.Sunday 23 March.

Mondays are always a bore. The feeling of getting up from a good night's sleep and preparing to go to work is not an exciting task too. I love to work in an environment where many of the colleagues are almost around the same age. Its not a surprise I woke up yearning to go to work in my last job. However, there are reasons for my departure.

Yesterday was exciting, went to catch a movie with CutieAz. We wanted to catch 10,000 BC but it was fully booked. I mean, its been so long since the movie screened but on a Sunday... it still is fully booked. Amazing.

So we wanted to catch Ah Long. Again, fully booked. We ended up with Be Kind, Rewind. A movie by Jack Black and Def Mos. Believe me, it was absurd and really crazy. Translates to not a very good movie. I mean, it was funny and all... but still... a sucky movie.

After that, we went to Paddington. My yummy comfort food. Would love to write more but work calls. Just filling up some updates before you guys get bored.
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March 24, 2008


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