Thursday, May 31, 2007

.leah dizon.

well, it's been a long time since i posted any hot chick of the week/month or anything. but my friend here introduced me to someone worth a mention. she's a hot chick, a model, an actress, a presenter and a singer (what more can you ask for?).

Full Name: Leah Donna Dizon (リア・ディゾン)
Date of Birth: 09/24/1986
Birth Place/Hometown: Las Vegas, NV/Hollywood, CA
Birth Sign: Libra; Tiger
Favorite Food: kimchi, yakiniku, fruits and vegetables, spicy food, pho
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Measurements: 34B-25-36
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Dress: 4
Shoe: 6-7
Now, for the pictures :

more info about this chick can be found here : wiki and official website.

Check out her MTV in yuotube.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

.HSBC fucks customers.

HSBC's a bitch.

I applied for a HSBC card after getting their grad pack account in Bagan Luar's Branch, Butterworth. But as a corporate entity of such huge proportions, i never thought their operational standards were far below the standard of a lowlife stall.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) is a very well known company and I was proud to be signed up as a HSBC user although i'm paying a premium price for their services, I wouldn't really mind because their reputation has always preceded them.

However, I received a phone call yesterday regretting that I ever applied for a HSBC credit card. It was to my utmost disgust that HSBC could support such operational standards.

After submitting my application for a credit card, I received a phone call two weeks later asking whether I've received the card. assuming that it was a part of HSBC's customer service survey.. I said no and a week later, they called again. Such concern and customer care was astounding but uncalled for. However, I still replied not yet.

Last saturday, I went to the post office to pick up my credit card and come Monday, I received a phone call from the same girl again. She said according to her records, it was written that I've received my card.

I said yes, I've received it.

Then she proceeded to say that she was going to send an additional card. She restated my house number and my office number and she has all my details. However, I got curious when she asked about my credit card number. So, I asked her which branch is she calling from. She told me that she's from a global network responsible for getting our supplementary cards out. she asked me for my details like my latest phone number and whether i need it sent to my current address. I said, yes.

Then, she started talking more and more and I forgot which part of it that I started getting curious and noticing that something was wrong but I sensed something amiss a couple of times. That's when I grilled her again, asking her whether she's from HSBC itself. She said no, she's from something called sommerset card or something and whenever i make a purchase, i get 30% discount and booking hotels can be made through them and i'm entitled to 30% discount that way too.

needless to say, i... really, sincerely thought it was an additional service by HSBC at first but after her explanation.. I started getting more curious and asked her whether i need to pay..

"No, sir.. for the card, there are no monthly or yearly fees.... you just have to pay a one time processing fee of 400++"

i was screwed up beyond all recognition and believe me, saying my head was burning up like fire is an understatement.

"no, i don't want and don't need your service. Cut my name out of your calls or your list NOW. I do not want to see this charge in my credit card bill or i will sue your company and you."

she explained that it will be a loss if i don't grab it.

i said "i don't think it's my loss but thank you. bye bye"

i doubt i could've been duped into giving out my account number and whatsoever if it wasn't because she knew sooo much of my registration details. and unless HSBC has a hearing device or camera rigged in their premises, I can safely confirm that somewhere during the operations in HSBC's internal structure.. someone SOLD my fucking details to this conniving card company.

and as a fucked up HSBC customer, i am really pissed off. TO what extent do they have the rights to disclose my personal particulars to OTHER companies? and what the fuck is the company's integrity like? do they even have common sense to utilize integrity in their dealings?

seriously, I'm royally pissed off.

HSBC, you may know how to adapt to different cultures, but you're a fucked up company with lack of integrity.

updated : 31st May 2007

a friend of mine called and told me that I should submit this to the appropriate authorities, as in someone in HSBC. but i don't know who to revert to. any ideas?

Monday, May 28, 2007

.red faced monkey ass pissed.

royally pissed off right now. just got off the phone. will blog about it tomorrow.

beware, corporate world, it's your freaking mistake.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Leaving someone, someplace and something is hard. it means we are leaving the things we are accustomed to and the things which matter to us. relationships, friendships, the kind of comfort you get knowing what you'll be doing and what you'll be getting at the end of the day.

i've had people leave and think that we'll be forever friends, forever in touch. i mean, with the advances of technology.. namely internet and handphones, it is possible to remain friends and to get your friend with the touch of a few buttons. but it's not the same anymore right?

not being together, having a kinda face to face conversation makes a difference. and it really takes effort to deliberately schedule a meeting to catch up.

yesterday, we say bye to this minah comel.
(picture taken with w810 at my cubicle)

i wish you all the best of luck in future undertakings, relationships, work and LIFE.

p/s: a year ago, i bought a new handphone... the new motorola v3i. i was totally in love with it.
p/p/s: two years ago, i just knew that son of a bitch tofuny has a gf , bumbleelay who's also my friend.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

.car maintenance.

i was driving along the Penang bridge today when my car jerked on me. (not jerking off jerk but as in stalled and moved again kinda jerk) and at that particular moment, god gave me a vision, a vision so vivid that i can relate it point to point.

'A relationship is like a car'

You see, it doesn't matter what kind of car you get, and every car is different for everyone. some people look at a car as if its the most beautiful piece of machinery in the world but others might view it as the ugliest piece of shit in the world. same goes for a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

and some doesn't get it for the looks, some get it for the comfort. and you buy the car based on the outlooks first cause no matter what you've read or heard about it from other people, it all comes down to personal experience. But those who go for the average will surely find something discomforting, like the bonnet (bum), the lights (eye), the bulky body (no need to describe)... for the perfect cars, you scrape and fight in hell to earn them.. or you can just get really lucky in life.
Once you get your car, you feel happy and excited right? but problems crop up after some time. it always does, never fails. and you only get to REALLY know the interior once you've bought it. how it works, which buttons are fragile, the machinery, the position of the seat might irk you, the radio needs a new antenna... and so on so forth.

same as a relationship with a new partner.

but the one thing every relationship and a car needs is maintenance. if you don't take care of it, it will always break down. and no matter how long you've used it, if you don't maintain it, you'll always find that it's going to break down.

small problems arise and if it's not fixed asap, bigger problems will crop up. sound familiar?
it doesn't matter how long you've known the car, 10 days, 10 years, it's all the same.

but its kinda weird that after using the car for 10 years, you find that it's not compatible with you. don't you like find it out after the first year or something? maybe we just chose to ignore it.

the secret to staying in love is falling in love everyday.

ps: ever notice the rarest cars or the perfect cars like BMW, or a Merc are usually owned by old fags. same goes for....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

.the Kuching experience.

sometimes i believe pictures really express better than words. so in order to show you all how good of a time i had in Kuching.. i'll just let the pictures do the talking... and not to mention the fact that i'm lazy. ;p
special shoutout goes to leenMafia for being such a wonderful host!

yeah, we went to SOHO.. before that we stopped by at Bing! and Tom's. After having dinner at Tom's we went to Bing! to have coffee and Samantha was jumping jolly over her cookies. she had like.. i think 4 miniscule size cookies and she was singing all the way and taking camwhore pictures of cookies. if the cookies can pose, it would've ran out of poses.

and then there's aaron who's talking and talking all the time (he also takes kick ass pictures as said by Sam and confessed by himself). also ivan who's like the drunken master (drank one heineken and he's crazily boppy). aileen, the gang-getter and theresa. for some reason, some of her friends called her XXX and it kinda stuck in my head for the first few hours... until i make a conscious decision to change it. now i just call her theresa. hehe.


had a blast in Kuching. thanks to Aileen and her bunch of crazy friends namely, sam, irene, sandra, joyce, theresa, clement, ivan and aaron. will post pictures and what nots later.

maybe tonight. been having a tough time accessing the photoshop cause my bros been hogging the pc as if his arse is stuck to the computer chair... and his right hand is glued to the mouse.

i miss having vacations, i miss studying and having a life. i miss being young.
i also miss having no worries and lots of free time to blog. i used to blog because i had soo much fucking free time that i don't know what to do with it.

now i blog because i love creative writing. which is very much hindered in the writing process of my working arena.

c ya.

Friday, May 18, 2007

.i'm in love.

Her blonde hair looks different and as she wakes up from the white sheets in her room, i can't move my eyes away from her.

as i look into her eyes, something deep within my heart fluttered. she looked in front as if she was looking at me and for that moment when our eyes meet... i fell in love with her.

I'm in love with Gwen Stefani.

No kidding.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

.closing summary.

the scene in front of me is everchanging. i lie still but things are moving around me, propelling me forward.

i put my foot down. the images became a blur. i know i should stop the motion. i know my eyes are closing down on me.

but the desire to reach what i want is too high a motivation.

i cranked the volume up and swayed to the music. but it can't help. i'm still delusioning. my eyes are tired, they're closing.

and as i closed it, nothing happened.

it only happened when i opened it back. a large fat ass truck lay in front of me, inches from my front bumper. i slammed the brakes and swerved to the right. my whole life flashed before me. and it was over in just seconds.

the best summary comes from god, he summarizes your whole life in seconds.



Uncle AH?

my dog ran out and as i ran to chase it, a girl was chasing it too.. she was wondering whose dog it was.

i reached and hugged my dog.. holding it up.

she said "oh, this is uncle's dog"

uncle? wtf?

snobbish kid... hmmph.


Kuching Trip!

will be in Kuching tomorrow night. Flight departs at 9 pm.

Looking forward to it. Be back on Sunday. *-^

Saturday, May 12, 2007

.my angel.

basically i'm fucked.

i've been given a task of taking care of a child under my wing. that is, i'm supposed to be his/her guardian angel. i was informed of this a few days ago and i have been assigned a child that same day.

apart from showing dedication and all shit during working hours, now i also need to show care, encouragement and support to my child. truth be told, i can't give shit about another being unless i truly mean to. which makes me a fucked up guardian angel. but being new in this company.. i have to pretend. with all sincerity, it's hard putting a front face and caring for another human being.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


[4:37:12 PM] whackyYin says: im so hot...

[4:37:21 PM] jeemee says: wow.....

[4:37:30 PM] jeemee says: ur hot

[4:37:39 PM] whackyYin says: e....
[4:37:41 PM] whackyYin says: salah maksud..
[4:37:46 PM] whackyYin says: wan go mandi di...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


i'm emo right now. can't write anything except emo posts.

and i'm tired of being emo.

i just hope i have activities every night so that i can stop thinking of her.

in need to keep busy.

it's not easy climbing up after you've fallen into a deep hole.

but i still love her. i just need to love her more to let her go.

see... emo post again. fuck it lar.



10 CENTS need to be GONE!

there's a 10 cents coin lodged in the toilet bowl. been there since yesterday.

the way i see it, there are only a few limited ways it can be lost.

1. a foreign worker cleaning the bathroom will take it out by inserting his hand into the germ infected waters. all that just for 10 cents.

2. a malaysian worker will insert his hands to take it out from the toilet bowl. cause he's the one who dropped it and he doesn't want to pollute the water in Malaysia with lead. (who else in their right fucking mind would do it for 10 cents?)

3. a really powerful flush along with hardened shit will sweep it up and down into the shit tank.

4. it will dissolve into powder after 10,000 years (maybe more).

5. someone who excreted sticky shit will cause the coin to lodge itself into the pile of shit and be flushed along with the pile of shit.

/end of possibilities/
perodua myvi replacement model, the Perodua Viva
is this the viva? looks like shit (imho).

get someone creative and GOOD. i'm beginning to hate Proton and Perodua's R&D.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

.definition of yenloo.

yenloo (n.)

1. A state of slow perception towards surrounding events or information.
2. A person who has slow processing capability.

1. similar to blur


Example :
brad : "I heard jane is getting married"

beck : "yeah, to kelvin"

miranda : "he's such a hunk"

kelly : "oh, man look at his biceps"

brad : "where will the wedding be?"

simplySue (defendant / accused): "who's wedding?"

jeemee (plaintiff): "OMG, you're turning into a yenloo" or "you're such a yenloo"

Monday, May 7, 2007

.spiderman 3 parody.

in light of my fracas regarding Spiderman 3 here... it didn't turn out that great. However, as always.. i love Tim Buckley and his rendition of Spiderman 3 here. Long Live CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

.Toraya Japanese Restaurant.

as promised... photos from my sushi buffet at Toraya Japanese Restaurant.

Actual address is : 690, MK13, JLN Tok Kangar, Juru, 14000 B.M. (1km from Auto city)
For reservation, call 04-5079116.
Total Cost: RM39.90 excluding tax (10% service and 5% gov)

i went to willy's blog and i came across this post.

I watched musics and lyrics a long time ago. and i think it was because we can't book the original movie we wanted to watch, so musics and lyrics was kinda a substitute movie.

but guess what? the substitute turned out great too.

from the movie "musics and lyircs", POP - Goes My Heart.
Hugh Grant was hilarious as an 80s Star in this movie.

the soundtrack of this movie, "Way Back Into Love" was good too. a little bit pop-py, but ok.

if you haven't watched it, it's not exactly mind blowing. just a normal feel good chick flick. i would recommend it for a light watch.

p/s: a year ago, i was leaving Skudai & JB... for good. and as much as I love Penang now... I still miss some of Skudai & JB.

p/p/s : two years ago, i had a typo on my title. it was supposed to say "i !#$%$ hate blogger" not friendster. i was still a young angry boy then. i still am a boy.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

.job description?

i wonder what i'm gonna put in "job description" for my next resume?

i don't think i'm ever gonna be able to explain what i'm working as.
it's hard. i've had two person asking me the same question today. "what's your job?" and "what do you do exactly?".

i mean, it's not a really hard question. just a straightforward simple question which might take a 12 year old 5 seconds to answer. but to me, it's much harder. due to the nature of my job, i can't disclose the clients and profiles i've attended to. so i can't provide examples. all i can say is .. "i do researches on companies. reputational background checks."

i know a lot of people would still be going.. "huh?" but that's as much as i can disclose. and my company? i don't even want to disclose the name on the Internet. why? cause we do internet searches everyday and we're damn good in getting stuff out of the internet. espcially negative articles. and putting the company name in my blog is just too close for comfort.


i sooo miss sushi. gonna go to a sushi buffet later. i'm buying. well, maybe me and bro. *-^

will post pictures and what nots tomorrow (or later... who knows).

also, i want to go get some kickass ice cream. maybe another earthquake from Swensens...
comfort food is always comforting.

p/s : my car is back from the workshop. costs a whopping RM 360. repairs for my Nissan front left signal light and front bumper.

p/p/s : i never knew i would miss my car soooo much. getting it back today was a HUGE relief.

Friday, May 4, 2007

.prima facie.

a very classic example of how looks can be deceiving is wonderfully portrayed by my fellow friend, jollyYeap. He, for one is a classic example of how looks can be soo deceiving that even the best of friends cannot put two and two together.

Innocent jollyYeap? right........

simplySue : I think you and sillySeng corrupted jollyYeap's mind.

mee : .................... OMFG? WTF are you talking about? don't you know jollyYeap? I mean, how long have you been friends with him? do you not know his dark side? How can you say such a thing?

simplySue : izzit? well, i think i've only heard him curse like... once. that was also after form 5.

mee : so, in the 10 years and more that you've known him... you've not heard him curse more than once? i hear him curse more than once in one freaking sentence.

see? show's how gullible people can be. just because he doesn't curse, doesn't mean he's as innocent as a young baby. even if he's a baby, he's a baby milking a tit from another bitch.


also, TackyTan (actual nickname has been masked in order to protect the identity of this individual) got me to do something totally absurd.. come to think of it... i feel like a fool explaining it to her that time. i wonder how people in tech support handle these stuffs.

(incoming message)
TackyTan : i've connected my LAN cable but it still won't work. help me?

i stopped whatever i was doing halfway.. which was actually having supper and called her.
mee : ok... have you set up a network connection?

TackyTan : hah?

mee : ok, go to your control panel. got in?

TackyTan : yes.. in.

mee : can you see the network connections icon?

TackyTan : yes.. click it?

mee : yeah, now.. i think you're supposed to see a few options... urm.. i forgot what it is. maybe i should call you back later when i'm in front of the PC. it will be better.

TackyTan : ok.

fast forward a few minutes later.

(incoming message)
TackyTan : Oh, can work ady. Forgot to turn ON the router.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

.diabetic on the way.

Let me see now, in 4 hours, I have finished 6 sticks of chewing gum, one stick of mentos, half a stick of polo and maybe a couple of vita-c menthos.

How can I NOT get diabetes by 30?

I have a sweet tooth, shoot me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

.changing the past.

there are so many things which happened in the past that we regretted today. we wish we could change the outcome of so many events. if we have one opportunity to go back in time and change something, there wouldn't be enough opportunities to make it all "right" again.

for so long, we just mow down with regret wishing that we have the courage to take the step that will change us, for better or for worse.. nobody knows. but it's not just about changing that matters, we all change.. every bad experience makes us wiser for the future and every good decision makes us happier for the future.

however, if we do not embrace change, nothing will change. not us, not the event, not our life, not even our future. we stay stagnant. holding on to the things that make us safe.

and as good as that sound, we won't be safe for long you know. people change. events evolve. they don't revolve around you, we revolve around them.

there are so many things in the past i wished i could change. but i wouldn't trade it up for another life of no regrets. regrets are what makes us stronger, wiser and better.

i was sitting at the table and this lady came by accompanying two girls. one is severely disfigured, the other is walking without an ounce of expression. she came by our table and mumbled some words i couldn't hear.

we just disregarded her, like she was some lowlife beggar. like the person who passed us selling those lottery tickets.

and as she passes us by, i felt a tinge of regret. regret for not showing the compassion she might need from people like us. regret for not even showing an ounce of care. the disfigured girl walking, she might just be a propaganda by the lady for donations but it takes a young girl great courage to walk in a state of that disfigurement.

this is one past i wish i could change but since i know better than to change the past, i prepare for the future.

if i ever see them again, i'd give them some money, tell the lady that what she's doing is a great thing and tell the little girls that everything will be alright.

i won't know for sure but a beam of hope is better than a room of darkness.

original image from here.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

.spiderman 3.

spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3. spiderman 3.

eat spiderman, drink spiderman, sleep spiderman, watch spiderman.
6.15 babes. 6.15. can't wait. OMFG... meletup!

it's gonna be awesome. go watch it yourself! go! go! go! and also.. clubhitz this Friday at Slippery Senoritas.

p/s: a year ago, i was sick of graduation and people asking me the same questions. guess i can now relate to what whackyYin feels.

p/p/s: two years ago, i was still making practical grades and complaining about how bitchy it is. but it was almost over.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...