had a blast in Kuching. thanks to Aileen and her bunch of crazy friends namely, sam, irene, sandra, joyce, theresa, clement, ivan and aaron. will post pictures and what nots later.

maybe tonight. been having a tough time accessing the photoshop cause my bros been hogging the pc as if his arse is stuck to the computer chair... and his right hand is glued to the mouse.

i miss having vacations, i miss studying and having a life. i miss being young.
i also miss having no worries and lots of free time to blog. i used to blog because i had soo much fucking free time that i don't know what to do with it.

now i blog because i love creative writing. which is very much hindered in the writing process of my working arena.

c ya.
daily dose
May 22, 2007


Anonymous said…
hey. found you ;)
Jimmy Ang said…
with a comment like that... one can never come out with a witty reply. but.. here's a try:

i found you first. ;)


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