.my handset history.

updates in my life.

bought new glasses, just cause i lost mine and i look like an idiot with the old one.

bought a new HP... some ppl who know me will go... "again?" but its long coming. my W810 is not dying yet on me but its starting to take its toll. When it comes down to things i get.. I usually go for beauty or design rather than substance.

My first HP was a Motorola. A big ass Motorola semi flip phone. I got it because I was stranded in the hospital and I needed a way to get in touch with the people outside. Mainly my parents. I was roughly in Form 4 that time. The public phone was available but its not really convenient.

kinda looked like the 2nd set on top

My second HP was a Motorola too. The Startac. It was the coolest HP I've ever owned. I felt like some sort of star just holding the thing (kidding, I wasn't that retarded).

I treasured it. I had it for a long time and at that time, we only used HPs to call. So, features were not a big issue unlike Motorola HPs now.

After the ordeal, I ventured into Nokia. The Nokia 3210 was the bomb at that time. It was extremely user friendly with one button navigation.

It fit into my trousers funny, this one.

Not long after my Nokia 3210, I went into University and PTPTN gave me my 8310.

much touted and much hyped but nothing much improved. I remember Tofuny and JumpyJJ having the same HP.

I lost them in a matter of days and had to revert to an older model but still yummy Nokia 8250.

I still think this was the HP that took Nokia to great heights. Its all in the design folks.

I lost the Nokia 8250 "Butterfly" too. Stolen by some idiot. Then I reverted back to an older model. The brickcase as some would call it. Nokia 3310. The father of all HPs. I remember every living uncle using this HP.

Then while staying in a hospital, it was stolen from my drawer along with my wallet. I was sleeping and the fucking shit just disappeared from my drawer table.

Every uncle in every kopitiam seemed like they own a 3310.

Not long after the lost, I got myself a Nokia 3610. I didn't lose this one and had it for the longest time in my university days.

Stupid interchangeable fascia prints which come to think of it, was the dumbest concept.

As soon as newer HPs come out I guess people weren't that interested in the old. Thus my NK3610 was never stolen "YAY!" Not long after, I traded them in for the awesome SE K700.

USE Navigational keypads dumbo! N.a.v.i.g.a.t.i.o.n.a.l not joysticks.

It was good. But it had its fault like the freaking joystick which died on me after a year.

I took it in for another Nokia, the NGage QD.

not a Gameboy not yet a HP. My playmate in classes. I failed tests because of this shit.

I played tons of games on this HP. Soccer, Spiderman... They were all Gameboy like. I loved it in boring classes.

But alas, it wasn't long before the V3 came out. I loved V3 but V3i was just too hard to resist. I fell to the dark force and submitted to Motorola again.

still yummy! but the icons were like from Windows 3.xx or Windows 98. Sucky, Ugly and Outdated.

The V3i was like a bimbo with no brains. It looks hot but the functions and all were dodgy and inferior compared to other makes in its price range. I was disappointed but I hold on to it cause it just looked damn sexy.

Then my bro got a new HP and I inherited his W810. Its 2.0 megapixels camera were superb. I fell in love with its dashing design and its functions. Not to mention its superb UI compared to the Motorola's sucky UI.

Now, I've made use of the myMaxis Phone Deal to get myself a new bimbo without brains. Back to the old drawing board guys. the Moto Razr2 V9 with 3.5G capabilities and a measly 2.0 MPX camera and no flash.

Should've gotten the C902 James Bond SE? But the V9 is like a bimbo! A hot chick... with not much of a thinking capability and an ugly persona. Hmmm... guess I'm narcissistic after all.

I still love flips.
September 27, 2008


Anonymous said…
goin on 7th oct
Anonymous said…
You missed out the my sony erisson phone before u bought the motorola v3?
Jimmy Ang said…
my sony ericsson phone?

which one?


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