.my job position.

in my line of work, there are a few things still i have to adapt with and improve on...

number one, the absolute power of being the boss without supervision of upper management. believe me, i love this part. for example, i walked out to lunch today without telling any of my staff. eat that shit biatches. then i farted a good half an hour in 7-eleven. i even bought them some snacks (worth rm 2.80) to show how nonchalant i can be about skipping half an hours of work. now look who's the boss!

number two would be getting whacked by ninja-looking paying clients. they come in stealthily and complain about us. i try to counterattack by hiding in my room with my blinds all down. they spew loud words making it hard for me to ignore. i put on my earphones and play some "smack that". Eat that shit ninjas.

number three, getting scolded again by kungfu fighting malay and chinese customers. i listen to their mumble on the phone and say "yes" to every word hoping they'd get off and let me continue. usually its petty but sometimes i'd promise them i'd come out with a solution only to ignore them by month end. they never fail to forget.

number four, sitting alone in a room assuming a role of position when all i do is scour the net for porn and write this dumb blog. i try to counter this dilemma by making myself go out more often and having longer lunch time as well as the occasional napping. Now I think i'm porn free.

well, i guess i'm coping with my job scope pretty well. i'm definitely improving albeit at the price of productivity. one day, ppl will worship me for my 1337 management and customer relation skills.
March 25, 2008


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