.review of Suzuki Swift.

i think this post has long been overdue. my car has clocked like 4000+ kilometres and i can safely say whatever it is i need to experience or know about my car can be deduced by now.

first of all, many of you know me and know that i've changed my ride. yeah, i no longer hold the nissan b16 true to my heart. after the fiasco with my sleeping and banging agenda... who could've.

read more about my fuckup here and here.

also, my previous review of the nissan sentra can be viewed here.

now let's begin. first of all, my ride. after the nissan fiasco i've purchased a Suzuki Swift. Yes, the tiny puny little babe magnet. probably because i think it looks good. but most malaysians would prefer a big car. we tend to get the space vs price ratio comparison. if i wanted a big cheap car, i would've gotten the avanza or the latio or even the city or vios. this is not to say that they're not good but i've had enough of people complaining about the size of my car. don't start please.

the price of the car is roughly 72k including insurance. since then, i've added quite a few mods to my car. i'm not proud of my spending habits but i sure am damn proud of my car. i love it to bits and pieces. yeah, 72k is expensive for a hatchback. i wonder how suzuki managed to con me out of it when a comparable myvi would cost 20k less. it would be many years of fuel savings... believe me, i've counted. the 5 door mini vehicle is 90% imported from japan but locally assembled. when i bought it, the only parts made in malaysia are the glasses and the battery, many have changed since then. the new facelifted swift has 40% local parts. take my percentage with a grain of salt. it definitely is not accurate.

one thing that really stroke my fancy is the design of the car. i'm always a sucker for everything nice and the suzuki swift just screams mini cooper with touches of elegance. interior cannot compare to the mini cooper but the exterior could definitely match this BMW Cooper beast.

Suzuki Swift is designed based on the S2 concept and most concept and production cars differ to a certain amount. however, the level of similarity between the s2 and the swift is astounding.

the Suzuki is cooperating with Monster-sport for their design and tuning. Kinda like BMW with AMG, Honda with Mugen.. the Suzuki has Monster along with some mods from GReddy also SunLineRacing.

I must admit, the design of the Monster GT Wing CF Spoiler, CF Bonnet, Front and Rear Add On Lip for the Suzuki Swift Sport is really superb. I also like the GReddy kit. The Sunline... is not to my fancy.

Ok, enough about exteriors, I can go on and on about it. The interior. The vehicle comes with 6 speakers, one built in Anti-Thief Head Unit (MP3 and WMA compatible) and a nice fuel consumption per km meter. Basically, the basics are all there, maybe some more. But the design leaves much space for improvement.

In terms of power and handling, the original Swift comes with less low-range torque as well as weak pick-up. However, this can be compensated with aftermarket Plug cables and Sparks. Also, remember to tune it with Tech2, it really improves your pickup. FC might suffer a bit.

Handling is superb. Its one of the main selling points of the Swift and loses only slightly to a Cooper's Go-Kart Like handling. The true power of a Swift can only be unleashed on winding roads. But please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Overall, I do love my mini car. I cant compare it to the Mini Cooper but the 1.5A Suzuki Swift really gets me where I need to. At least I don't have to worry about it getting the occasional workshop visit like my previous Sentra. *-^

March 20, 2008


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