i'm emo right now. can't write anything except emo posts.

and i'm tired of being emo.

i just hope i have activities every night so that i can stop thinking of her.

in need to keep busy.

it's not easy climbing up after you've fallen into a deep hole.

but i still love her. i just need to love her more to let her go.

see... emo post again. fuck it lar.



10 CENTS need to be GONE!

there's a 10 cents coin lodged in the toilet bowl. been there since yesterday.

the way i see it, there are only a few limited ways it can be lost.

1. a foreign worker cleaning the bathroom will take it out by inserting his hand into the germ infected waters. all that just for 10 cents.

2. a malaysian worker will insert his hands to take it out from the toilet bowl. cause he's the one who dropped it and he doesn't want to pollute the water in Malaysia with lead. (who else in their right fucking mind would do it for 10 cents?)

3. a really powerful flush along with hardened shit will sweep it up and down into the shit tank.

4. it will dissolve into powder after 10,000 years (maybe more).

5. someone who excreted sticky shit will cause the coin to lodge itself into the pile of shit and be flushed along with the pile of shit.

/end of possibilities/
perodua myvi replacement model, the Perodua Viva
is this the viva? looks like shit (imho).

get someone creative and GOOD. i'm beginning to hate Proton and Perodua's R&D.
May 9, 2007


Anonymous said…
i think it's kancil replacement than myvi.

Jimmy Ang said…
according to sources, it's both.

but i dunno.
Anonymous said…
I think the designers are some 10 year olds who scribbled on paper and showed it to their rich daddies who then ordered for the car to be produced.
Jimmy Ang said…
ouch! that is sooo gonna hurt the R&D department in Perodua... sooo gonna hurt.


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