.capitalism and dreams.

i'm a slave of capitalism, a debauchery to free world.

see these three adverts around the blog... yeah, i'm a sell out.

i have a dream, i dream of producing, creating, directing great awe inspiring movies.. short or long. but i let my dream go in search or a more fruitful venture. in search of corporate prominence.

art is my passion and as much as i hate letting it go, i know i am. this contract binding agreement i'm about to sign will not bring me closer to my dream nor my art.

how many of us let go of our dream for something we couldn't care less but feel responsible for? We console ourself with the fact that the time will come and we will make a transition then.

but not many transit to the other side.

i'm letting go of a job i like with the people i love for a career where it will challenge me. I love a good challenge. I'm no perfectionist but I want to make it big one day.

But what about my dream of making art? inspiring people? moving people?

will I sacrifice passion for stability? I'm not quite sure but if the chance comes, I'll grab it.

That I'm sure.
June 20, 2007


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