Tuesday, September 30, 2008

.rindu JB.

sudah pukul 6.45. kami berempat bergegas ke pasar ramadhan TAT. tempat ini walaupun tidak besar tapi ada banyak pilihan juga.

sudah banyak tahun kami tidak ke pasar ramadhan. takut orang kata,
"orang berpuasa nak beli makanan, budak budak ini pun datang kacau jugak"

banyak sungguh pilihan di sini. tetapi aku masih ingat suasana di taman universiti, Johor. pilihan sana lagi best. tapi apa nak buat, terpaksa aku berpuas dengan benda ala kadar di sini.

kami berjalan sampai berpisah sebab pilihan kami berbeza, dari laksa ke kebab, semua kami nak cilok. kalau boleh, satu pasar tu kami bawa balik rumah makan.

sampai di akhir jalan. aku ngan JollyYeap terjumpa gerai otak-otak JB. Aturannya panjang, tapi kami tak kisah. Kami pesan jugak, walaupun menunggu setengah jam pun kami oright.

sambil menunggu, kami duduk mengenang kehidupan di JB. walaupun masa di JB kami bosan, diingatkan balik, banyak benda yang telah kami lalui di sana. dan banyak lagi benda yang kami rindukan di sana.

rindu kat nasi lemak dan keropok lekor depan balai polis tmn uni. rindu kat gerai yang jual roti "I love You". rindu kat Gerai beraneka dekat padang menara jam di JB (ikan bakar best). rindu kat restoran atas pokok. rindu kat rumah-rumah Pulai yang semuanya nampak semacam. juga rindu kat Jusco Tmn Uni.

tanpa disangka, kami dua anak lelaki macho ini nostalgic magic juga.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

.my handset history.

updates in my life.

bought new glasses, just cause i lost mine and i look like an idiot with the old one.

bought a new HP... some ppl who know me will go... "again?" but its long coming. my W810 is not dying yet on me but its starting to take its toll. When it comes down to things i get.. I usually go for beauty or design rather than substance.

My first HP was a Motorola. A big ass Motorola semi flip phone. I got it because I was stranded in the hospital and I needed a way to get in touch with the people outside. Mainly my parents. I was roughly in Form 4 that time. The public phone was available but its not really convenient.

kinda looked like the 2nd set on top

My second HP was a Motorola too. The Startac. It was the coolest HP I've ever owned. I felt like some sort of star just holding the thing (kidding, I wasn't that retarded).

I treasured it. I had it for a long time and at that time, we only used HPs to call. So, features were not a big issue unlike Motorola HPs now.

After the ordeal, I ventured into Nokia. The Nokia 3210 was the bomb at that time. It was extremely user friendly with one button navigation.

It fit into my trousers funny, this one.

Not long after my Nokia 3210, I went into University and PTPTN gave me my 8310.

much touted and much hyped but nothing much improved. I remember Tofuny and JumpyJJ having the same HP.

I lost them in a matter of days and had to revert to an older model but still yummy Nokia 8250.

I still think this was the HP that took Nokia to great heights. Its all in the design folks.

I lost the Nokia 8250 "Butterfly" too. Stolen by some idiot. Then I reverted back to an older model. The brickcase as some would call it. Nokia 3310. The father of all HPs. I remember every living uncle using this HP.

Then while staying in a hospital, it was stolen from my drawer along with my wallet. I was sleeping and the fucking shit just disappeared from my drawer table.

Every uncle in every kopitiam seemed like they own a 3310.

Not long after the lost, I got myself a Nokia 3610. I didn't lose this one and had it for the longest time in my university days.

Stupid interchangeable fascia prints which come to think of it, was the dumbest concept.

As soon as newer HPs come out I guess people weren't that interested in the old. Thus my NK3610 was never stolen "YAY!" Not long after, I traded them in for the awesome SE K700.

USE Navigational keypads dumbo! N.a.v.i.g.a.t.i.o.n.a.l not joysticks.

It was good. But it had its fault like the freaking joystick which died on me after a year.

I took it in for another Nokia, the NGage QD.

not a Gameboy not yet a HP. My playmate in classes. I failed tests because of this shit.

I played tons of games on this HP. Soccer, Spiderman... They were all Gameboy like. I loved it in boring classes.

But alas, it wasn't long before the V3 came out. I loved V3 but V3i was just too hard to resist. I fell to the dark force and submitted to Motorola again.

still yummy! but the icons were like from Windows 3.xx or Windows 98. Sucky, Ugly and Outdated.

The V3i was like a bimbo with no brains. It looks hot but the functions and all were dodgy and inferior compared to other makes in its price range. I was disappointed but I hold on to it cause it just looked damn sexy.

Then my bro got a new HP and I inherited his W810. Its 2.0 megapixels camera were superb. I fell in love with its dashing design and its functions. Not to mention its superb UI compared to the Motorola's sucky UI.

Now, I've made use of the myMaxis Phone Deal to get myself a new bimbo without brains. Back to the old drawing board guys. the Moto Razr2 V9 with 3.5G capabilities and a measly 2.0 MPX camera and no flash.

Should've gotten the C902 James Bond SE? But the V9 is like a bimbo! A hot chick... with not much of a thinking capability and an ugly persona. Hmmm... guess I'm narcissistic after all.

I still love flips.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


gua tidak tahu bagaimana topik kami boleh bertukar, tapi hakikatnya tetap tidak dapat diubah.

Isnin, 22 September 2008 pada pukul 10.03 malam, dua kawan gua sedang bercakap tentang jenis "kondom" yang digunakan. satu betina, satu jantan.

mereka bercakap tentang kegemaran dan kehebatan "kondom". hati gua terusik. jelas, gua tidak selesa bercakap tentang jenis "kondom" yang digunakan pada malam Isnin.

Mungkin kalau Sabtu, gua akan lebih aktif dalam topik ini.

"Aku suka "featherlite". Sebab bentuknya membujur dan merangkap anu anda." kata si Jantan itu.

gua terkilan. sebab si Jantan mengkaji "kondom" itu.

gua tidak. apa yang ada atas kaunter itu gua ambil saja.
gua tidak memilih, awek muda gua yang memilih.
kalau tidak suka pilihannya, malam itu dengan secara misteri, awek gua akan kena pelbagai penyakit.

kadang kala, gua rasa anu gua kena Queen Control.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Sickness is like an accident, it comes when you least expects it. it takes all your breath and leaves you wondering about the darkness which engulfs you.

People say the young ones are spared from sickness. The young ones are the strong ones. But when accident happens, it strikes us all how fragile life can be. It strikes us all how much strength we need in times like this. It strikes us all that age is no barrier, age is not an exception. it is simply a statistic.

In sickness comes pain. Pain is like the dark night. It passes by but it scares us nonetheless. It engulfs us and makes us do irrational things. Pain makes us change, it doesn't leave us with a choice... much like the dark night. It steals our courage, tests our patience and takes our pride.

Pain causes suffering. And suffering is like a thief. It changes us into something we're not. It takes away everything that we are, that we want to be. It takes away hope and love.

Sickness leaves us with nothing. Nothing to hope for, nothing to wish for, nothing to dream of.

Be brave, for braveness will take us through times of darkness
Be patient, for time will heal our hope.

And if it takes away someone close, someone we love. Be strong. Mourn for him. Then live life for him.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

.hari minggu.

aku tengok jam tangan aku, sudah pukul 3. bukan 3 petang, 3 pagi.

kami masih duduk di satu sudut. topik yang dibincangkan masih sama dengan tadi.

aku perasan ramai lagi yang masuk keluar. hari ini hari Sabtu, mungkin mereka baru balik dari kelab malam. dari pemakaian dan perwatakan mereka, aku rasa memang tepat tekaan aku.

aku tengok jam lagi, baru pukul 3.05 pagi.

agaknya masih lama lagi pagi ini. mata aku sudah berat.

walaupun penat dan sudah larut malam. kami enggan balik lagi. sebab esok Ahad, dan hari minggu memang berlalu dengan cepat. Kalau diikutkan hati, malam ini kami tak tidur lah.

Aku sedang bertanding dengan Pak Ronald tua depan kedai Macdonald ini. Dia boleh tahan tak tidur 24 jam, masakan aku akan kalah kepada dia?


Thursday, September 18, 2008


I wrote an email, the contents were:
Any news on this? We can arrange our meeting next Wednesday if its alright at your end.
I thought for 5 seconds and changed the content.
Any news on this? We can arrange our meeting next Wednesday if its alright with your schedule.
My phobia has not been cured. Anything related with "your end" seems to affect me. Damn government, damn media and damn sodomy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

.KL rendezvous.

thanks to HappyHunny, we had a blast @ Putrajaya.

the guard was coming, i had to start running. *-^ serious.

posing giler dua budak ni.

on another note: i'm sorry also, there will be no next time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

.balik dari KL.

aku sudah balik dari KL. menetap di midvalley.

HappyHunny berjumpa aku. dia semakin cantik dan putih. Mesti dia tonyeh Olay Natural White Radiance kat muka dia tiap tiap pagi. (mesti bangga giler betina ini)

kita bertemu dengan pakwenya, Cik Mee. Aku rasa nama tengah dia M untuk Maggi.

Cik Maggi Mee. Aku gelak sendiri, tak berani bersuara lantang.

Cik Mee gempal, sorry, the politically correct term is "Fit" (lawak aje HappyHunny, jangan marah ye.. tapi dia memang FIT)

anyway, aku masuk duduk kereta putih Myvi SE HappyHunny. Kereta dia penuh dengan barang Ikea, Topman, Adidas dan banyak lagi.

HappyHunny kurus, pendek tapi belanja macam puteri. Aku jeles.

Keesokan harinya, aku juga pergi Ikea. Aku juga beli bermacam-macam. Sah kereta HappyHunny ada jin Ikea. Kalau tidak, masakan aku akan berbelanja sampai tak cukup wang untuk makan minggu depan?

Mungkin minggu depan aku makan Maggi Mee saja.
Kalau aku jadi gempal kerana makan Maggi Mee... mungkinkah orang akan menggelar aku Encik Maggi Mee?

Dahsyat. Aku takut.

p/s: Lepas ini aku nak menang tiket Mamma Mia.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

.kenapa bahasa Jepun?

dah ramai yang tanya aku, kenapa tak ambil perancis? zimbabwe atau mandarin?

bukannya aku tak nak ambil mandarin tapi aku dah boleh bertutur dalam bahasa mandarin, tinggal membaca sahaja. pada aku, bukannya masalah besar sangat kalau tak boleh baca. yang paling penting kita dapat berkomunikasi. janji masa aku sesat dan nak cari tandas, dapat juga aku tanya.

gua bukannya peminat bahasa jepun sangat masa kecik sebab tak rasa bahasa dia best. kalau nak diikutkan, perancis lagi best... sampai bertindih tindih lidah aku dengar orang bertutur dalam bahasa perancis.

tapi aku masih ingat lagi bagai semalam kejadian itu. aku masih tingkatan 1 atau darjah enam masa itu.

kami tiga sekawan (nama mereka ditutupi untuk melindungi kemaluan mereka) pergi ke kedai video hongkong. masa tu, kedai video hongkong masih menyokong video VHS lagi. aku masih ingat aku mempunyai akaun dalam kedai video.

kecik kecik dah ada akaun video. aku rasa transaksi akaun video aku mengalahkan transaksi akaun bank aku.

gua tiga sekawan sampai di kedai video dan menyewa filem callgirl. masa itu, callgirl memang femes. kalau anda tak tahu, anda sah wanita, bukan lelaki.

kita bertiga berbasikal balik ke rumah. sampai dekat rumah, bukak tv, bukak VHS player.. layan filem callgirl.

terkejut babi tapi tak terkejut sangat. yang terkejut tu, 10 minit ke tengah, dubbing filem jepun keluar.

"amateur dubbers" fikir aku.

perempuan itu menjerit dalam bahasa jepun. gua tak pehem sepatah kata apa yang perempuan itu kata... tapi sejak hari itu, aku rasa memang sexi bahasa Jepun. Aku bertekad nak belajar.

nasib baik tak keluar filem aryan, russian, perancis, korean atau spanish selepas insiden itu. kalau tidak... jenuh aku nak belajar semua ini.

p/s: semalam happyHunny called. dia tanya pasal kenapa aku masuk hospital. aku kata sebab air mani sedang meleleh keluar dari skrotum aku yang tidak lagi kalis air menyebabkan aku mandul. kemudian kami berbincang lebih lanjut tentang kes ini ala House MD. lawak giler si betina ni.

p/s: sorry, itu filem Showgirls.. bukan Callgirls. Dah tua, tak puasa pulak tu. memori kureng.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

.tragedi lif.

hari ini hari rabu. aku sudah lupa. bergaru garu kepala aku tadi cuba mengingati harinya.

tapi tak dapat. aku lupa semalam hari apa. aku lupa esok hari apa.

gara gara tak banyak aktiviti kebelakangan ini. semakin lurus hari aku. dari bangun hingga tidur, hampir sama saja aktivitinya.

tapi hari ini aku nak ingat harinya.

sebab ada orang kentut dalam lif tadi.
busuk macam telur rebus.

kami bertiga masuk di tingkat 5 (parking)
dari tingkat 6 sudah terkentut.
aku nak ke tingkat 13 tapi keluar di tingkat 10 sbb tak tahan busuk.

kalaulah mereka tahu aku yang kentut. mesti malu.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

.puasa cubaan 1.

Gua cuba berpuasa hari ini. tak jadi atas alasan cuaca mendung. malas.

Gua cuba berpuasa semalam, tak jadi jugak sbb cuaca semalam dgn cuaca hari ini sama.

mungkin satu bulan cuaca mendung.

tak yah puasa. gua tunggu RAYA!

Monday, September 8, 2008

.tahukah anda.

tahukah anda kenapa aku tak berbelog sejak hari Jumaat lalu?

manakan nak blog? masuk hospital yang takde wifi.

kentut tak henti henti.

kesian jiran aku.

dah rosak hidung dia.


.cuti di Taiwan.

hari ini aku nampak ahli ahli MP UMNO nak pergi belajar berpolitik di Taiwan. Takde kena mengena ngan Sept 16 kata mereka...

Tapi mereka juga kata kerana tak sempat pergi ke China baru mereka pergi ke Taiwan?

Kenapa membabi buta mau cepat sangat?

aku tak pehe-pehem sangat.



Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail, bravo. you have shown us all how evolution has taken one step further.

you have your brain up your arse

it also seems like your members of supporters have lodged their brains up your arse also.

let us invade your arse and pillage that lump of useless lard out from your excretion hole.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

.linking ppl.

sweetSam left for US of A yesterday. i'm waiting for her new number. then can change her hp number from local to overseas. same like tofuny and some other friends who are either in SG or AUS.

somehow changing their hp number from local to some random overseas digit with plusses "+" in front will give us the illusion that we're still a button away. we're still connected.

but i've never called tofuny. don't think I will ever call sweetSam again in my life too.

nvm, she can boast about what a great time she had there through FB/blogs. I will be waiting.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...