Tuesday, March 11, 2008

.11th March today.

a couple of days ago, i lost someone precious to me. I might never see her again but I hope she's happy at whereever she is. irregardless of whoever that's taking care of her.

i hope she's happy.
i hope she's being treated good.
i hope she's getting what she wants.

most of all, i hope one day she'll come back. i really do.

work has not been fruitful lately. i've been procrastinating and missing out some stuffs. buts its all still manageable. what i'm missing is the no worries i had in my previous work. the burdenless agenda and workstyle. i wish life was easier than this.

lalalala kerja. bosan dengan kerja.

my new ride is beeing a joy to me. i love it to bits. wish i had more to offer her than she has to offer me. *-^

anyway, the future of Penang looks different. i'll stay tuned on its progress. to see how stuff works out.

this has been a lovely rant. logging in from a cafe trying to finish up some work.

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