.closing summary.

the scene in front of me is everchanging. i lie still but things are moving around me, propelling me forward.

i put my foot down. the images became a blur. i know i should stop the motion. i know my eyes are closing down on me.

but the desire to reach what i want is too high a motivation.

i cranked the volume up and swayed to the music. but it can't help. i'm still delusioning. my eyes are tired, they're closing.

and as i closed it, nothing happened.

it only happened when i opened it back. a large fat ass truck lay in front of me, inches from my front bumper. i slammed the brakes and swerved to the right. my whole life flashed before me. and it was over in just seconds.

the best summary comes from god, he summarizes your whole life in seconds.



Uncle AH?

my dog ran out and as i ran to chase it, a girl was chasing it too.. she was wondering whose dog it was.

i reached and hugged my dog.. holding it up.

she said "oh, this is uncle's dog"

uncle? wtf?

snobbish kid... hmmph.


Kuching Trip!

will be in Kuching tomorrow night. Flight departs at 9 pm.

Looking forward to it. Be back on Sunday. *-^
daily dose
May 17, 2007


Anonymous said…
let's meet up. But I cant drive u around. Hshahha. gimme a call.
Anonymous said…
let's do!


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