Thursday, March 27, 2008

.a date with mammoths.

I slept early yesterday. I don't know what got into me but I'm guessing the lack of TVB dramas sparked my sudden need for sleeping early.

anyway, i'm not writing to talk about my sleeping habits.


I wanted to invite my friend to watch a movie with me so I sent her a text msg.

"CutieAz, I need you at the cinema to watch 10,000BC this sat. I've rigged explosives in all the toilets in the mall. If you don't come, they'll explode."

"Of all things, y u chose toilets? Hmmm.."

"Toilets sound much cooler. Increases charisma."

"Yeah rite, Juz imagine when da toilets explode. Wat wil happen. think bout wat we keep thr. Haha"

"That's why you can't reject. Think of all the people you'd be saving."

"Hmm.. U got me thr."

Kawan aku kata aku berjaya menipu awek cun muda lagi. Cayalah.

Aku dengan serius membuat mimik muka terperanjat, "tergamak kau kata begitu Arip, Akulah yang jadi mangsa awek cun muda itu."

Dia tergelak sehingga aku sampai kat destinasi.


wEn said...

DUDE! Mana my series all? sudah half a year...tak balik balik ke pangkuan aku...sedih dimarah mak aku...

zeemi said...

girl, sumpah aku cuba sedaya upaya.

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