Saturday, May 12, 2007

.my angel.

basically i'm fucked.

i've been given a task of taking care of a child under my wing. that is, i'm supposed to be his/her guardian angel. i was informed of this a few days ago and i have been assigned a child that same day.

apart from showing dedication and all shit during working hours, now i also need to show care, encouragement and support to my child. truth be told, i can't give shit about another being unless i truly mean to. which makes me a fucked up guardian angel. but being new in this company.. i have to pretend. with all sincerity, it's hard putting a front face and caring for another human being.


leenmafia said...

You had a baby?

J!MMY said...

are you feigning ignorance or is this authentic? i can never tell with you.. haha.

nah, a colleague is the child. i'm supposed to show care and what not to him/her in this duration.

leenmafia said...

Omg. I read your first sentence and went WTF. You know me better than I thought. HAHAHHA

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