.prima facie.

a very classic example of how looks can be deceiving is wonderfully portrayed by my fellow friend, jollyYeap. He, for one is a classic example of how looks can be soo deceiving that even the best of friends cannot put two and two together.

Innocent jollyYeap? right........

simplySue : I think you and sillySeng corrupted jollyYeap's mind.

mee : .................... OMFG? WTF are you talking about? don't you know jollyYeap? I mean, how long have you been friends with him? do you not know his dark side? How can you say such a thing?

simplySue : izzit? well, i think i've only heard him curse like... once. that was also after form 5.

mee : so, in the 10 years and more that you've known him... you've not heard him curse more than once? i hear him curse more than once in one freaking sentence.

see? show's how gullible people can be. just because he doesn't curse, doesn't mean he's as innocent as a young baby. even if he's a baby, he's a baby milking a tit from another bitch.


also, TackyTan (actual nickname has been masked in order to protect the identity of this individual) got me to do something totally absurd.. come to think of it... i feel like a fool explaining it to her that time. i wonder how people in tech support handle these stuffs.

(incoming message)
TackyTan : i've connected my LAN cable but it still won't work. help me?

i stopped whatever i was doing halfway.. which was actually having supper and called her.
mee : ok... have you set up a network connection?

TackyTan : hah?

mee : ok, go to your control panel. got in?

TackyTan : yes.. in.

mee : can you see the network connections icon?

TackyTan : yes.. click it?

mee : yeah, now.. i think you're supposed to see a few options... urm.. i forgot what it is. maybe i should call you back later when i'm in front of the PC. it will be better.

TackyTan : ok.

fast forward a few minutes later.

(incoming message)
TackyTan : Oh, can work ady. Forgot to turn ON the router.

May 4, 2007


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