.milks are for retards.

More about my conversation with I-fah next time. It was kinda like a live version of GOTCHA.

anyway, JustJes were saying how hyper active kids nowadays are. and she's pointing the cause to the milk powder in existence. with all the DHA and crap bullshit.

JustJes: My kids are running non stop and it's really tiring me out just to chase after her. All milks are now laden with DHA and vitamin bullshit its making the kids a bit retarded.

Me: If I have kids, I'll never give them milk. I mean, come on.. fuck milk. They're expensive, full of bullshit crap stuffs that make human breast milk look insufficient and they're troublesome. Once my kids are born, they'll have COKE all the way.

daily dose
June 28, 2007


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