.hey, back again.

my feet hurts so much i think a baby dinosaur is about to explode out from it. it's been getting worse since the fourth day of chinese new year. thank god it didn't actually start on the first day of chinese new year, or i'd be a hopping bunny everywhere i go.

i went for an incision four days ago i think. the blardy doctor cut it, pressed it like he was stomping on those para-para machines and then told me... "tak de apa pun" which literally translates to... "there's nothing".

after all those torture you mother fucking idiot, you're telling me that there's nothing coming out from this point of fuck up?


i'm not really in the mood to blog today but i just need some things to occupy my mind.

i have streamyx in my house. which is way cooler than astro. i've been thinking of getting astro but with work coming soon and all.. i guess the net's a better choice.

remember the death card i was dealt with the other day?

it's really kinda true. i'm facing a new job soon.

i also think today is the day i've been brought low and down to the root of humility. but only so that i can soar higher from now on.

(cheee...wah... gaya nampak.)

really. i don't think anything can bring me deeper down the hole i'm in. it can only get higher from here.

before i venture into my new job... i'm thinking of going to a buttload of places and going backpacking somewhere. better cure my feet fast though.

February 27, 2007


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