.lies and deceptions.

sometimes, i'm amazed that girls have a level of deception that they can accept lies and they expect it. i mean, wtf right?

we all know girls like guys with a sweet talking attitude. they like guys who are funny, compliment and praise them. not tell them that they look like some damn lard of pig fat.

they want us to tell them that they look nice in that yellow dress that you wouldn't even buy for your mother. they want you to always know their weight and deduct it by another 5kgs or if it's extreme, 10 before you tell them.

they want us to say we're jealous when we don't really give a fuck.

they want us to care to the extention of irritation.

sometimes, i wonder why do women go through all these level of deception to feel good about themselves? why do they need me or any other fucking fella to tell them that they look DAMN HOT!?

isn't it enough that you FEEL good about yourself?

do you really need an opposite sex to tell you you look Hot and TEMPTING?

i think that if a girl feels confident about herself and struts the walk confidently, that will make her SEXY!
sexual prey
August 8, 2006


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