Tuesday, August 29, 2006

.a myriad of topics.

it's been a while since i posted. sorry, i need a life and a break sometimes. haven't been REALLY busy but i have stuffs.

besides, these few days were spent travelling my arse off till it's red like a monkey's.

i just finished two interviews during this duration and yet i'm still uncertain about which one i prefer. sometimes, beginning a career is so damn HARD. i wonder how do people start off. i mean, if people can manage to start their million dollar career by cleaning a bus, why is it so god damn hard to believe that anything can happen in this world.

i don't know, people can be so materialistic and dependent on status. Even though you earn hundreds of thousands selling "apom balik" you'd still have less respect than the one earning thousands as an engineer.

i dunno, i guess maybe i'm one of those guys looking at people with one eye shut. that's why it's so hard deciding on a career path.

anyway, gillian chung got her picture/video posted adjusting her bra. My friend said...

"it's disgusting. I'm gonna google for it."

i laughed and he said.

"usually the people who says they're disgusted or disagree with these actions are the first ones googling for it."

me? i have no comments. it's a more diplomatic answer right?

i gtg get my robe tomorrow. or maybe today. but it's too late now.

tomorrow it is then....

Friday, August 25, 2006

.Merdeka ad.

i saw this post and it inspired me to come out with my own version of a Merdeka ad.

Scene 1: A couple was walking along the beach where they saw a boy throwing an empty bottle of water. They walk towards the boy, shook their head and picked up the empty bottle silently. then they deposited it into the rubbish bin.

Scene 2: A family was driving and they were trapped in a massive traffic jam. A car swerved to the left from their rear and tried to overtake them in the quee. The driver, shook his head and let the other driver overtook him. He then continued on his journey silently.

Scene 3: A young boy was caught for driving over the speed limit. He was stopped by the traffic police. He slipped 50 bucks under his license. The officer took it, saw it, shook his head and gave the money back to him.

Scene 4: The couple, the family and the police officer all sat down in the same restaurant, enjoying their meal. Then suddenly, the TV posts a footage of Tunku Abdul Rahman's Merdeka Declaration. They all simultaneously nod their head.

Fades out to a footage of Jalur Gemilang flying high in the sky.

Text comes out :
our country, our pride, your decision.

small hidden text : http://jeemee.blogspot.com

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

.filler post.

i'm gonna be out for a whole week starting from tomorrow. first, i'll head off to KL and get my interview done. Then I'll be moving on to Seremban for two days before heading on to JB.

it's convocation soon. everyone seems to be getting theirs over. i wonder why the retarded university is taking so freaking long.


i don't know much about the celebration of Merdeka except the fact that it is to celebrate a day which we were declared an independent country. and also the fact that it's one of my friend's birthday.

i mean, i never fought in the war against the british or japanese or anything. so, all those mumbo jumbo about loving our country and our forefathers for their sacrifice to get us where we are today does not leave me with a feeling of empathy, maybe only sympathy.

however, don't get me wrong... it's not that i don't love Malaysia, I do. In fact, I think Malaysia is one of the coolest place in the world. except for the fact that it's hot and hazy... :P

i built some of my greatest memories in this beloved land and had some of my worst nightmares in this dreaded land.

picture shamelessly nicked from RonRivaldy

i love all the quirky stuffs in this country.

i love the fact that i can throw rubbish everywhere. in the river, sea, on the roadside, my neighbour's house... anywhere, you name it.
i also love the fact that i can drive and switch lanes, disregard traffic lights, cut quees and much more without the hassle of a flick of the signal.
i also love the fact that whenever i get caught for doing anything wrong, i can get away with mostly a bunch of coloured notes.
p/s: i don't do the shits i mentioned above but don't you just hate me when i say it.
i love that whenever i need to get something big done in a business (like getting permission from someone in authority), i have to bribe the people who are paid to do it.
i love the fact that even though our ATM machines can be carted away with a bulldozer or a crane or whatever machinery, no one can do it RIGHT.
i love it even better when some idiots follow suite and find out that those are actually cheque deposit machines.
i love the fact that people can steal stuff from your kitchen (like your rice cooker) and you'd find it in the street market with the rice inside still hot. (theStar, August 23rd/22nd 2006)
i love the fact that snatch thefts are so hard to counter that we need help from public and RELA members.
i love the fact that when all else in modern medicine fails, we still have the choice of "bomohs" and "senseis"
i love the pirated dvd/vcd peddler all over the roadside and in the shopping malls. isn't it amazing how cheap entertainment has become?
i love the fact that we have first class facilities and third class mentality.
i love ah longs marketing plans. they have made themselves well known in Malaysia. their marketing strategy worked like a charm, even better than LampeBerger i suppose.

most of all, i love it when i celebrate Hari Raya, Deepavali, CNY, Christmas, Gawai, Bon Odori and a whole bunch more with my friends (although sometimes, they could smell like shit). and the food... the plethora of food in our country. from wasabi japanese to curry indian. they all roxs my socks.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


the day is coming near. and while i seem to think that i have some degree of control over my life, i can't help but wonder whether it's an opinion i choose to believe, were led to believe or want and need to believe.

all my life, things have been happening around me and i made choices to handle all these situations. and while these things keep happening, i never once in my life thought that i had no control over the events in my life.

we all like to think that we have a degree of control over our life, don't we. if we leave it all to fate or whatever dumb luck we call it, then what's the point of struggling for something.

however, isn't it ironic that sometimes, someplace, somewhere... something happens to remind us that we're not in charge of the events in our life. we're just cruising along the road, taking turns and changing lanes. but the paths all lead to the same place. we have to pass the same road sign.


i still couldn't believe that Siti married Datuk K. My mom (who never actually knew who the hell Siti was till they got engaged) said that no one in her office can accept the fact too.

Isn't it ironic how this controversial issue has gotten out of bounds... it's such a hot topic that everyone is talking about it. bloggers included.

see it here, here and here. there's more but i couldn't be bothered.

however, it piqued my interest that while the talk about getting engaged got front page in almost every newspaper, the ceremony itself got a small piece in the local news.

maybe all those slamming and bashing the previous time about newspapers giving importance to celebrity news over tragedies came into effect.

i really don't care. she's gorgeous but she's married to someone who can be her father for god's sake.

i know love knows no boundaries but maybe this is an indication of a trophy wife and women who has a thing for married men.

what is it with married men who attracts women?

financially stable? kick ass merc?

or the fact that they are more sexually experienced?

i dunno... i'm just confused. it hasn't sinked in yet.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

.long needed pictures.

i told you guys all about it here.

see how deep that screwdriver is plunged into my tire? the piece of dick is still there you know? i haven't repaired the goddamn tyre yet. i better get a hold of it asap.

Summer Live Concert as i mentioned here.

i was not this near but at least my 4x optical zoom can reach the front. hehe

hoegaarden for s$6 a pint.

that's all for today's pictures

Monday, August 21, 2006

.my car and my fate.

i was taking my car down for a cruise. it has been such a long time since it started and guzzled oil for me but for the last few days, it's behaving. i guess i could trust it long enough to take it down to the lab and do some of my work.

true enough, i went to the car and revved up the engine.

"hmm..no problems so far"

i was ecstatic, it's like having a 100 year old bank note come back shining. although it could use a bit of a bath since the exterior and maybe... interior looks like shite, but i have full faith that the internal workings of a machine must be put as 1st priority instead of the exterior. what good is a merc if it can't run for a mile or two?

anyway, the way there was smooth and nice. i had no problems and neither did my car. i'm so beaming proud of it. the feeling is kinda like a father looking at your child have his/her first walk or saying his/her first word. maybe i'm blowing it a little but i guess it can't be helped.

i mean, i've had a retarded car for soooooooo freaking long, it's now back to normal again... without even needing to see a psyche.

so.. feeling happy but a bit nervous,

fast forward a few hours later when it's time to go home.

i head to the car... anticipating that if problem is gonna arise, it's gonna be now... i'm gonna be stuck in this place cause my car won't start?


the beautiful sound of a start up engine.

i love my car. on the way back home, i met with flashing blue lights. i thought they were road works but it turned out to be cops.

as i came closer, they pulled me over.

"encik, apa masalahnya?"
"mr, what's the problem?"

"your road tax has expired. did you know that?"

"wtf? oopppss. sorry. really? sorry, i didn't know." (this was a lie)

"well, i'm gonna give you a chance on this one but your signal light for the rear right is not working too."

"really?... shit! sorry sir, i didn't know." (this was also a lie)

"i could've let you go on this one too but there's only one problem.."


"your front number plate is gone"

"cheebye." i walked to the front of my car, and true to the fuck! it's beloved shit is gone. not one letter or two... the whole plate was broken. leaving the screws and some remnants of shit.

"sorry sir... can you please gimme a chance. i swear to god i never knew about this" (which is true)

"sorry mr. here, take your fine. please settle it at the nearest police station as soon as possible"


i guess three chances was pushing it a bit too far.

the wheel of luck always turn back.


as you all can notice (or maybe not), i'm upgrading my template to the new beta blogger template. so please be patient while i get all the designs ready. things may be a bit hectic now but i was hoping the people in blogger will get the edit html code ready asap. i wouldn't want to re-design a new template a year from now.

by that time, i think i can't even remember how to use a brush in photoshop.

some of the brushes i downloaded yesterday.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

.moving templates.

i'm working with a beta version of the new blogger. will finish designing it after my convocation hopefully.

there's blog labels (kinda like categories) but i've just completed the latest 300 posts. there's still a bunch more of them but i can't complete them now. and the html edit code is still incomplete for now. blogger beta must've been working on the new update so keep in touch. anything you ppl out there want to ask b4 moving to the new beta version, feel free to ask.

i took down the shoutbox soon too cause there's too much spam going on there, anything you all wanna shout out to me... use the comment link.

got pretty tired of the old layout. i mean, it has been soooooooo fucking long since i did a new template.

Friday, August 18, 2006

.tired of job.

i'm kind of down right now. everyone seems to enjoy their 23rd year but i guess i'm gonna cruise through this like it was a nightmare with a mild sedative in my hand.

i mean, going to work was supposed to be exciting and finding jobs was supposed to be nice but i guess attending interviews and hopping around writing resumes and praying for a reply is too hard for me. not to mention that most of the jobs i want are situated in KL. it just plain sucks you know. not to be able to work in my hometown. maybe i should settle for something less but people who know me should know better that when it comes to my priorities, i never settle for something less.

call me an arrogant bastard or whatever but i like high flying. i like challenges and those challenges can only be as challenging as the tasks given.

anyway, as bored as i am with all these job finding (not as if i applied to many), i'm going to a career fair tomorrow in prangin mall, penang. i don't know but waking up at 8 and preparing myself like there's no tomorrow would be kind of a bummer. and not to mention i have problems combing my hair. i feel as if sometimes my hand is retarded like the show from one of the scary movie sequels. i can't comb my hair to look professional without looking retarded and nerdy.

i'm tired, you know. going through all these shits. sometimes i just want to get a job (whatever it is) and get over with it.

i pawned my razr v3i to my brother. cause he wanted a sleek phone for a while. now, i'm using some lousy nokia but i can adapt.

the main reason i pawned my hp is because i need cash. i never thought this day'd come but i'm broke and if job doesn't come knocking in front of my door i might have to hire an excavator to dig one of those ATMs in my neighbourhood. no kidding......

with graduation coming soon, i need the money to buy flowers and stuffed...oversized...money sucking...dildos... i mean cute teddy bears for my gf. yes, i have a gf.

i gotta go submit this shitty form but i need stamps from the post office first. so, cya.

and you know i love ya all.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

.Summer Live Concert.

i just came back from Summer Live Concert in JB.

and I went to Boat Quay in Singapore. They're selling Hoegardeen's for S$6 a pint. Come on, that's like 13-14 a pint in Malaysia.

I'll like to post pictures of the SLC but it's not anything you can't find on TV, maybe smaller and more crowded but definitely the same. It's not like I took pictures with the stars or anything.

But I'm glad I managed to squeeze into the area for Super Hard Core Rock Fans "WTF?".

anyway, life's been busy. I need to get a job asap and convo's near. Besides that, the website they want us to log in to so that we can fill up the pertanyaan is like sooooooooo crowded and always out of connection. I'm so fed up with it.

damn, slept for like 12 hours today. Maybe more. I woke up at 3pm..... imagine that. And if it weren't for the fact that I saw my clock, I would've continued sleeping.

Got pictures to post but later k mates?

Thursday, August 10, 2006


i'm currently at an all time low.

pardon my lack of bubbliness while i cringe in the corner and scowl vulgarity.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

.back to the old me.

i feel so proud of myself.

first of all, the car tyre incident.
i managed to change the whole fucking tyre. i feel so proud of myself. i know i might sound like a fucking sissy but who said a guy knows how to change a tyre naturally must be an idiot! i mean, i've learnt how to change it, it doesn't come naturally (as in some women) like giving birth or breastfeeding for god's sake.

then i've taken the first step into the corporate world by actually.... sending my resumes... again, a big accomplishment! i feel like i should go congratulate myself by watching another bout of hours of TVB series! hehe. kidding.

then today, i did some work in the office. WHOA! work baby?
yeah, i managed to clean up and prep the records.

now, i'm blogging... like an ardent blogger. WTF?
the winds must've changed.

tonight i'm going to buy my lounge suit for my graduation. OMFG, another procrastination dealed with.

and i didn't buy any shoes for my graduation cause i managed to dig up my old hush puppies and i'm thinking i'll just shoe shine it till it's black and shining.

now my car is in the workshop. i've prepped it for some medical check up cause it keeps fucking up like no one's business and when i take it to the doc, it just acts all normal and shit.

argh, fuck it. i bet it has some supernatural power that is trying to make my life a fucking miserable ordeal. it exists just to fuck my life upside down. really. some cars have the audacity to rebel against their owners?

doesn't my 1988 SAGA realize that it's fucking age is enough cause for me to send it to be eaten by the junkyard? isn't it fucking scared of me and the mean tractor who's gonna trash it into pieces?

fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

.lies and deceptions.

sometimes, i'm amazed that girls have a level of deception that they can accept lies and they expect it. i mean, wtf right?

we all know girls like guys with a sweet talking attitude. they like guys who are funny, compliment and praise them. not tell them that they look like some damn lard of pig fat.

they want us to tell them that they look nice in that yellow dress that you wouldn't even buy for your mother. they want you to always know their weight and deduct it by another 5kgs or if it's extreme, 10 before you tell them.

they want us to say we're jealous when we don't really give a fuck.

they want us to care to the extention of irritation.

sometimes, i wonder why do women go through all these level of deception to feel good about themselves? why do they need me or any other fucking fella to tell them that they look DAMN HOT!?

isn't it enough that you FEEL good about yourself?

do you really need an opposite sex to tell you you look Hot and TEMPTING?

i think that if a girl feels confident about herself and struts the walk confidently, that will make her SEXY!

Monday, August 7, 2006

.Dragon Tiger Gate Review and CLICK review.

i went to seremban on sat and sunday. i ended up on one of the only entertainment location in the whole of Seremban and Seremban 2, JUSCO?!

I dunno why they name it Seremban 2 but i think it's pretty dumb. better name them New Seremban or differentiate them according to geographical locations like Seremban East. I think those names would be a thousand times better but it's only my opinion.

anyway, I ended up watching a marathon of movies... well, not exactly a marathon but two movies in a day. first, i caught Dragon Tiger Gate, which was good.... not because the movie was good, but good because i caught the movie first. If not, CLICK would've outshone it like the sun beside a star.

CLICK is definitely nice, much better than DTG.

DTG focuses on two brothers and an adopted one fighting evil in the name of SHIBUMI? another bad character marketing ploy.

the actions at first were superb but after a while it got repetitive and dumb. I loved... nothing about it. maybe Donnie Yen and Nicholas' action sequences but definitely not Shawn Yue's.

And their name? Dragon and Tiger Wong along with TURBO SHEK? OMGWTFKNNBCCB?

i'd give it a 6/10

Click is much better, i managed to catch the sneak preview and it was worth it. tickled me and it provided much on what's important in our life.

the only thing i hate is....


the larger than world PERFECT ENDING!

solid 8/10

oh, i finished an interview today. not very satisfactory but hey, it was better than my first one.


^ - *

Friday, August 4, 2006

.food is not a problem.

i never worried about my size. i have a saying that whatever goes in my mouth comes out directly through my hole. asshole.

ok, enough about the disgusting details.

but it never came as a surprise that since i've changed from mr. small to mr.tall, i've taken in a good amount of nutrients.

i eat a lot. and usually people ask me how i eat a lot and still not get FAT?

simple.. i tell them that the secret is eat more, shit more.

i keep plunging this down people's ear but they don't believe me. that or the fact that they think it's disgusting? what's so disgusting? a big part and parcel of life is anal sex....

i mean releasing feces.


anyway, on my way back from the lab the other day, i stopped by a long stretch of foodstalls and ordered takeaway.

i got myself a packet of fried mee with lohbak, 10 pcs of apom balik (ecstacy here), and two pcs of fried chicken.

i gave my mom the apom balik and asked her to leave some for me. i knew she was on a diet but i also know she's usually hungry and keeps tying her tummy.

anyway, i was halfway enjoying my food and watching some dumb ass korean movie when she got jealous (i think that's the only explanation) of my uncanny ability to devour food.

she eyed me jealously and told me in a swift sentence...

"if you could get fat... i bet you would be fatter than your brother"

we both looked at each other and laughed till my brother came down and grabbed two pcs of apom balik before heading out.

we continued laughing.

.filler post.

i'm taking a break in seremban. cya

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...