.Malaysian Dreamgirl.

I've been watching Malaysian Dreamgirl the whole night yesterday and I can say for sure that the one I've fallen in love with is Fiqa. Yet, I am accident prone thus I fall all the time.

She's of mix Malay and Chinese parentage. She's 18, shy, demure and softspoken.

My other favourites are Hanis and Natasha.

Here's my take on each and every contestant. (my own comments and opinions, you really might think differently if you've watched the show)

First off is Adeline. She's one of the few Chinese contestants in the show. What stroke me when I first saw her is she is quite pretty and very tall. However, her chinese accent and lack of proficiency will definitely hinder her advancement. She's cute and maybe she has the model material but she really lacks the fluency in speech. I'm sure she'll make it if she's allowed to speak in Mandarin though.

Allison, she has this face with really prominent features. She's really fluent and has the confidence on TV. Her photo shoots are good and I think with enough training, she'll make it. But looking at her picture on the right, she still has much more to learn. One, she really needs to learn how to use her hair to her advantage and her hands.. they really do not flatter her pose. And her eyes... they lack communication cause they're closed.

Cindy, she really lacks exposure time. In all 5 episodes, I think the main reason I can remember her is the fact that she's one of the few Chinese contestants. She's gorgeous but she lacks the drama that will get her more showtime enabling the audience to connect with her. Her makeover was superb and transformed her completely into this sophisticated look. Her photo shoots usually turn out beautiful. I cant pinpoint the reason I'm not pining for her but I guess she needs attitude and exposure but it could either make her or break her.

Eyna, the Posh Spice lookalike girl. Now with her recent makeover she looks even more similar. People usually relate the bob curve with Posh and with her very eurasian features and cool disposition, she managed to look really distant and sophisticated. If you're into a quiet girl, I guess she might connect with you but I prefer girls who are more lively and more bubbly. She lacks all of these. The one thing good about her is her features. Sharp and prominent. They make her photos look good without much effort. But all her pictures are one dimensional grouchy faces. I hope she can evolve in the next few episodes.

Fiqa, need I say more about her. She's like this child in the whole show. Her actions are really soft and her photo shoots managed to capture me. Maybe its more of her soft nature and her willingness to learn too. She has this "girl next door" look which captures every boy's heart. But in order to be a model, I'm thinking she has to work on her abs more often. She looks drop dead cute and her makeover really rocked her. She just needs to bring attitude in order to be able to carry that style. This young girl has much to learn and I can really imagine her in more girlish photo shoots like teenage products. Maybe she'll grow out of this phase.

Hanis, I would say she's another child in the whole show. With her manja-ish actions and the whole package thing going on for her, i love her to bits. Her eyes lack the depth and although her features are not prominent but they complement her small frame really well. I especially love her Women's Secret photo shoot.

Next in line is Jay. She has prominent features, a dark skin tone which is carried very well by her and her poses are astounding. However, her inverted triangle face shape could really work against her if she's not careful in her photo shoots. I think she's got the package, the looks, the height and the fluency.

Now we've got Jean, the smart girl with really smart answers. I can see from her video profile that this girl has it in her. But she's gone for personal reason in the 5th episode. Although at first I thought her pictures wont turn out good but they really did. And I'm glad for her, I think she's the girl with the best communication sense (like churning out the right answers at the right time) without seeming too pretentious.

Nadia, she looks fierce. Her eyes and her smiles never fail to portray that devil something behind my sleeve look. But in reality I think she's one of the sentimental girls (she cried when making the phone call to her BF which portrays a different side to her). Sometimes we can't judge a person by their looks right. But, in her makeover photo shoots, her half body picture came out like she was forced to smile. I can't make up my mind about her yet. Da evil queen or the misunderstood princess.

Natasha. The 18 year old girl wonder who won the first photo shoot competition. She's another one of my favourites. I think she's got the whole package, the looks, the willingness to learn, the communication fluency, the proportioned body and the not too rigid, not too soft attitude. I'll be keeping my eye out for her. She seems capable to reach great heights and at such a young age, I can only wonder what she can achieve further on.

Ringo the blogger. Somehow I think she's not well liked in the community of contestants there but she's always smiling and bubbly. Although I have to admit her baggy looks need to go. She's absurdly CUTE cause she smiles a lot but I think she lacks the communication skills with other contestants. She's like the outsider cause she came in because of a forfeited contestant. I dont know why but the contestants think she has a large advantage due to her being a blogger and all. One thing that works against her is her height. She needs to come up with a way to play down this flaw.

Valerie the jumpy. I totally love her attitude. She first came in with the fringo 70's haircut which took me a while to get used to. However her makeover transformed her and I took the effort to warm up to her. She's skinny with a small frame but she has a ridiculously fun attitude that looks too big for her frame. She's easily likable and her photo shoots really came out well.

Now lets focus on the judges.

Kenny Sia, as per his quote "the only straight male in the panel of judges". At first he was really trying to pull off a simon and if he kept up with it, he would've managed. However, the main thing that pulled him down and made him look really unprofessional was when he met HOT chicks auditioning for the show. He'd go all sexbomb on them. Some of his views came off rather sexist and the notion of "the only straight male" was really insensitive to Jimmy Lim, the fashion stylist. I'm sure Jimmy Lim didn't mind but it was not a professional comment and seeing that it was a comment he made with no real significance, I wonder how it helped the judging. There was even a quarrel between him and Elaine cause I think Elaine was getting rather tired of his antics. Along the way though, Kenny evolved and by episode 4/5, he was rather professional. I think he learned something as a judge in this show.

Elaine Daly, Elaine is this HOT girl in the panel of judge. I mean she's a model and by her comments and the way she speaks of her profession, we can all see how serious and dedicated she is. She takes the industry seriously and provides rather constructive criticism even during the interviews. However, her comments can be rather vague. "Try posing and learn your best pose, play around with your fingers/hands" are all comments that are made, I think, for the contestants to find out their best spot and their best side and also which poses made them stand out. She never provided direct criticisms, she's more of the learn from experience type.

Jimmy Lim the fashion stylist. Impeccable fashion sense for the girls but I could never understand his fashion statement. I cant say much about him but during the interview, he was rather lenient and his comments border on sweet. His comments were never direct and played to a way so that it is viewed positively.

Three people have been eliminated in Ep5 including Jean, the one who walked away. In order not to give you all any spoilers, I'm not revealing them here... except Jean though. She walked AWAY.

Now, let me get some rest and continue with work. To watch the movie, go to www.malaysiandreamgirl.tv.
March 21, 2008


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