Wednesday, June 6, 2007

.knighted as bunnyYin.

sweetSam updated her blog with a post about her 11 hour trip for nasi kandar pelita. and some random talk about nangka. which i'm still confused about.

i can't believe leenmafia has... get this.. not a stalker but stalkerS.

my friend was talking about all those names i give my friends like simplySue, miniVin, JollyYeap and whackyYin or something like that and she was asking for her name.

i wanted to give her pigloo... but i guess it doesn't really denote her personality. i gave simplySue her nick because she's a simple and nice gal. nothing too fancy plus ... she's demure, sweet, elegant.. nothing too outstanding or kiddish or harujuku. yeah, you could look at it that way.. (she sounds a bit boring right? i know, i know.. but she's nothing like that. she's just a good friend to be with)

and miniVin... cause he's... you know..

and sweetSam cause she's just.. urm... sweet. *-^

hmm... then i shall now knight her as BunnyYin.
(she SHOULD be going OMG, that's so cute!)

p/s: she read this and insisted to be named CuteyYin. I said cannot. at last we settled for lovelyYin. i think she's the first one to have a name request. all other requests will not be entertained.

jimmy.boy says: yenloo is a noun....ur name in my blog is... pigloo
-lovelyYin- says: shiiiittt. dun be so naughty ok?? i alr said...give me a nicer name...
jimmy.boy says: then what u wan?hehe
-lovelyYin- says: heheh...dunno...u think lar. u so good in giving ppl 's name. so...think....hehehe
jimmy.boy says: okhar wait har. ur name soo hard leh. adorable + adelynn = adoralynn
-lovelyYin- says: who said is adelyn..i dun like la
jimmy.boy says: u said wan leh
-lovelyYin- says: become wat u know...sound like doraemon. hahahhahaa
jimmy.boy says: hahaha. i know. dorayaki
-lovelyYin- says: takoyaki ....hahahha
jimmy.boy says: okok. when the time comes i'll know
-lovelyYin- says: okies...sure....hehhehe...make u use ur brain more..
jimmy.boy says: pigloo sounds nice too. has a ring to it too
-lovelyYin- says: shit!! nono
jimmy.boy says: i shall blog this conversation. hahaha
-lovelyYin- says: then i look like pig lor. hahhahaha. better dun ar..
jimmy.boy says: too late
-lovelyYin- says: this lar

*-^ adios and chaoz

p/s: have you heard? our current PM getting re-married.


wEn said...

u bloggin about me bloggin hahaha...neway i din noe i'm sweet...thanks yo...n btw i prefer the name wen than sam ^^...dun ask me y...cos seriously idk y

J!MMY said...

we still call you wen.

sam is just a blog name. don't get too hung up on it.


wEn said...

orh wickedWen sounds pretty cool! bt stil i prefer sweetSam ^^ ...i think i like 2 b sweet than wicked ^^

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