.root of happiness.

life is a plethora of things. life is a combination of things which we think make up the reason of our existence.

have you ever wondered the world without you?
we all make a change to this system of circular design somehow. whether we want it or not. and only to those who desire to make a change will accomplish a bigger difference in this world.

in all our earnest and vigour to search for the illusive materials that will define who we are in this world, we largely forget what are the things that really matter most.

as i was taking a bath, i wondered how will my life affect the people around me. my family and my friends. if being rich and chasing the means to obtain what we WANT is considered affection, then there's a lot of other people who will excel in life and a lot more who won't.

i believe god make us up as equals. which is why we all have a chance to excel in this life. yes, being poor is hard and certainly not a good thing for the ego, but it is not the end of the world.

we can all make a living in this world. it's only a matter of making the right choices, knowing our priorities and spending within means.

then what exactly is it that people chase all their life?
subconsciously, we all chase for one thing only.

Love. believe it or not, all those wealth are not for the pradas and guccis, it is to guarantee a better life for those that matter around us.

be it our parents, brothers or children. we do it because we seek approval and we seek comfort; from and for those around us.

in all evolutionary process, we forgot where we start. and this evolutionary process taking now is making us lose sight of the root and cause of the reason we chase material wealth in the first place.

it is for love... not for hatred.

be it wealthy or poor, control your destiny by giving and forgiving.

chase the money, don't let it chase you.
control your wealth, don't let it control you.
love people, don't love money.

we all have a surviving chance because of love. and no matter how bad or how down you are, that one moment when you offer to share your meal with the person beside you is the defining moment of your life.

and for that one person, you are his hero.
February 1, 2007


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