.car maintenance.

i was driving along the Penang bridge today when my car jerked on me. (not jerking off jerk but as in stalled and moved again kinda jerk) and at that particular moment, god gave me a vision, a vision so vivid that i can relate it point to point.

'A relationship is like a car'

You see, it doesn't matter what kind of car you get, and every car is different for everyone. some people look at a car as if its the most beautiful piece of machinery in the world but others might view it as the ugliest piece of shit in the world. same goes for a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

and some doesn't get it for the looks, some get it for the comfort. and you buy the car based on the outlooks first cause no matter what you've read or heard about it from other people, it all comes down to personal experience. But those who go for the average will surely find something discomforting, like the bonnet (bum), the lights (eye), the bulky body (no need to describe)... for the perfect cars, you scrape and fight in hell to earn them.. or you can just get really lucky in life.
Once you get your car, you feel happy and excited right? but problems crop up after some time. it always does, never fails. and you only get to REALLY know the interior once you've bought it. how it works, which buttons are fragile, the machinery, the position of the seat might irk you, the radio needs a new antenna... and so on so forth.

same as a relationship with a new partner.

but the one thing every relationship and a car needs is maintenance. if you don't take care of it, it will always break down. and no matter how long you've used it, if you don't maintain it, you'll always find that it's going to break down.

small problems arise and if it's not fixed asap, bigger problems will crop up. sound familiar?
it doesn't matter how long you've known the car, 10 days, 10 years, it's all the same.

but its kinda weird that after using the car for 10 years, you find that it's not compatible with you. don't you like find it out after the first year or something? maybe we just chose to ignore it.

the secret to staying in love is falling in love everyday.

ps: ever notice the rarest cars or the perfect cars like BMW, or a Merc are usually owned by old fags. same goes for....
May 24, 2007


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