.HSBC fucks customers.

HSBC's a bitch.

I applied for a HSBC card after getting their grad pack account in Bagan Luar's Branch, Butterworth. But as a corporate entity of such huge proportions, i never thought their operational standards were far below the standard of a lowlife stall.

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) is a very well known company and I was proud to be signed up as a HSBC user although i'm paying a premium price for their services, I wouldn't really mind because their reputation has always preceded them.

However, I received a phone call yesterday regretting that I ever applied for a HSBC credit card. It was to my utmost disgust that HSBC could support such operational standards.

After submitting my application for a credit card, I received a phone call two weeks later asking whether I've received the card. assuming that it was a part of HSBC's customer service survey.. I said no and a week later, they called again. Such concern and customer care was astounding but uncalled for. However, I still replied not yet.

Last saturday, I went to the post office to pick up my credit card and come Monday, I received a phone call from the same girl again. She said according to her records, it was written that I've received my card.

I said yes, I've received it.

Then she proceeded to say that she was going to send an additional card. She restated my house number and my office number and she has all my details. However, I got curious when she asked about my credit card number. So, I asked her which branch is she calling from. She told me that she's from a global network responsible for getting our supplementary cards out. she asked me for my details like my latest phone number and whether i need it sent to my current address. I said, yes.

Then, she started talking more and more and I forgot which part of it that I started getting curious and noticing that something was wrong but I sensed something amiss a couple of times. That's when I grilled her again, asking her whether she's from HSBC itself. She said no, she's from something called sommerset card or something and whenever i make a purchase, i get 30% discount and booking hotels can be made through them and i'm entitled to 30% discount that way too.

needless to say, i... really, sincerely thought it was an additional service by HSBC at first but after her explanation.. I started getting more curious and asked her whether i need to pay..

"No, sir.. for the card, there are no monthly or yearly fees.... you just have to pay a one time processing fee of 400++"

i was screwed up beyond all recognition and believe me, saying my head was burning up like fire is an understatement.

"no, i don't want and don't need your service. Cut my name out of your calls or your list NOW. I do not want to see this charge in my credit card bill or i will sue your company and you."

she explained that it will be a loss if i don't grab it.

i said "i don't think it's my loss but thank you. bye bye"

i doubt i could've been duped into giving out my account number and whatsoever if it wasn't because she knew sooo much of my registration details. and unless HSBC has a hearing device or camera rigged in their premises, I can safely confirm that somewhere during the operations in HSBC's internal structure.. someone SOLD my fucking details to this conniving card company.

and as a fucked up HSBC customer, i am really pissed off. TO what extent do they have the rights to disclose my personal particulars to OTHER companies? and what the fuck is the company's integrity like? do they even have common sense to utilize integrity in their dealings?

seriously, I'm royally pissed off.

HSBC, you may know how to adapt to different cultures, but you're a fucked up company with lack of integrity.

updated : 31st May 2007

a friend of mine called and told me that I should submit this to the appropriate authorities, as in someone in HSBC. but i don't know who to revert to. any ideas?
fuck ups
May 29, 2007


Anonymous said…
wow, you really should be pissed off. I know I would! HSBC....shame on you. Now we know....
Anonymous said…
my fren kena b4. luckily i told her to not disclose any info. hw can we just divulge such sensitive info to these ppl goin round as if they're from the bank.
Jimmy Ang said…
marsha : yeah, you would've been pissed off too right?

iva: they're all over the place. these bastards. your fren was lucky.
Jimmy Ang said…
has anyone been duped by this method? do you have the details of your encounter? if yes, can you share it with us?

HSBC just called and we're looking to nab the freaking culprit.


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