haha"

"That's why you can't reject. Think of all the people you'd be saving."

"Hmm.. U got me thr."

Kawan aku kata aku berjaya menipu awek cun muda lagi. Cayalah.

Aku dengan serius membuat mimik muka terperanjat, "tergamak kau kata begitu Arip, Akulah yang jadi mangsa awek cun muda itu."

Dia tergelak sehingga aku sampai kat destinasi.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

.when its IN.

I wonder when small eyes will be the "IN" thing.

It'll be my blessing in disguise. hur hur hur.. *-^

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

.my job position.

in my line of work, there are a few things still i have to adapt with and improve on...

number one, the absolute power of being the boss without supervision of upper management. believe me, i love this part. for example, i walked out to lunch today without telling any of my staff. eat that shit biatches. then i farted a good half an hour in 7-eleven. i even bought them some snacks (worth rm 2.80) to show how nonchalant i can be about skipping half an hours of work. now look who's the boss!

number two would be getting whacked by ninja-looking paying clients. they come in stealthily and complain about us. i try to counterattack by hiding in my room with my blinds all down. they spew loud words making it hard for me to ignore. i put on my earphones and play some "smack that". Eat that shit ninjas.

number three, getting scolded again by kungfu fighting malay and chinese customers. i listen to their mumble on the phone and say "yes" to every word hoping they'd get off and let me continue. usually its petty but sometimes i'd promise them i'd come out with a solution only to ignore them by month end. they never fail to forget.

number four, sitting alone in a room assuming a role of position when all i do is scour the net for porn and write this dumb blog. i try to counter this dilemma by making myself go out more often and having longer lunch time as well as the occasional napping. Now I think i'm porn free.

well, i guess i'm coping with my job scope pretty well. i'm definitely improving albeit at the price of productivity. one day, ppl will worship me for my 1337 management and customer relation skills.

Monday, March 24, 2008

.Sunday 23 March.

Mondays are always a bore. The feeling of getting up from a good night's sleep and preparing to go to work is not an exciting task too. I love to work in an environment where many of the colleagues are almost around the same age. Its not a surprise I woke up yearning to go to work in my last job. However, there are reasons for my departure.

Yesterday was exciting, went to catch a movie with CutieAz. We wanted to catch 10,000 BC but it was fully booked. I mean, its been so long since the movie screened but on a Sunday... it still is fully booked. Amazing.

So we wanted to catch Ah Long. Again, fully booked. We ended up with Be Kind, Rewind. A movie by Jack Black and Def Mos. Believe me, it was absurd and really crazy. Translates to not a very good movie. I mean, it was funny and all... but still... a sucky movie.

After that, we went to Paddington. My yummy comfort food. Would love to write more but work calls. Just filling up some updates before you guys get bored.

Friday, March 21, 2008

.Malaysian Dreamgirl.

I've been watching Malaysian Dreamgirl the whole night yesterday and I can say for sure that the one I've fallen in love with is Fiqa. Yet, I am accident prone thus I fall all the time.

She's of mix Malay and Chinese parentage. She's 18, shy, demure and softspoken.

My other favourites are Hanis and Natasha.

Here's my take on each and every contestant. (my own comments and opinions, you really might think differently if you've watched the show)

First off is Adeline. She's one of the few Chinese contestants in the show. What stroke me when I first saw her is she is quite pretty and very tall. However, her chinese accent and lack of proficiency will definitely hinder her advancement. She's cute and maybe she has the model material but she really lacks the fluency in speech. I'm sure she'll make it if she's allowed to speak in Mandarin though.

Allison, she has this face with really prominent features. She's really fluent and has the confidence on TV. Her photo shoots are good and I think with enough training, she'll make it. But looking at her picture on the right, she still has much more to learn. One, she really needs to learn how to use her hair to her advantage and her hands.. they really do not flatter her pose. And her eyes... they lack communication cause they're closed.

Cindy, she really lacks exposure time. In all 5 episodes, I think the main reason I can remember her is the fact that she's one of the few Chinese contestants. She's gorgeous but she lacks the drama that will get her more showtime enabling the audience to connect with her. Her makeover was superb and transformed her completely into this sophisticated look. Her photo shoots usually turn out beautiful. I cant pinpoint the reason I'm not pining for her but I guess she needs attitude and exposure but it could either make her or break her.

Eyna, the Posh Spice lookalike girl. Now with her recent makeover she looks even more similar. People usually relate the bob curve with Posh and with her very eurasian features and cool disposition, she managed to look really distant and sophisticated. If you're into a quiet girl, I guess she might connect with you but I prefer girls who are more lively and more bubbly. She lacks all of these. The one thing good about her is her features. Sharp and prominent. They make her photos look good without much effort. But all her pictures are one dimensional grouchy faces. I hope she can evolve in the next few episodes.

Fiqa, need I say more about her. She's like this child in the whole show. Her actions are really soft and her photo shoots managed to capture me. Maybe its more of her soft nature and her willingness to learn too. She has this "girl next door" look which captures every boy's heart. But in order to be a model, I'm thinking she has to work on her abs more often. She looks drop dead cute and her makeover really rocked her. She just needs to bring attitude in order to be able to carry that style. This young girl has much to learn and I can really imagine her in more girlish photo shoots like teenage products. Maybe she'll grow out of this phase.

Hanis, I would say she's another child in the whole show. With her manja-ish actions and the whole package thing going on for her, i love her to bits. Her eyes lack the depth and although her features are not prominent but they complement her small frame really well. I especially love her Women's Secret photo shoot.

Next in line is Jay. She has prominent features, a dark skin tone which is carried very well by her and her poses are astounding. However, her inverted triangle face shape could really work against her if she's not careful in her photo shoots. I think she's got the package, the looks, the height and the fluency.

Now we've got Jean, the smart girl with really smart answers. I can see from her video profile that this girl has it in her. But she's gone for personal reason in the 5th episode. Although at first I thought her pictures wont turn out good but they really did. And I'm glad for her, I think she's the girl with the best communication sense (like churning out the right answers at the right time) without seeming too pretentious.

Nadia, she looks fierce. Her eyes and her smiles never fail to portray that devil something behind my sleeve look. But in reality I think she's one of the sentimental girls (she cried when making the phone call to her BF which portrays a different side to her). Sometimes we can't judge a person by their looks right. But, in her makeover photo shoots, her half body picture came out like she was forced to smile. I can't make up my mind about her yet. Da evil queen or the misunderstood princess.

Natasha. The 18 year old girl wonder who won the first photo shoot competition. She's another one of my favourites. I think she's got the whole package, the looks, the willingness to learn, the communication fluency, the proportioned body and the not too rigid, not too soft attitude. I'll be keeping my eye out for her. She seems capable to reach great heights and at such a young age, I can only wonder what she can achieve further on.

Ringo the blogger. Somehow I think she's not well liked in the community of contestants there but she's always smiling and bubbly. Although I have to admit her baggy looks need to go. She's absurdly CUTE cause she smiles a lot but I think she lacks the communication skills with other contestants. She's like the outsider cause she came in because of a forfeited contestant. I dont know why but the contestants think she has a large advantage due to her being a blogger and all. One thing that works against her is her height. She needs to come up with a way to play down this flaw.

Valerie the jumpy. I totally love her attitude. She first came in with the fringo 70's haircut which took me a while to get used to. However her makeover transformed her and I took the effort to warm up to her. She's skinny with a small frame but she has a ridiculously fun attitude that looks too big for her frame. She's easily likable and her photo shoots really came out well.

Now lets focus on the judges.

Kenny Sia, as per his quote "the only straight male in the panel of judges". At first he was really trying to pull off a simon and if he kept up with it, he would've managed. However, the main thing that pulled him down and made him look really unprofessional was when he met HOT chicks auditioning for the show. He'd go all sexbomb on them. Some of his views came off rather sexist and the notion of "the only straight male" was really insensitive to Jimmy Lim, the fashion stylist. I'm sure Jimmy Lim didn't mind but it was not a professional comment and seeing that it was a comment he made with no real significance, I wonder how it helped the judging. There was even a quarrel between him and Elaine cause I think Elaine was getting rather tired of his antics. Along the way though, Kenny evolved and by episode 4/5, he was rather professional. I think he learned something as a judge in this show.

Elaine Daly, Elaine is this HOT girl in the panel of judge. I mean she's a model and by her comments and the way she speaks of her profession, we can all see how serious and dedicated she is. She takes the industry seriously and provides rather constructive criticism even during the interviews. However, her comments can be rather vague. "Try posing and learn your best pose, play around with your fingers/hands" are all comments that are made, I think, for the contestants to find out their best spot and their best side and also which poses made them stand out. She never provided direct criticisms, she's more of the learn from experience type.

Jimmy Lim the fashion stylist. Impeccable fashion sense for the girls but I could never understand his fashion statement. I cant say much about him but during the interview, he was rather lenient and his comments border on sweet. His comments were never direct and played to a way so that it is viewed positively.

Three people have been eliminated in Ep5 including Jean, the one who walked away. In order not to give you all any spoilers, I'm not revealing them here... except Jean though. She walked AWAY.

Now, let me get some rest and continue with work. To watch the movie, go to

Thursday, March 20, 2008

.review of Suzuki Swift.

i think this post has long been overdue. my car has clocked like 4000+ kilometres and i can safely say whatever it is i need to experience or know about my car can be deduced by now.

first of all, many of you know me and know that i've changed my ride. yeah, i no longer hold the nissan b16 true to my heart. after the fiasco with my sleeping and banging agenda... who could've.

read more about my fuckup here and here.

also, my previous review of the nissan sentra can be viewed here.

now let's begin. first of all, my ride. after the nissan fiasco i've purchased a Suzuki Swift. Yes, the tiny puny little babe magnet. probably because i think it looks good. but most malaysians would prefer a big car. we tend to get the space vs price ratio comparison. if i wanted a big cheap car, i would've gotten the avanza or the latio or even the city or vios. this is not to say that they're not good but i've had enough of people complaining about the size of my car. don't start please.

the price of the car is roughly 72k including insurance. since then, i've added quite a few mods to my car. i'm not proud of my spending habits but i sure am damn proud of my car. i love it to bits and pieces. yeah, 72k is expensive for a hatchback. i wonder how suzuki managed to con me out of it when a comparable myvi would cost 20k less. it would be many years of fuel savings... believe me, i've counted. the 5 door mini vehicle is 90% imported from japan but locally assembled. when i bought it, the only parts made in malaysia are the glasses and the battery, many have changed since then. the new facelifted swift has 40% local parts. take my percentage with a grain of salt. it definitely is not accurate.

one thing that really stroke my fancy is the design of the car. i'm always a sucker for everything nice and the suzuki swift just screams mini cooper with touches of elegance. interior cannot compare to the mini cooper but the exterior could definitely match this BMW Cooper beast.

Suzuki Swift is designed based on the S2 concept and most concept and production cars differ to a certain amount. however, the level of similarity between the s2 and the swift is astounding.

the Suzuki is cooperating with Monster-sport for their design and tuning. Kinda like BMW with AMG, Honda with Mugen.. the Suzuki has Monster along with some mods from GReddy also SunLineRacing.

I must admit, the design of the Monster GT Wing CF Spoiler, CF Bonnet, Front and Rear Add On Lip for the Suzuki Swift Sport is really superb. I also like the GReddy kit. The Sunline... is not to my fancy.

Ok, enough about exteriors, I can go on and on about it. The interior. The vehicle comes with 6 speakers, one built in Anti-Thief Head Unit (MP3 and WMA compatible) and a nice fuel consumption per km meter. Basically, the basics are all there, maybe some more. But the design leaves much space for improvement.

In terms of power and handling, the original Swift comes with less low-range torque as well as weak pick-up. However, this can be compensated with aftermarket Plug cables and Sparks. Also, remember to tune it with Tech2, it really improves your pickup. FC might suffer a bit.

Handling is superb. Its one of the main selling points of the Swift and loses only slightly to a Cooper's Go-Kart Like handling. The true power of a Swift can only be unleashed on winding roads. But please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Overall, I do love my mini car. I cant compare it to the Mini Cooper but the 1.5A Suzuki Swift really gets me where I need to. At least I don't have to worry about it getting the occasional workshop visit like my previous Sentra. *-^

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

.my quotes again.

a sudden change in life is like waking up every morning.

desire makes the heart wander. lust makes the heart weaker. restraint makes the heart stronger. love makes the heart whole.

in the darkest of days, a small glitter can illuminate the dark.

religion might be the biggest lie of all time.

courtesy of jimmy.ang - prohibited use without quotes or credit to author.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

.childhood memories 1.

i went to the bird park when i was really small. somewhere around 6-7 years old with my family.

the excitement of looking at those winged creatures really get to me. and since we were really really poor at that time, going to the bird park was considered a luxury.

it was like being high on drugs for the first time.

i don't know what is it about those winged creatures that excite me but i remember getting my dad to buy me one. fast forward a couple of years later... he did get me one.

and i hated the fucking bird to the core of my bone. it was yucky with sharp claws and i get a yucky feeling touching those feathers. they never could seem to be clean. and their shit.. is like endless.

anyway, that's not the main point. the main point is during our visit to the bird park, we got these keychain souvenirs. me and my bro loved it to bits.

it was the most awesome thing at my age. having a keychain and getting to bring it to school just showing off to my friends and looking at their eyes with pride.

i would bring it everywhere and latch it onto my belt cuffs. it was like having a girlfriend at 6-7 years old. i stroke it and bring it to the bathroom.

yes, i did.

and i will usually shine it like how i would shine my car now. i would wash the fucking keychain with soap. little did i know... the good smell emitting from the keychain is not really going to prolong its lifespan.

yes, i do have the brain size of a small knuckle at the time... don't blame me for being an idiot.

one day, i was contemplating whether to use shampoo on the keychain... kinda like waxing for my car.

believe me, if i had wax, i'd wax the bugger keychain. maybe even polish it and detail it.

so, i was contemplating and i asked my brother whether the shampoo can be used on the keychain. the freaking plastic keychain with metal springs.

my brother looked at me with a quizzical look and pondered for about 15 seconds.

"shampoo is used to kill lice.. germs."

at that fucking moment i thought my brother was a fucking genius. a fucking boy came from heaven to tell me the right direction.

"so... can or not?" i said.

he said "kill germs wan what, can lar"

that fucking statement made me an idiot washing my keychain with soap and shampoo for a few weeks before getting bored of it and throwing it around like bruce lee's nunchucks.

but the main thing is... my brother destroyed a few weeks of my innocence washing a fucking keychain which wasn't even HOT to begin with.

if i loved that keychain a few months more... i wonder whether i'll kill my brother when i realize what a fool he made me out to be.

Friday, March 14, 2008

.UMNO ruckus.

PENANG: The state Umno will “persuade” the Federal Government to scrap all the mega projects in the state in view of the people’s clear rejection of Barisan Nasional.

Since Penangites do not want development, the Federal Government should not force it on them, said state Umno liaison committee secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim.

He said that this was not Penang Umno taking revenge “but we are actually giving the people what they want”.

- source
Now I know why people voted for DAP, cause really, UMNO's are fucking idiots. Not all but the people behind this agenda certainly are. The funniest part was when they said.. we're giving the people what they want and this is not revenge. Even a dumbass 13 year old kid knows revenge when they see it, what more you old haggards good for nothing representatives.

I've always thought we elect people to represent us, the "rakyat" in fighting for us. We didn't elect you to represent the PARTY against the "rakyat".

Recently the fucking idiots have all started to create a ruckus making havoc here and there. What is the fucking point? Being a sore loser and all. I've heard from my Malay friends that they are not concerned with UMNO or DAP running the state. They are concerned with the progress. So, this means its the fucking idiots who are members of certain political parties being sore losers who are creating the ruckus.

Take for example the assembly held in KOMTAR today. Why do they want to do that? They're not providing any agenda except for being sore losers. If its HINDRAF or BERSIH, at least those people have a fucking AGENDA.

I'm disappointed with the UMNO political party in handling this issue especially after their setback. Who the fuck cares about your ranting on setting up your investigation as to why UMNO loss? Do it internally and STFU. My guess is... corruption and dumb politicians in your party. And if you need more info, read here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

.11th March today.

a couple of days ago, i lost someone precious to me. I might never see her again but I hope she's happy at whereever she is. irregardless of whoever that's taking care of her.

i hope she's happy.
i hope she's being treated good.
i hope she's getting what she wants.

most of all, i hope one day she'll come back. i really do.

work has not been fruitful lately. i've been procrastinating and missing out some stuffs. buts its all still manageable. what i'm missing is the no worries i had in my previous work. the burdenless agenda and workstyle. i wish life was easier than this.

lalalala kerja. bosan dengan kerja.

my new ride is beeing a joy to me. i love it to bits. wish i had more to offer her than she has to offer me. *-^

anyway, the future of Penang looks different. i'll stay tuned on its progress. to see how stuff works out.

this has been a lovely rant. logging in from a cafe trying to finish up some work.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

.been in a fight?

Have you ever been in a real fight?

Not the childish ones we used to have in primary or high school over stuffs like girls or material things.

The one I'm talking about is the fight for honour, for fun, for keepsakes.

Tyler Durden once said "You can never fully understand yourself till you're in a fight".

Personally, I've never been in a fight. Maybe its because I'm too scared of getting hurt. Maybe its because I'm scared of the consequences. But whatever it is... I'm getting keen on it. I mean, really... "How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?"

Tell me.

Over here in the real world.. in a country which I don't give a flying fuck about.. a different type of fight is brewing. Yup, the elections. I've not registered but I wish I had. I want to have a say in what this country WILL become. Even if it doesn't change for the good, I'll chip in with "I did my part"

That's more than I can say for global warming. Truthfully, never been doing anything about global warming. I'm conscious about it but I think I'm not getting things done consciously to save the world for my kids. Will I even have kids?

Maybe I shouldn't pollute this world.

This freaking post is soooo getting out of topic. Maybe I should stop.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

.songs for my soul.

Some of the songs I'm loving right now. *-^

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful

Jason Mraz - The Remedy

Taylor Swift - Teardrops on my guitar

Phlowtron - Marilah Bergoyang

The reason I'm loving FlyFm is their focus on Malaysian bands and Malaysian productions. There are really a lot of good Malaysian bands out there. Try joining in their Campur Chart Live, usually every Saturday at Laundry The Curve.

Oh, gathering tomorrow at Auto City featuring the revered Nyan Kyaw the venerable zeemi. For further details, pls contact our event organizer, Yin from Airmas.

Marilah sekali begoyang-goyang semua bergoyang.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

.alone or not.

isn't it weird.

when you're alone, the chair is always empty
when you're with someone, you both fight for that single chair,
even when there's plenty around.

when you're alone, you look down and notice the silence, you hate the silence.
when you're with someone, you hate the noise.

when you're alone, the bedroom always seem empty and big.
when you're with someone, you fight for that one corner of the bed.

when you're alone, you find someone to be with.
when you're with someone, you find an excuse to be alone.

it's not really weird. it's just ironic.

Monday, March 3, 2008

.would you?

in facebook (yes, i'm becoming more and more of a facebook addict), there's this application called.. would you date "insert nick here".

I can imagine it now... in my box...

"Would you date Zeemi?"
4 voted "Yes"
Thousands more voted "No"

Sunday, March 2, 2008


today i woke up with a piercing headache. now i know what could possibly be worse than a hangover, its the fusion of a fever and a piercing headache. do they always come in pairs or is it just me?

life is much more than beautiful nothings, the abstract meanings we procure from this life make us what we are, for what we know is what we become.

no longer shall i hope to attain perfection but i shall try to appreciate what is imperfect. for in each of us, imperfection is another's perfection.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...