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.hey, back again.

my feet hurts so much i think a baby dinosaur is about to explode out from it. it's been getting worse since the fourth day of chinese n...

.minor updates.

i have streamyx in my house.... *smiles indiscreetly* anyway, i'm thinking of the most awaited movie this year.... at least for me. tr...
.my slide show.

.my slide show.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy belated Valentine day and Happy Chinese New Year !
.i got the death tarot card.

.i got the death tarot card.

All four types of tarot image including the type i chose on top. You are Death Change, Transformation, Alteration. People fear this card, bu...

.some fucked up politician.

if the world had some kind of high standard job for idiots, it would encompass politicians. if the fact that the lucky draw and all shits l...

.update from hiatus : scholl bitch.

My letter of complain to Scholl. I am a customer of Scholl for quite some time and throughout these years, I can proudly say that Scholl h...

.the crossroad of life.

this is the crossroad of my life and i click my eye as i take this adventure. i wont be blogging until further notice. this is a blog hiat...
.cny preparation.

.cny preparation.

guess who had their hair dyed for CNY?!



fuck, i think i'm getting old for blogging. all my angsty teenage posts are like... lost. read here here and here . now, all that...

.5 years ago.

Got this from my Friendster bulletin. Nice to look back sometimes. Back then... How old were you?: 19 Where did you go to school?: UTM ...

.filler post.

i laughed out lol and rolled twice when i heard this : "american women use the mouth. you don't use the mouth." listen to t...

.creative suite 3.

Adobe Photoshop CS 3 Beta ! muahahahahahaha *back to designing. :):):):):):):):):):) i'm on steroids.

.root of happiness.

life is a plethora of things. life is a combination of things which we think make up the reason of our existence. have you ever wondered t...


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