fuck, i think i'm getting old for blogging. all my angsty teenage posts are like... lost.
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here and here .

now, all that's left out of me are some philosophical shitload which i can't even understand. enough about those mushy i love you and you love me stuff. if you're not getting sick of it, i am. best friends are forever, lovers suck. they literally do.

i don't know, there's something refreshing about writing in this blog over these couple of years. i've kept friends updated about my life. i've ranted and ranted and bitched about people anonymously. i've pretty much pimped and croaked everything and everyone i think interesting... i even pimp pictures here. you know, half artistic pictures of mine which i think are like worth millions of dollars but are actually worth dick.

i've been watching a lot of movies these few days cause i wanted to get my mind off someone. and boy, i know it's not good for health but staying up late and watching movie marathons... there's something satisfying about it. ;)

i told you, you're not good for my health. you're my health hazard. yes, you know who you are.
February 5, 2007


Anonymous said…
yes, agree on this "all my angsty teenage posts are like... lost."

haha.. ur writing now is different compared to the ones in 2005 ..

cheers -yh-


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