Saturday, February 3, 2007

.5 years ago.

Got this from my Friendster bulletin.
Nice to look back sometimes.

Back then...

How old were you?:

Where did you go to school?:

Where did you work?:
let me see now, for school, i work in the library, my room... basically, that's it.
i seldom work anyway.

Where did you live?:
in Bagan Ajam, Butterworth (permanently)
in Skudai, KSDS (campus)

Where did you hang out?:
there was no Jusco yet, so.... McDonalds, Mamak, my best friend's room, the hall of KSDS playing checkers, chess or carom.

How was your hair style?:
short... (i think)

Did you wear braces?:

Did you wear glasses?:
yes. since when did i not wear them?
yeah, i didn't wear them when i was in Standard three.

Who was your best friend?:
Say Yee

Who was your regular-person crush?:
my ex-girlfriend

Who was your celebrity crush?:
Kristin Kreuk

How many tattoos did you have?:

How many piercings did you have?:
one. on my left ear.

What car did you drive?:
Proton Saga 1.5 Manual

What was your favorite band/group?:
i dunno... i don't think i have one that time.

What was your worst fear?
taking a shit in the common bathroom.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?:

Had you driven yet?:
yes, that's where the car comes in handy.

Had you been arrested?:
stopped, yes. arrested, no.

Had you been to a real party yet?:

Had your heart broken?:

single :)

NOW : 2007

How old are you?:

What grade are you in?:
working lar babe.

Where do you go to school?:
u mean did?

Where do you work?:

Where do you live?:
Raja Uda

Where do you hang out?:
Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Old Town, Mamak Stall, my room. :)

Do you have braces?:

Do you wear glasses?:

Who is your best friend?
i've a lot of them. MiniMars, JollyYeap, SuperbSeng and Tofuny.

Still talk to any of your old friends?:
all the time. :)

Who is your celebrity crush?:
Zhang Ziyi

How many piercings do you have:

How many tattoos?:

What kind of car do you have?:

What is your favorite band/group?:

What is your biggest fear:
being alone. i heart my friends. and i heart her.

Have you been arrested since?:

Has your heart been broken?:
a lot of times, by the same girl.
but i still heart her.

life is a rollercoaster ride with one seat for me.


leenmafia said...

This is interesting. I wana do this self-invited meme. Heh. Hope you're ok dude. Tc.

J!MMY said...

yeah, i'm fine. in fact... i think i'm better than fine.

help yourself. i wanted to turn this shit to a meme but i thought better cause some ppl might be pissed off.

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