Thursday, June 28, 2007

.milks are for retards.

More about my conversation with I-fah next time. It was kinda like a live version of GOTCHA.

anyway, JustJes were saying how hyper active kids nowadays are. and she's pointing the cause to the milk powder in existence. with all the DHA and crap bullshit.

JustJes: My kids are running non stop and it's really tiring me out just to chase after her. All milks are now laden with DHA and vitamin bullshit its making the kids a bit retarded.

Me: If I have kids, I'll never give them milk. I mean, come on.. fuck milk. They're expensive, full of bullshit crap stuffs that make human breast milk look insufficient and they're troublesome. Once my kids are born, they'll have COKE all the way.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007


it's 3.23 now. i don't feel like doing any work. my backlogs are piling up. but the nostalgic feeling of leaving the company starts to sink in now. my colleagues are planning to go and catch Transformers tomorrow and as much as I love the movie, I denied the invitation. mainly because i wanted to enjoy it when there are less people crowding the cinema.

i've never liked the thought of sharing a movie with strangers. i love the smell of popcorn in the cinema but not the crunching sound my neighbour makes when he/she munches on it. especially if it's some stranger i feel appalled at. i love watching a movie in very quiet conditions. i hate the sound of ringing handphones, of people talking, of legs shuffling, of people crowding and passing food or water. those small things irritate me.

i just heard a friend of mine will be leaving for Australia for a year. somehow I envy her. but at the same time I don't. a very complicated feeling but I love having a foothold and knowing where I'm gonna end up in. Once I know for sure where I love, what I want to do, I intend to stay there and feel safe and secure. all this job hopping is kinda getting old and making me lethargic. I just want to fall back on a safe bubble i can always rely on.

mom wanted me to go teaching but i have always resisted. i continue to triumph but my determination is dimming. teaching is not a bad thing, i mean, it's great... it's just not my thing. but the pros of teaching are certainly appealing to me now. the security, the comfort, the knowledge that I can do well in it. those appeal to me.

i'm beginning to push people away and staying in my comfort zone, i'm beginning to enjoy alcohol more than i'm supposed to and i'm beginning to search for companionship without commitments (friends with benefits?). cause commitment scares me. how can we be sure of something we can't foresee.

this is not good and it certainly reflects badly on me. i need more alcohol.

btw, sillySeng's birthday tomorrow.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'm back from a long tiring day. Just woke up from a deep slumber.

Yesterday was a blast. But it didn't meet expectations. First of all, not many people were in the Paintball competition and it didn't quite meet all the hype.

We had tons of fun though nonetheless. The game was exciting but the foggy masks ruin the experience. Not to mention it was such a dark place that looking at movements were hard enough let alone identifying whether they have surrendered or are sneaking up.

Sorry to all those who have surrendered but still on the receiving wrath of the gun end.
Hey, I was on one too. I was sneaking up on IcyImelda and I was exactly 1 foot behind her without her noticing. So, in the spirit of the game, I asked her to surrender. She took a turn, looked at me... was stunned for a while.... and continued SHOOTING me at short range.

I was jumping and shouting frantically. Thank god the marshalls who were overlooking the place came to my aid in 15 seconds or I would've been black all over.

Paintball at PISA courtesy of PROMEDIA Paintball. 4th Floor of the Multi Level Car Park.

That same night, I sat down at TAO Lounge with miniVin and jollyYeap. it wasn't a very good sight to be playing poker, ginrummy, bla bla bla.. and suddenly have your leg cramp on you. I was twitching like a guy with schizo.

TAO Lounge is a place for people from the working arena looking to have a nice place to chit chat, have a couple of drinks and listen to songs. Basically, its not really a place to club. The interior is chic with a hint of modern taste while the external arena is more down to earth with earthly designs like wooden chairs and tables. But the external blends well with the live band while the internal interior blends well when the DJ spins it.

A very good place to hang out for chats and the drinks are almost well priced.... ALMOST.

TAO Lounge is located on top of Starbucks, Auto City, Juru.

Today, I went to watch Surf's Up with azBOT, desBOT and tomTRON. normaTRON aeroplaned (bailed out) us 1 hour before the agreed time.

Surf's Up was actually refreshing. With a commentary style approach, it didn't set out with a focus on animation or a particular agenda (unlike Shrek 3). It proved a great movie and got me in stitches during some parts. The documentary style approach was certainly refreshing. It's a good movie that doesn't try to astound you with effects or tries too hard with the script. The script is easy and simple with a feel good theme.

I love it to bits. a solid 7/10

p/s: just realized this is a review of Paintball, TAO Lounge and Surf's Up all in one post.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


not going to be long before i leave them. :) integrites.

paintball with integrites today at 2. thus i may not be going for the blog meet after all. sucks.

movie with integrites tomorrow at 2 too. going with normaTRON, tomTRON, desBOT, jimBOT and azBOT.

i'm already infected with the transformers disease.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

.capitalism and dreams.

i'm a slave of capitalism, a debauchery to free world.

see these three adverts around the blog... yeah, i'm a sell out.

i have a dream, i dream of producing, creating, directing great awe inspiring movies.. short or long. but i let my dream go in search or a more fruitful venture. in search of corporate prominence.

art is my passion and as much as i hate letting it go, i know i am. this contract binding agreement i'm about to sign will not bring me closer to my dream nor my art.

how many of us let go of our dream for something we couldn't care less but feel responsible for? We console ourself with the fact that the time will come and we will make a transition then.

but not many transit to the other side.

i'm letting go of a job i like with the people i love for a career where it will challenge me. I love a good challenge. I'm no perfectionist but I want to make it big one day.

But what about my dream of making art? inspiring people? moving people?

will I sacrifice passion for stability? I'm not quite sure but if the chance comes, I'll grab it.

That I'm sure.

Monday, June 18, 2007

.monday blues.

i'm afraid the death card has been dealt. but it has been dealt again. i don't know how i'm gonna cope with it but i hope it'll turn out just fine. can't really predict life you know?

anyway, mondays are supposed to be blue but a colleague of mine found this....

when you've worked in front of a pc for as long as we have, your brains kinda fuck up.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

.movies and expectations.

So far all great expectations have fallen short for me.

The enormous expectations just didn't make up for the actual event.
Look at Spiderman 3, Pirates 3, Shrek 3... they were all sucky. Not enormously sucky but I preferred 1 and 2 of all three versions.

my most favourite rendition of the third episode and worth the wait was...

Lord of The Rings. Man, that was an awesome movie. 1 was good, 2 was great..3 was just awesome.

Here I am, hoping that Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer and Transformers wouldn't be a flop.

Also, I'm hoping that Surf's Up and Die Hard 4.0 would at least be worth the money.

And also hoping that "the hard to pronounce" ratatouille would be good.

Cause the last Mimzy?

it was crap.

well, back to my bed with "the L word"

life's a lesbian world in the L word.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

.down with fever.

yesterday I had a "no flow" time at Tao Lounge. Should've taken pictures at Tao but I was extremely sick (down with a bad fever and a headache).

A couple of Bacardi's didn't manage to save me.

In MC's car. From this picture, you wouldn't know I was down with a bad fever, right?

oh yeah, SimplySue is flying out today, she won't be back until somewhere in the end of July i think.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. (A good motto to live by, kinda like the code samurai's stay with "death before shame")

It's been a crazy day. I've been working non-stop from 8.00 till 3 and I feel soo tired from 3 to 5.30 it's killing me.

I called Ivan yesterday, we discussed about the Langkawi trip. Somehow, I have a solemn feeling about not making it. But i'll try.

Life sucks the most when you have no idea what to do and where to go, doesn't it?
I've an interview at 7 later. Haven't prepared anything and it seems that their website is down.

It's cold here. My hands are freezing.

Oh yeah, didn't get to know who our angel is but i guess it's ok. They forgot, humans.

Wanted so much to go out later but with the amount of friends who are connected in this group, it seems hard. Stupid MiniVin already aeroplaned us. Feels so boring to stay at home but I guess it's better cause I get to catch up on sleep. I don't know. Maybe I'll go catch Fantastic Four? Maybe I'll go out anyway. Depends on my paranormal mood. *-^
p/s: i soooo want to watch Priceless. Waiting for HappyHelen to pass me free movie tickets. Maybe I can exchange it by pimping her in my blog. *-^

Thursday, June 14, 2007

.quiz day.

drink personality quiz.

It's a tie!

Wine + Beer = Winnner

You are a part Pint of Beer. You're happy with who you are. Sure, you may not be the 'sophisticated' and 'refined' type, but at least you're real. You don't let the little things get to you, and you have a good time no matter what life throws at you. Keep it up.

You are a part Fine Glass of Wine. You are sophisticated and refined, but also complicated and hard to deal with. Not everyone loves you, but those who do swear that you're the coolest thing since sliced bread. One of these days the people that matter will understand you. Until then, you will be sitting on your throne as the distinguished product that not everyone has the taste to appreciate.

what kind of a drink are you?


And I can't believe this, you know the television series.. "Heroes"?.. I took a quiz on which Heroes character I am..

it turns out, I'm...

Sylar. You are very aggressive. You like to pick fights and play mind games. You've got it coming.

which Heroes character are you?


Drunkard Quiz

You are an Excessive Drunk. You drink to get drunk and you won't settle for anything less.

which drunk are you?

p/s: listening to Elliot Yamin's Wait For You makes me want to sing along to it. Too bad I'm in my cubicle and not my car.

tomorow I shall know who my angel is. *-^ and my child will know who his angel is. *-^

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

.bitches and jokers.

You have 300 seconds to repost or Your relatives and parents will DIE.

this freaking lowlife idiot of a bitch posted this in the friendster bulletin. i mean, sure. she was afraid of her relatives and parents dying in like 300 seconds but wishing it and unleashing it onto her unsuspected friends when she posted "Its me!" as the title means she's a lowgrade bithcing parasitic dumbfuck.

i mean, she could've put up the title as "don't open this" or "stupid chain mail". that would've at least warned a few people and i wouldn't even bother to open it. seriously... thank god i don't know her that well or i would've given her a piece of my fist for her eating pleasure.

talk about idiots, yesterday i just realized that the male population in one of the courses in Pendidikan UTM (*PS) think they're all jocks and shiznits like that. Come on, with the face of a flying monkey crepe and the body of an oversized pumped up viagra laden pumpkin... you think you could be a jock?

you could only be a joke ok?

this is so distressing and saddening at the same time. not because they're all those degrading adjectives but because god allowed such people to exist in our world shows how fucked up our world currently is.

pollution... not caused by them ... they ARE the pollution.

Monday, June 11, 2007

.picturesque emo.

i look at the pictures on my wall. they're pinned on my left board. it reminds me of so many things.

the silhoutte of my body and the sunset at the horizons look straight back at me as i reminiscence about the beauty and the events that took place.

another picture shows a bunch of us in a familiar place, sillySeng's house. the faces are so familiar yet i know most of them less than i should've and i miss them more than i need to.

these pictures are beginning to fade but the events in my memories will never. looking at pictures are somehow nostalgic. it makes me want to relive every moment. every second of that particular moment up to the second before the shutter clicks are so vivid in my mind. the "1 minute prior camwhore memory" as i call them. but i can barely remember what happens in the 1 minute post camwhore memory. maybe its the anticipation or maybe pictures takes still moments and its past. we can indulge our self in that very moment and at that moment, we have no recollection of the future (post camwhore).

looking at pictures makes me emo. makes me happy. makes me glad to be alive. cause i know i've lived to the best before and there are people who i share my life with.

what ticks your emo feelings?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

.fantastic haircut.

OMG, simplySue had a fantastic haircut. a haircut that makes me want to go on a date with the hair. really. i love it. kudos to lovelyYin for the selection.. and simplySue, you look wonderful.

pictures make up for the lack of it recently.

is it me, or does she look like daniela sea (with the haircut of course).

Friday, June 8, 2007

.lost doodoll.

i think i might've lost my bearyfish doodoll i mentioned last time here.

may god bless my doll's soul whoever fucker he's with now.
i miss him.
see more of doodolls here.
my colleagues are crazy and "ham sup"
jeemee says: 你真逗… what is the meaning?

SakiBaki says: you are naughty

jeemee says: naughty or funny?

SakiBaki says: sorry, should be funny! girl?

jeemee says: yeah. china counterpart

SakiBaki says: from our company?

jeemee says: yeah

SakiBaki says: ask her want to FUCK or not
jeemee says: :-O
p/s: btw, nuffnang and project010 having a blog meet this 23rd at Food Loft, Gurney.
read more and sign up at the links above.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

.lovelyYin on fire.

me and minivin were talking about lovelyYin and her new nick.

minivin didn't agree with the nick. he suggested something else.

minivin says: bunnyloo
jeemee says: she dun wan. she wan cuteyYin.. i say cannot, so give her lovelyYin.
minivin says: she is no more cute. annoyinloo
jeemee says: yea
minivin says: haha
jeemee says: hahaha. that one nice wei
minivin says: annoying + yenloo. go blog this.


p/s: 5 minutes later.

minivin says: okok. Fuck. u put me on the desk (means making him responsible for his words). cheebye
jeemee says: put u on the desk. ya lar. i shall blog this means i shall blog the conversation
minivin says: chee bye u
jeemee says: hahaha
minivin says: u wan me die ar. u put i say her no cute anymore. lanjiao
jeemee says: hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

friends say the darndest things!

p/s/s: post back up on minivin's approval.
p/s/s/s: added anese's blog in the blog links.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

.knighted as bunnyYin.

sweetSam updated her blog with a post about her 11 hour trip for nasi kandar pelita. and some random talk about nangka. which i'm still confused about.

i can't believe leenmafia has... get this.. not a stalker but stalkerS.

my friend was talking about all those names i give my friends like simplySue, miniVin, JollyYeap and whackyYin or something like that and she was asking for her name.

i wanted to give her pigloo... but i guess it doesn't really denote her personality. i gave simplySue her nick because she's a simple and nice gal. nothing too fancy plus ... she's demure, sweet, elegant.. nothing too outstanding or kiddish or harujuku. yeah, you could look at it that way.. (she sounds a bit boring right? i know, i know.. but she's nothing like that. she's just a good friend to be with)

and miniVin... cause he's... you know..

and sweetSam cause she's just.. urm... sweet. *-^

hmm... then i shall now knight her as BunnyYin.
(she SHOULD be going OMG, that's so cute!)

p/s: she read this and insisted to be named CuteyYin. I said cannot. at last we settled for lovelyYin. i think she's the first one to have a name request. all other requests will not be entertained.

jimmy.boy says: yenloo is a noun....ur name in my blog is... pigloo
-lovelyYin- says: shiiiittt. dun be so naughty ok?? i alr said...give me a nicer name...
jimmy.boy says: then what u wan?hehe
-lovelyYin- says: heheh...dunno...u think lar. u so good in giving ppl 's name. so...think....hehehe
jimmy.boy says: okhar wait har. ur name soo hard leh. adorable + adelynn = adoralynn
-lovelyYin- says: who said is adelyn..i dun like la
jimmy.boy says: u said wan leh
-lovelyYin- says: become wat u know...sound like doraemon. hahahhahaa
jimmy.boy says: hahaha. i know. dorayaki
-lovelyYin- says: takoyaki ....hahahha
jimmy.boy says: okok. when the time comes i'll know
-lovelyYin- says: okies...sure....hehhehe...make u use ur brain more..
jimmy.boy says: pigloo sounds nice too. has a ring to it too
-lovelyYin- says: shit!! nono
jimmy.boy says: i shall blog this conversation. hahaha
-lovelyYin- says: then i look like pig lor. hahhahaha. better dun ar..
jimmy.boy says: too late
-lovelyYin- says: this lar

*-^ adios and chaoz

p/s: have you heard? our current PM getting re-married.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

.car costs a whopping sum.

my car repair is costing me a whopping RM1500!

i'm not going anywhere this month or next month. or maybe for another year.

i'm officially broke now. god save me. no more movies, only dvds.
no more mocha or java chips, only kopi'o with 'kiam pia'.
no more clubbing, only sleeping.
no more series, only tv.

yes, this is how broke i am.
but i shall emerge from where i am soon.
god, sometimes i just want to sell my fucking car and get a lousy car. at least i'll be happier and have no financial worries.

god, pray that i can get through this soon. soon....

Sunday, June 3, 2007


i'm totally lethargic.

i've been sleeping at 1 or 2 constantly these past few weeks and waking up at 6 in the morning. it's suffocating me. not to mention that it's defnitely extremely bad for my health.

yesterday, we took simpleSue to AutoCity. I don't know but the only place she's been to in AutoCity is CoffeeBean. and as usual, i din't bother camwhoring, which i should've cause it's been a long time since i took any pictures with SimpleSue or YenLoo or MC.

I met a couple of friends in AutoCity yesterday and sometimes I wish I had more friends to mingle around with. I think i have this syndrome of "cannot STAY put" at one place for a long time. I yearn for a social life. I yearn to go out everyday and every night. i mean, watching series like "The L Word" for a few consecutive hours is nice and sleeping for tons of hours is cute... but having a social life is different, we experience it.

I should mix with my friends more... i mean my colleagues. they went bowling the other day and i just simply don't feel like going. mostly because they asked me at the last minute but also because i don't really feel at home with them. at least not yet. i think it needs getting used to. a kind of syndrome i'm not fast in catching up.

my friend from UTM has been calling me the whole morning, asking me to go out. i think mostly because we're bored. maybe i'll bring him to a club tonight. maybe i'll camwhore. miss camwhoring. i like looking at pictures, it gives me a sense of being in the moment. but i don't like taking personal pictures... i'm more of a "more than one person" camwhoring fella. this taking pictures of myself issue is not really my thing. maybe it's because i'm don't think i'm cute enough. at least not like those japanese wannabe chicks or hot bod dudes.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

.a little picture and a fruit.

the night view in Penang. Actually, come to think of it, every fucking night view in every fucking place is almost the same. So, i doubt this one's any different. unless of course i catch a glimpse of the bridge or KOMTAR from this image.... *-^

this fruit is teh amazing! i still don't know what it's called. *-^

p/s: omg, i'm in sooo much trouble. it's the 2nd of June and i've used up like more than half of my pay. and my car is fucking fucked up. jerking off on me and stuffs like that. oh, having a paintball match in PISA this 16th. hope it's gonna be great. *-^

Friday, June 1, 2007

.the silence is different.

the eerie silence this time is different. i'm alone in the office and alhough it has always been silent... the fact that i know there's no one here makes it even more so.

weird how the brain plays a very significant role in the perception of our senses. It has always been quiet but this time, it's silence that creeps me out.

I just want to finish what's at hand and go back to my simple life. i miss sleeping and afternoon naps.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...