.childhood memories 1.

i went to the bird park when i was really small. somewhere around 6-7 years old with my family.

the excitement of looking at those winged creatures really get to me. and since we were really really poor at that time, going to the bird park was considered a luxury.

it was like being high on drugs for the first time.

i don't know what is it about those winged creatures that excite me but i remember getting my dad to buy me one. fast forward a couple of years later... he did get me one.

and i hated the fucking bird to the core of my bone. it was yucky with sharp claws and i get a yucky feeling touching those feathers. they never could seem to be clean. and their shit.. is like endless.

anyway, that's not the main point. the main point is during our visit to the bird park, we got these keychain souvenirs. me and my bro loved it to bits.

it was the most awesome thing at my age. having a keychain and getting to bring it to school just showing off to my friends and looking at their eyes with pride.

i would bring it everywhere and latch it onto my belt cuffs. it was like having a girlfriend at 6-7 years old. i stroke it and bring it to the bathroom.

yes, i did.

and i will usually shine it like how i would shine my car now. i would wash the fucking keychain with soap. little did i know... the good smell emitting from the keychain is not really going to prolong its lifespan.

yes, i do have the brain size of a small knuckle at the time... don't blame me for being an idiot.

one day, i was contemplating whether to use shampoo on the keychain... kinda like waxing for my car.

believe me, if i had wax, i'd wax the bugger keychain. maybe even polish it and detail it.

so, i was contemplating and i asked my brother whether the shampoo can be used on the keychain. the freaking plastic keychain with metal springs.

my brother looked at me with a quizzical look and pondered for about 15 seconds.

"shampoo is used to kill lice.. germs."

at that fucking moment i thought my brother was a fucking genius. a fucking boy came from heaven to tell me the right direction.

"so... can or not?" i said.

he said "kill germs wan what, can lar"

that fucking statement made me an idiot washing my keychain with soap and shampoo for a few weeks before getting bored of it and throwing it around like bruce lee's nunchucks.

but the main thing is... my brother destroyed a few weeks of my innocence washing a fucking keychain which wasn't even HOT to begin with.

if i loved that keychain a few months more... i wonder whether i'll kill my brother when i realize what a fool he made me out to be.
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March 15, 2008


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