.lost doodoll.

i think i might've lost my bearyfish doodoll i mentioned last time here.

may god bless my doll's soul whoever fucker he's with now.
i miss him.
see more of doodolls here.
my colleagues are crazy and "ham sup"
jeemee says: 你真逗… what is the meaning?

SakiBaki says: you are naughty

jeemee says: naughty or funny?

SakiBaki says: sorry, should be funny! girl?

jeemee says: yeah. china counterpart

SakiBaki says: from our company?

jeemee says: yeah

SakiBaki says: ask her want to FUCK or not
jeemee says: :-O
p/s: btw, nuffnang and project010 having a blog meet this 23rd at Food Loft, Gurney.
read more and sign up at the links above.
June 8, 2007


Jimmy Ang said…
omg, wen... ur turning into a yenloo too. *-^ is yenlootitis an infectious disease?
Samantha said…
wtf?!! no i dun hav yenlootitis....OMG do i? wtf?!!! ok, i gtg for a medical checkup = brain scan ...hahaha...


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