.some fucked up politician.

if the world had some kind of high standard job for idiots, it would encompass politicians.

if the fact that the lucky draw and all shits like that aren't enough of an indication that politicians are dumb, wait till they top themselves up with more stupidity.

the Star today reported that Mat Rempits will be awarded motorbikes for helping the public catch snatch thieves.

can DIE ok?

did someone die and forgot to remind the public that the most probable people who are snatch thieves .. ARE ACTUALLY MAT REMPITS?

yeah, nvm....

and they said that in order to redeem the prize, they have to catch at least 30 snatch thieves. So, once you've caught one... go roaming around your motorbikes terrorizing people to fill up your quota k? you need another 29 to get a brand new bike so you can mod the hell out of it.

obviously there's something wrong with the brains of politicians, these idealistic ideas that they have are not backed up with some common sense. all they have is some stupid dumb ass brain filled with sugar, spice and everything nice. they're like the dumbed down male version of powerpuff girls.

lazy to write more.....

advice to all politicians, don't procreate. you're dumbing down the gene pool of the universe. instead... go kill yourself and save humanity in the process.
February 16, 2007


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